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Lunar Dash


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Lunar Dash

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Areion

Eye colour: Pale green

Coat: Dark tan (a couple shades darker than Doctor Whooves), except for his wings, which are black

Mane/Tail: Black, wing-like fins (standard for canon areion)

Physique: Athletic, but not bulky. Fairly average for a pegasus stallion with a rounded jaw and muzzle

Residence: Moonbeam Valley

Occupation: Member of the Shooting Stars, a flight demonstration squadron

Cutie Mark: Three stars shooting in the same direction (the top is small, the middle is large, and the bottom is smaller than the top). He received it at the Conclave when he and some of the other foals decided to race. He always knew he was a proficient flier, but that night, he flew faster and harder than he ever had. At the point designated to be the finish line, he arrived in first place just as some members of the Shooting Stars were passing. Impressed with his speed, they gave him a “Junior Shooting Star” pin. His heart swelled with pride and his cutie mark appeared.

Unique Traits: Lunar Dash is a skilled flier. He is good at maneuvering in tight situations as well as fast cross-country flying (which most aerial ponies struggle with).

History: Lunar Dash was born outside Equestria in a relatively small town called Luna’s Hollow, which was named, like many areion settlements, after the princess who was banished. From a young age, he looked up to the Shooting Stars, who were based out of a rather large settlement called Moonbeam Valley. They performed each year at the Conclave, and he looked forward to the show every year. They day he was given his pin, he vowed to become a member one day. He worked hard at flying, taking on a job as a mail pony to supplement his income. He practiced flight maneuvers on his routes, and tried to set record times to beat. His final record was 76 hours to complete his entire route, including 16 settlements, each spaced a fair distance from one another. From this, he became a skilled distance flier. From timing his individual routes within the settlements, he became a speedy and skilled short-distance flier.

After a stellar audition, he became a Shooting Stars understudy, and as a result moved to Moonbeam Valley. As an understudy, he learned the the choreography for Star Spangle, one of the official Shooting Stars. In the event that Star Spangle couldn’t perform, Lunar Dash would take his place. This only happened twice: once when the stallion caught a particularly bad case of the flu a week before a performance, and once when he took  time off for a funeral. Other than that, Lunar remained on the sidelines.

He got his big break when Star Spangle finally retired, handing his position off, as was customary, to his understudy — in this case Lunar Dash.

When princess Luna returned, a special Conclave was held to welcome her back (one she personally attended). After their performance, each Shooting Star was able to meet the Princess personally. They also performed at her welcome home party.

Now, he flies at more than just Conclaves, but also at airshows in Aquellia and Equestria. Because areions still face some discrimination for their appearance and association with the night and Nightmare Moon, he is actively trying to prove his worth as a flier to pegasi, namely by promoting the Shooting Stars as well as trying to become the first areion Wonderbolt. He has yet to even make the reserves due to his natural sleep schedule and difficulty with daytime flying.

Character Personality: Lunar Dash is competitive and hotheaded. He’s confident in his abilities and though he isn’t the top pony on the squadron, he likes to think he is. He’s a great at teamwork and can be serious when he needs to be. He aspires to be a Wonderbolt not because he looks up to them, but rather to prove to Equestria the viability of areions. Because of their fearful appearance, nocturnal nature, and reverence of Luna, they are often feared, which makes them the target of some discrimination. He hopes to end that.
Character Summary: Lunar Dash is a cocky aviator with the skills to put his money where his mouth is. He has worked hard to prove he is a better flier than most arieons, and now he hopes to prove that he is better than most pegasi as well. He wants to make his mark on the world as a top-level athlete, and each night he gets closer to that goal.

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