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I had a 13 dollar sandwich for free today, and before that I had a shredded chicken and cheese sandwich! the first one only came with one piece of bread and we had to eat it as fast as possible for a bus we ended up not needing, because we just waited around and the house where we scarfed down the sandwich until we got a ride to the sandwich lounge. The second probably sounds like the more enjoyable sandwich based on this story but my girlfriend's ex really knows how to make shredded chicken, it was the best sandwich of the day!

btw, I have a question. was I always dead inside or was there like life in me before?

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4 hours ago, PatchworkPsycho said:

I want my snow gosh darn it, we only got one day and now it's back to shorts weather

I used to complain about people who wear shorts and long sleeves, but my legs are definitely warm enough for it

 I'm super jealous. I need to live somewhere that it doesn't drop below 50° F... I despise snow and cold weather more than anything in the world..

 Can we swap residency?

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Yeah it was like high 20s today with freezing rain and sleet and all that fun stuff. It's just gonna keep on getting colder too and my only winter vehicle is getting it's transmission rebuilt and I have to keep going to bed nervously wondering how I'll get to work the next day until I get the truck back.

 I mean come on it's still November. Couldn't the snow have at least waited until, like, never?

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The SINGLE, ONLY upside to the cold is that I have some really cool old jackets from the 70s and stuff. 


 The only problem with 70s clothing is that it sometimes looks like a costume.. I've got some really cool old jackets that I can't bring myself to wear in public because they are so dated..

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Oh WOW. This is something else. It almost feels like old LPW again. I missed thee, oh halcyon days!


This sums up my weekend. I'm the Mae. Little sister on the left, and the goatboi on the right is our friendo roomie for this here record-breaking convention of 10.7K furries.



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