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Ponyville Minecraft server


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Hosting an four slot minecraft server for my friends and for all of Equestria, the server information is listed below. If you're new to the server you must be added to the whitelist to begin play.

The server is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to connect on the server you must use the "Feed the Beast" Mod pack, which can be downloaded at the URL Below:

You can connect with either the "Direwolf20" Mod pack, which includes popular mods such as Mystcraft, Buildcraft, Twilight Forest, and Thaumcraft, as well as many others.

You may also use the "Voxel Bronypack" to connect using the Love and Tolerance Texture pack as well as the latest version of Mine Little Pony.

The server now has 20 slots and has been de-whitelisted, so all who want to play are welcome.

I only ask that anyone who does play report any griefing in this topic immediately after it occurs.


Breaking of these rules will result in a warning. Three warnings and you're banned. If you see a warning sign in your house or residence, you've received a warning.

  • Respect other peoples property. You wouldn't want them tearing down or blowing up your buildings, so don't do it to them.
  • If It says a chest is private, you can't take anything out of it.
  • If you want a constant source of food, build your own farm somewhere. Just because wheat is there doesn't mean you're entitled to it.
  • If possible, Fill in creeper holes. ( Holes that are created when creepers explode. )
  • If you have to pillar, for whatever reason, tear down the pillar afterwards.
  • If you're going to build please keep to the architecture if you're building in a town.
  • If there's a public chest that has free items, its courteous not to take everything in the chest, leaving nothing for anypony else. Those items are for everyone. Don't be greedy and take more than you need.
  • Don't ask the administrators for building materials. It's minecraft. Gather the materials and build it yourself. It will make it that much more impressive when you do finish your structure.
  • Listen to the Administrators. They're there to help, but they're also here to keep order. Respect them as you would any other player.


None to date


None to date

The following texture pack is recommended to get the most fun out of it.


Thanks for playing with us here at Canterlot!


Server IP address -

Server administrators:

If you need help with anything, go to these guys first.

  • Starburst - Barbariccia ( Server Administrator )
  • Brianblackberry - Brianblackberry ( Server Operator )
  • Bramble Rose - noirDes ( Server Operator )
  • Pony - Fleurdelove ( Server Operator )


This minecraft server is a fan-based project by users of the board, and is in no way officially affiliated with canterlot.com, or its staff. Canterlot administation is in no way involved in the project, and cannot be expected to resolve issues, inquiries, or held liable in any way towards this fan-based project. If you need any information or have any questions about the server, direct them to Starburst or the server administrators, not the Canterlot admins.


Now with Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Twilight Forest, and Mystcraft.

  • Hundreds of new kinds of blocks and a total of 35 new mods and building combinations using the Direwolf 20 Modpack from Feed the beast!


This server is run entirely by donations from its userbase. If you'd like to see more content don't hesitate to play and spread your ideas around.

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I've checked and double checked, and I'm quite sure the IP is correct, and I'm also on the official Minecraft client.

Have any other players been able to connect?

I'm sorry, its my fault. After checking the IP I realized that I was the one who made the typo, since then I've changed the address to reflect the real IP.

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