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Kaito (ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Kaito (介杜)

Gender: Female

Age: Ancient (definitely pre-Equestrian)

Species: Kitsune Yokai

Eye colour: Green

Coat: White with green accents

Mane/Tail: she has 9 tails but usually hides most of them. choosing instead to show only four.

Physique: Kaito has three forms that she takes. 

Her most common form is that of a typical arctic fox.

After that is her yokai form (pictured) which much like true form, except much smaller and more friendly looking with only 4 tails

and lastly, her true form. Towering over most other intelligent creatures, and generally extremely intimidating in many ways. The tips of her tails burn in an illusory translucent green flame.

Residence: Neighpon outer islands

Occupation: N/A

Cutie Mark: N/A

Unique Traits: Kaito is pretty huge. Although she doesn't like to look too imposing, so she normally appears about the size of a typical arctic fox. Which she is also most commonly seen disguised as. Although she's pretty quick to show her more friendly Yokai form to those who wish to see it, she's less likely show her true size and all her tails. Her true form is just too intimidating.


She has a necklace with a small ball which adorns her neck (not pictured because i didn't know about that bit when I drew her lol). Although she specializes in illusions, she's also quite adept at airwalking.

History: Although, she doesn't remember much of her early life, her earliest memories date before recorded Equestrian history. She had begun her life in Neighpon, like most Yokai. Tho she wasn't content sitting around in the homeland. one day, she'd decided to make her way across the ocean. She honestly couldn't tell you how she got there, she doesn't remember very well. She seems to remember something about turtles, or something, tho. When she got to the land that would become equidista, she began to fall in love with a certain race of creatures she met there. 


Although, they seemed divided by some really rather minor differences. Mostly keeping to their own kind. She had decided to stay with the most magically adept kind, the unicorns. She realized, rather quickly, that these creatures were not accustomed to seeing Yokai. They were scared of her in natural form. So she started disguising herself as a normal arctic fox. That did the trick, and many of her unicorn friends began to trust her. For a time, she was treated like a village pet. She didn't mind, really. It was better than being feared. One day, she met a Unicorn who took a liking to her. She gave her the name Kit. She seemed pretty lonely, so Kaito decided she'd talk to her


She and her friend were very close. About as close as two creatures can be. She even began to show her her true form. Until one day, Kaito expressed to her friend that she was worried about her limited lifespan. And she offered to give Kaito the gift of a progeny to watch over. Kaito, of course, was all too happy to accept this gift. And so began her lineage.

Kaito watched each generation of her lineage grow. The ones directly down the maternal line seemed to have a higher sensitivity to magic. One day one was born blind and a crazy thing happened. They developed the ability to see magic. It was crude at best, but spectacular nonetheless.


Then, something terrible happened. Grogar. Grogar was terrifying. Kaito is ashamed to say that she abandoned her lineage out of fear.

When Grogar was defeated, she couldn't face her progeny for her cowardice. She decided to return to her homeland in Neighpon, which she honestly had been away from for so long it didn't really feel like home, but she didn't feel like she belonged in her progeny's land, any longer.

Since then, she's spent the majority of her days in hibernation. Asleep for hundreds of years at a time. She's gotten pretty used to Neighponese language and culture, but she hasn't interacted with anypony. Not nearly to the extent she used to. This past while, she's been asleep for her longest yet. she's not sure, but it must've been at least a thousand years, this time. Something felt off. Something familiar.

Character Personality: Kaito is kind and inquisitive, but also a bit of a trickster at times. She prefers to stay anonymous as much as she can, but once she gets to know somecreature, she opens up a bit. 

Character Summary: Kaito's been around for longer than most. She used to be more outgoing, but she's since become more reserved and cautious. Although she'll enjoy a good prank now and then, she's mostly a kind soul with an inquisitive mind. She's been asleep for a while and she's ready to get herself back into the real world.


Relations: Mythic Vision is a distant descendant.

Kumo is a very old acquaintance (which Kaito only barely remembers)

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