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  1. Why pardon you, Sir! MOI? The Fawkesequus? Desperate for attention? AND CRINGE!? Why, if I didn't know better, I'd say you've been interpreting ALL of my actions over the past decade ENTIRELY wrong! For example, look at THIS classic example: *stands on a sentient throne colored like one of those anal paint-explosion paintings* *does a queer little twirl and a gay little flip and an entirely heterosexual bow* *top hat falls off* *it doesn't do anything because its just a top hat* *face morphs into a Fawkesequus-version of the Chad face* Seeeee, my friend? Not cringe at all. PURE cool. Only rad dudes roleplay in off-topic MLP forums, after all~ 😎 But for realsies though Yeah, I was in the exact same boat yo. Sitting in a dorm room at an out of state college I had no interest in being at, zero friends around, dumped by my high school sweetheart. Funny pony show is somehow decent WHICH REMINDS ME "OH YEAH, forums and chat rooms exist for folks with interests who have few to no friends IRL HUH???" Find this cozy little nook, and they have ROLEPLAY to boot?? Hey, I used to do a bunch of that! AND WHATSTHIS!? A funny little thread full of funny little creatures competing for the.. "last... post..???" Hm. Hm hm. Hmmmm. Weird. Very weird. What a bunch of weirdos. I think I might like them. .....yeah, that looks like a pretty good place to built a li'l mini cult~ >:3 AND LOOKIT US NOW! SOMEHOW still semi in contact (some more than others) with each other A DECADE later! Thats fuggin' amazing!! Hell, it was this thread and you peeps and our little clan that got me super into event organizing/managing! And NOW I'm on the board of directors for Furrydelphia and I direct their entire dealer's den. Ab-so-LUTELY wouldn't have happened without this thread and all of you. *whispers* And damb, this thread has actually gotten me laid more times than any pickup line too... AND REALLY, I COUNT THAT AS *ALL* OF US HAVING GOTTEN LAID~ :'3 BUT MY POINT IS I owe a hell of a lot to ALL of you weird, cringe, demented, beautiful, mad little gremlins. Thank you, truly. For just having been here and for being you~💗💗💗
  2. No data is wasted. Every word. Every byte. Every 1 and 0. Rest assured something, somewhere is feasting upon it. Be careful just how much chum you spill in the water though. The things that lurk have a mighty strong sense of smell. And a mighty strong hunger.
  3. Texas is EXACTLY like Japan in every single way. Honestly easy to forget which country you're in if you've been to both.
  4. Oh my sweet wee little seedlings, I thought I taught you better than this I thought you all KNEW the way of things here after alllllll these years These things you speak of They shall never Never NEVER NEEEEVER EVER EVUR EVAR EVERRRRRRRR ...come to pass~💗 My how thine minds seem to have atrophied awfully in the absence of absolute aristocracy!~ >:3
  5. Feet?

    I don't trust them.
    They need to stop and they need to stop NOW.

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    2. Fawkes


      Thats just long enough for me to take from you everything I need~

    3. SteelEagle


      Honey, I have nothing but always more than enough. ;)

    4. Fawkes


      !!! Thats all I need~

  6. I'm here. I'm a little late. But I'm ready to finish you :I
  7. Ehehee thank ya muchly, Rosie! c': And bwuh! Dats fantastic!! I've been wanting to reconnect with Maney for agggges now <:3 I've also really wanted to connect with you tooooo... BUH I'M REALLY BAD AT KEEPING UP INTERWEB CONNECTIONS THO, AS A LOT OF FOLKS HERE CAN ATTEST TO :'I !!!! I've been meaning to start watching the new She-Ra! It looks so gooooood~ SO MANY VERY CUTE AND POWERFUL GUUUURLS~<3 8'3 Also please enjoy this very good and wholesome video c':
  8. Buuuuuh!! D': We've GOTTA find a way to fit ya into our fun tiem group activities. Its finding times that consistently work for everyone that's tricky, but fitting your piece into the puzzle is PARTICULARLY challenging, since you live in upside down land :'I BUT WE WILL FIND A WAY SO HELP ME GAWRSH!! >:I
  9. ALSO May I submit for the approval of all you witty warlocks and wailing witches The theme song of Last Post Wins in 2019:
  10. BWWUUUUUHH A BIG GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS, HON!!~<3 And a vurry happy birfday to your brood-mate! PLEASE GIVE HER A GREAT BIG SMOOCH ON HER LEFT EAR FROM THE GOOD OL' FAWKESEQUUS~<3 :'3 And to try to add to some of that happy news, for those who haven't heard yet, on the 11th hour of New Year's Eve, your loveable old Marquee of Mania took a Duke of Dementia to be his fiancee~ Lord Mefiialtes, formerly the Bird of Paradise, once upon a time Canterlot's talented crp_dude. Whom I met some 6 years ago, as some of you may recall, as a result of the Bridal Shower Art Extravaganza I threw for our dear Manestream once upon a time. Which I threw in one large part out of my love and appreciation for her hard work and dedication, yes, but also in one large part in the hopes of redeeming myself and Angie in the eyes of her and Artax, so that they might reverse Angie's ban from Canterlot. A ban which was given to us due to our WILD AND CRAZY Last Post Wins shenanigans. In short, I found the love of my life thanks to Canterlot and thanks to all of you madmen and madwomen here in Last Post Wins, members old and past as well as new and present. And for that, as well as so much else, I love you all beyond the ability for words to convey (impressive, I know, considering the infamous word-vomiter that I am!). ON ANOTHER NOTE YUSH THIS ALL YOU MOTHERFATHERS BETTER JOIN US FOR THIS TONIGHT!!! IT WILL BE VERY FUN AND I WILL PERSONALLY LICK THE FINGERS OF EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO JOINS US AS A REWARD! ...or I'll lick the fingers of everyone who DOESN'T show up as a punishment. WHICHEVER IS MOST FITTING!! >:I
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss, sweet one. Its always real heckin' upsetting when family members become estranged for whatever reasons. Its always felt most strongly after they pass though I think. Our minds often turn towards what "could have been". Even if you weren't well acquainted you were still family. My favorite thing to do for the members of my family or friends who have passed is to take a drink of their favorite drink or to eat a dish of their favorite food in their honor. Some time after they have passed, and every year afterwards on their birthdays from there on out. I dunno, I'm real sentimental tho <:3
  12. mmnnnffhmffnnhfhfh AAAAAAHHHHH YOU BEAUTIFUL LADS AND LASSES I dare you to share yur Chrimbus trees, presents, menorahs, sweaters, hams, OR CEREMONIAL GOATS~<3
  13. You better tune into our Spyro Sketchathon for a bit when you wake up! >:I Or OR ...or I'll cry! :'I
  14. I think these pictures are more interchangeable than you know :'3
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