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Valence Bond


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Bond. Valence Bond. (Sorry, I had to ;P)
Gender: Male
Age: Colt
Species: Areion
Eye colour: Blue (#2980b9)
Coat: Grey (#555555)
Mane/Tail: Quite messy and short, nearly black (#222222)
Physique: About CMC, but male
Residence: Formerly an areion colony, but moved to the School of Friendship
Occupation: Student
Cutie Mark: Still a blank flank, but has a strong interest in chemistry and potions
Unique TraitsValence has a knack for following directions on potions sheets, which also gives him a bit of an edge in the kitchen, so long as he has a recipe to follow or an idea of how the ingredients interact when undergoing the cooking process (as in baking)

History: Valence was born to two loving parents, one with a strong interest in electricity (Coil) and another with a cutie mark in potion making (Nightshade Bloom, who learned the art from generational teachings). The result was a colt who loved the scientific aspects of the magic of potion making. Both of them were very supportive of him and did all they could to nudge him toward his cutie mark-- in their own field. They competed to try to get Valence to prefer their own talent over the others. Eventually, their desires for their son to be more like one of them created a rift, and his parents separated over a cutie mark he didn't even have yet. It was painful for him, and he closed off, secretly trying to find a potion that would rekindle his parents' love for one another. In the mean time, however, he went back and forth between their houses. His sadness kept him from making any new friends, and his old ones eventually stopped inviting him out to play, tired of the damper he put on the mood.

Eventually, his visible misery forced his parents to agree on something: their son needed friends. They also determined that they had probably been a little too avid about trying to persuade him to get a mark in their fields instead of letting him be himself. They needed to take a step back. The most logical decision, then, was to send him to boarding school, where he would be free of their influences. And what better boarding school to make friends at then the School of Friendship itself? So after the enrollment process, off he went. His parents agreed to discuss things while he was gone, but after the way they had treated one another, neither saw much hope for a remarriage. 

Valence now lives at the School of Friendship, where he is trying to break out of the shell he's created while also not letting his own personal misery get in the way of making friends.

Character Personality: Valence blames himself for his parents' separation, and as such has a lot of anxiety over causing problems and making mistakes, as well as a fear of confrontation. As such, he is quiet and shy unless he is in an environment where he feels stable, such as the chemistry lab or potions hut. Whenever he is left to himself, he gives into sadness over the rift he caused between his parents. He is avoidant to friendships, but when he finds someone he trusts, he tries to be as much like them as possible, having learned from his parents that two ponies who aren't the same can't work.
Character Summary: Valence Bond is a young areion whose parents split apart because he couldn't be just like either one of them (at least that's how he sees it). As such, he is nervous about making friends and getting his cutie mark, which may have something to do with chemistry or potions. To try to cheer him up and help him overcome his anxieties, his parents agreed on sending him to the School of Friendship, where he currently resides. 

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