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Twinkle Dawn (Villain)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Twinkle Dawn
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Unicorn (her aura is a pastel yellow [#fcfb9d]
Eye colour: Green (#1fa308)
Coat: Peach (#ffdc9c)
Mane/Tail: Darker peach (#ff9659) with streaks of a sort of dark white (#edf1f5) Styled in the popular Canterlot style, with three curls in her mane and tail (think Lemon Hearts or Apple Stars)
Physique: Average
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Astrologer, also an underground cult leader
Cutie Mark: An astrolabe - her talent is astronomy and astrology, predicting the future based on the stars
Unique Traits: Twinkle Dawn is very charismatic and kind, which is how she was able to persuade so many ponies to join her cult, of which Equestrian royalty has no idea. She is also good at hiding her anger or negative emotions, which gives the impression that she is positive and caring all the time. That used to be true, but isn't anymore.

History: Twinkle Dawn was born and raised in Canterlot. She was the first foal her parents had that survived, the others dying of health complications shortly after birth or during development. For this reason, her parents gave her a lot of special treatment and love. She loved the stars growing up, and after her parents accidentally gave her an astrology book (thinking it was an astronomy book) for her birthday, she became interested in that as well. She soon found she had a knack for finding her way around the sky. The stars seemed to speak to her, and she started writing her own horoscopes for herself, many of which she found came true. She couldn't make long-term predictions, but by analyzing the sky the night before, she was able to get a glimpse of what would happen the following day. After predicting her father's promotion to lieutenant in the Royal Guard, she realized it was her destiny to predict the future by watching the sky. 

One night, she saw something odd in the heavens. The stars seemed to tell her she was going to become close to Princess Celestia. This was the first long-term prediction they had given her. As time passed, other ponies began to hear of her talent, and she started looking to the skies to read the fates of her friends, then her friends' parents, and then other ponies around Canterlot. Though she certainly wasn't always accurate, and though her predictions tended to be vague, they were for the most part correct. She predicted the death of a loved one, an unexpected pregnancy (and then the subsequent surprise that there would be twins instead of just one foal), promotions, and accidents. It was like the sky could talk and she was the only one that could hear it.

As her success increased, she received a letter inviting her to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. She was so enthusiastic about it the night it arrived that she could hardly sleep. When sleep finally did take her, she had a dream, one that felt different than her normal dreams. She'd had ones that felt like this before, and they usually foretold something about the future. In this dream, she was crowned a princess by Princess Celestia and another alicorn, dark blue in color, whom she did not recognize. When she awoke, she determined that her destiny was to become a princess. 

Dawn attended the school at the same time as Twilight, though the two never really had any significant interactions. Twinkle Dawn wasn't addicted to studying like Twilight was, but still managed to make good marks. While perusing the library one day, she came across a book, the title of which greatly interested her: Predictions and Prophecies. She checked it out as it sounded like it had been written by ponies with similar talents to her own. She was not disappointed. She could not believe the wealth of knowledge contained within it.

One section she found particularly interesting detailed the banishment of Nightmare Moon using the Elements of Harmony. Some digging taught her what the six elements were. She reasoned that in order to use the elements, Celestia must have had laughter, honesty, generosity, kindness, loyalty, and magic within herself. Knowing this, she determined to make them a part of herself, too, so as to exemplify the qualities of a Princess. From that moment forward, she has striven to exemplify all six elements, determined to be ready when her destiny arrives.

When Twilight Sparkle became a princess, Twinkle Dawn was hurt. Having known enough about Twilight to know she was snobby and introverted, she felt that she deserved the title over her. Nevertheless, she pushed her jealousy aside and was happy for her former classmate. After all, just because Twilight became a princess didn't mean Dawn wouldn't.

But as time wore on, it became apparent to her that Celestia would not be giving her the title. She was released as Royal Astrologer after she failed to predict the rise of Tirek (she had seen in the stars that someone had escaped tartarus, but was assured her prediction was wrong, as tartarus was the most secure prison in Equestria), which cut her deeply. But still, the dream of her coronation recurred in her mind. But now, it was changing. Rather than Celestia bowing to her after crowning her a princess, Celestia was bowing to her out of respect to her title. It became clear to Dawn that she was meant not to be crowned a princess, but to prove her merit and take the throne by force.

Working at the Canterlot Observatory, she was able to make more accurate predictions than ever. As she began doing predictions for common ponies again, she realized that her position as an astrologer actually gave her implied authority. It wasn't hard to convince many of her customers to her view, that she was meant to be a princess. They began having secret meetings under the full moon each lunar cycle, during which ponies would discuss why she was more fit to rule than the current administration, bounce ideas as to how to attract more followers, and then she would share predictions of the coming month.

When Princess Twilight became the official ruler of Equestria, Twinkle Dawn could not contain her jealousy any longer, her ponies and she began to take secret action, vandalizing walls and statues with anti-Twilight sentiments and other similar actions. Dawn also visited farther cities, rallying ponies to her secret cause in the farther reaches of Equestria, and casting a spell of secrecy that would prevent them from talking about her organization outside of lunar meetings.

The night before one of the conclaves, she had two visions. In one, she saw herself receiving magic from the  Bell of Grogar and using it to defeat Twilight and proclaim herself ruler. In the second, she saw herself donning the Alicorn Amulet and achieving the same outcome. She knew she had to retrieve one of these artifacts to ascend to power, and she relayed this information to her followers the following night. Now, they search for the artifacts, hoping to find one or both soon so they can bring Twilight down and raise Twinkle Dawn to power.

Character Personality: Though her plans are evil, Twinkle Dawn still strives to exemplify the six elements of harmony, and so she tends to be very charismatic, caring, kind, and fun to be around. She also has an above average magical ability, which she definitely worked to get. She is understanding and ponies often look to her in situations when a leader is needed but nowhere to be found. She does experience negative feelings and emotions, but is very good at repressing them. Most of the time, even she is unaware that her feelings might be negative or harmful.
Character Summary: Twinkle Dawn is an astrologer who is convinced that she is the rightful heir to the throne of Equestria. She strives to exemplify the elements of harmony, which makes her a natural leader. She has used this to rally a following of ponies to her cause to overthrow Twilight and instate her instead. Currently, they search for the Bell of Grogar and/or the Alicorn Amulet, either of which she believes would give her the power to defeat Twilight Sparkle and take her place. She works at the Canterlot Observatory and gives astrological readings to those who wish to know their fate.

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