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A Cosmic Coincidence


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A Cosmic Coincidence

Legends in the making ~



In old Iron Town, nopony talked about Shaft Nine, and nopony dared tread its abandoned corridors... Until now. 

A Shaper's Stone, a demon relinquished, and a world's fate on the line. Can our young heroines win the day, or will they be

consumed by Chaos like all those who came before them?



The Shaper's Stone

A perfectly spherical, white stone purportedly possessing the power to contend with the spirit of chaos, Cosmos- but not alone.

It will need to be assisted by various other artifacts of great power to even stand a chance. Reflection seems to have quite the attachment to it.


Main Cast

Karakusa, the Adventurer

An adventurous young soul from Axel Town. She idolizes the knights and heroes who frequented her humble home,

and associates wealth and status with heroics. It's her dream to one day form an adventuring party and embark on an epic quest

worthy of the bards of olde.


Trapped in the body of a filly, this accomplished mage challenged the boundaries of space and suffered the consequences. 

Now she has to undo her mistake and put Cosmos back where she belongs, with the help of Karakusa and her friends, of course.

Support cast



"'Oh young and naïve pony,

just raise your nose high

and follow the scent of danger,

for wherever evil may lie,

priceless artifacts they may defend doubtless will be nearby!


  Down the lanes of Charcoal Road,

past the Diamond Pass,

there you'll find the Crystal Folk,

and not few a crystal lass!


 Travel yon the Goblin Gorge,

through the Nettle's Lair,

silk and song weave tales of woe,

and elegies of despair!


Down along the Feline Fjord,

 and across the Chausie Cape,

you come upon the Cat's Eye Quay,

where Cashmere's jauntily (Pillage and) rape ~"


Iron Town

A coal mining colony. They trade with the Crystal Folk up in the Diamond Pass.

Charcoal Road

This used to be the pulsing vein of industry amongst the coal miners and Crystal Folk. A series of

trade routes integral to the economy and culture of the two great powers. It's likely that any miners fleeing Cosmos'

chaos will be fleeing into the Diamond Pass.


Coal golems



"Once upon a Crystal Fare,

 there was set upon a dragon's lair,

The knight's or yore,

the devil's roar,

, yet the ponies went on with nary a care.

but struck upon the silver eve,

a mithril blade she did conceive,

A tool through which a tail cleaved,

and the threat, begone, was no more.

To celebrate this great afair

the downlanders did prepare

hooves carved of black despair

to preserve them evermore ~"


Coal golems protect the Charcoal Road using shards

of a dragon as a power source, making their cores incredibly

valuable, and potent regents.


Diamond Pass

These mountains used to be a gold mine for diamond, and quickly became the seat of power for the Crystal Folk. Unfortunately,

an incident occurred which awoke a crystal dragon who quickly stalled any efforts of harvesting more of the previous gem.

Now they sit on their wealth, flaunting their magical expertise to attract buyers and sellers from around the world.

Goblin Gorge

Past the Diamond Pass are a series of cliffs and rivers collectively nicknamed Goblin Gorge because of the bandits who call it home.

Caravans heading towards Diamond Pass are usually heavily guarded to make it through here unmolested, but the less wary

usually pay the price in body or blood.

Nettle's Lair

Nearing the end of the gorge is an innocuous opening that leads directly to the land of the cats. All other pathways

into or out of the fjord are covered in hazardous webs, courtesy of Nettle, the Spider Queen. The cats will usually burn

open openings when they find an opportunity, and keep the main road cleared for travelers.

Feline Fjord

Where the cliffs meet the sea, you will find cats, and lots of them. A noble and aristocratic people, the felines here

dine on the finest fish and don themselves in the most pristine of silks. Their primary export is silk, though, which the

Crystal Folk are immensely thankful for.


They have an ambassador in the Diamond Pass who brought pomegranates to the

ponies there. The fruit is considered a delicacy because of its scarcity, and the fact that the crystal ponies can't grow exotic

fruits in their climate. Or any fruit, really.

Chausie Cape

Like a cat's claw extending into the sea, Chausie Cape is a jagged landmass and home to the outliers of feline society.

Don't expect a warm welcome here so much as a dagger in the back. Sweet deals and sweeter lies are the currency in these lands.

Cat's Eye Quay

Home of the pirates and some canine barbarians from across the sea. They plunder and pillage a lot down there, but not much else.


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I’ve got so many characters, it’s hard to say really. I could have some be allies, some enemies, some just there around town or whatever that they could interact with to get info or supplies. I have so many characters, especially if I’m not limited to the ones I wrote an app for. Even sticking to the log, there’s quite the spectrum. 

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Hey guys, super sorry about how long it's been. Feel free to be angry at me. I've recently reawakened a(n) MLP hyperfixation and have decided to try to get back into the RP! I'm not making any promises on consistency, but I do promise I'm going to make a bit more of an effort to post here more often (though technically posting at all would fill that qualification... oh well). Anyway, I hope you have both been doing well! And I hope that life is looking up for you! If it's not, I highly recommend looking into dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)! It's a great self-therapy that works wonders! I can testify of the results myself! Anyway, I'm going to stop plugging for job and get on writing a post xD Please don't judge me if it's low quality! I'm still a little rusty.... :|||

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