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[Ponyville] The Ponyville Pet Show (Part 2) (PM For Invite. 2 More)

Conor Colton

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Colton was feeling rather relaxed at this point, having seen other contestants make their showcase, he saw that there was really nothing to it...That was until he was up next.

"Sparks? Is there a Sparks the sparrow here?" The coordinator blurted out to the whole crowd, it was at this point that Colton's legs locked up, he wasn't moving. Sparks flew down infront of him, waving a wing in his master's face...But to no effect. The sparrow prepared himself and gave Colton a wide slap across the face to wake him up, "Huh? What?"

"Sparks the sparrow?" The coordinator asked again. Colton and Sparks made their way to the showcase area. The pegasus sucked in his gut, breathed heavily, composed himself and strode along with Sparks.

"Okay...not to bad at all actually...just keep it together Colton." The pegasus stated in his head as he kept a brave face and a smile. Sparks wasn't having any trouble whatsoever, the bird proudly and confidently hovered alongside his master. And finally the two of them reached the end, "Well...that wasn't so bad." Colton breathed out, happy that that was over with.

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Applejack had seen the filly do her routine as the mayor got her attention. But Frilly beat the mayor back to where Applejack was standing. "I saw you strut your stuff, youngin'! And yur snake pal did a good job too!" Applejack chuckled. She saw the timidness of the snake, but if she was able to hold her head high like she did in intros, she figured there would be no problem.

Just as the Mayor walked up, Applejack saw that the order of intros was flying by. So much so, that she was glad she had roped up Winona from going too far. The border collie had to be so excited. Before too long, Winona's name was spoken over the loud speaker. Winona, in response to her name, pounced towards the staging area.

For a couple dozen hoof steps, Applejack was being dragged by her hyperactive little canine friend. However, by the time they came into view of everypony who was observing, Applejack was able to anchor Winona down enough to keep her from advancing. Winona was arbitrarily choking herself with her collar and leash.

"Alright, missy, calm down, and let's slowly present ourselves to everypony." Applejack had spoken. And that booming country voice was Winona's cue to listen to everything she was saying. In obedience, Winona started walking in pace with Applejack's trot. It was hard to tell with animal had the better prance as they walked around the fence that bordered the showcase area from the crowd. However, as they walked, Winona began barking nonstop, in a sort of rhythm. BARK! BARK! A style that sounded like she was talking to all the ponies. BARK! BARK! BARK! Of course they couldn't understand her, but with all of the pseudo-conversations she would have with Applejack, it was Winona's understand that they might. BARK! BARK! Applejack smiled without fret despite the ear-piercing bark the puppy had.

Applejack mad it back to the prepping area. "So, Mayor, were you gonna say somethin'?"


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Applejack mad it back to the prepping area. "So, Mayor, were you gonna say somethin'?"

"Nothing really Applejack." She smiled as she tucked away a notepad she was scribbling on earlier. "I just wanted to say good luck with the competition. It looks like there are some pretty good contenders there. It will be tough for me and the other judges to make a decision, still, it's anypony's game."

The Mayor was discreet in hiding the notepad into a small saddlebag at her side. She wrote down her observations on the pet owners and pets themselves. She thought that by taking down notes of interest, it might help her in her decisions for choosing the blue ribbon winners. She had managed to hide it in time when Applejack came over to her. She didn't want to make anypony nervous walking around like that as she noticed earlier when she went past by some contestants, who suddenly went rigid as if in attention when she passed by.

As the competition began to fire up, one of the judges waved to the Mayor and called out to her from the judges' stand. She was apparently needed and she had to cut her strolling around the competition grounds short. The pet showcase had begun and they needed her to help tally up their scores to make a decision for this round. She waved back and nodded and turned back to Applejack.

"Well I better go! I'm looking forward to what you and Winona will do!"

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Fluttershy was still huddled near Applejack when she was approached by an excited green filly.

"Oh my gosh! Your bunny is SO cute! I am just here to watch, but I love animals. Do you know where I can get a pet? I want a hawk. Hawks are cool, don't you think? I think so. I heard that you have lots of animals. Do you have a hawk? or an eagle?! I'm sorry. I got a little carried away, my name is Flourish, Flourish Rain. I hope I didn't intrude on anything."

Fluttershy was taken aback for a moment by the filly's rapid speech and questions, but gradually relaxed. She couldn't help but feel a liking for young ponies, especially when they seemed to love animals as well. Angel, in the meantime, had hopped to the top of the pegasus' head, and was preening at being complemented.

"W-well, hello Flourish Rain," she said with a small smile. "Angel Bunny, say thank you to Flourish," she prompted the rabbit on her head. Angel gave a theatrical bow down to the filly, eating up the attention he was getting.

"Oh, and I love hawks too," Fluttershy continued. "And I have a hawk at my animal shelter! But raptors can sometimes be hard to take care of, I'd have to talk to your parents first, I think."

"If you ask me, I thought you did really well, awesome even, that took some real guts, Miss...Fluttershy was it?"

Fluttershy was surprised when a white pegasus complemented her. She thought she had seen the stallion talking to Applejack earlier, but she hadn't wanted to interrupt. Though she'd opened up for Flourish, Fluttershy shrank back into herself for this unknown stallion. " Um, thank you," she said in a small voice. "Yes, I'm, um, Fluttershy."

"Um, actually Fluttershy, I didn't git to see it. I've been fascinated by the baby snake here."

"That'sokApplejackyoudidn'tmissanything..." Fluttershy said in a rush, a little upset that her friend hadn't watched, even though she hadn't really wanted anypony to watch her, really.

Since she an Angel had only been the first participants, all the other ponies and animals started being called in rapid order for their own walk past the judges. Fluttershy soon forgot her own bashfulness, becoming more and more giddy watching all the beautiful animals parading past. As the group around Applejack all completed their own passes, she lost all her self consciousness and began buzzing between them, admiring their animal friends.

"Aww, she is a cute snake. Her name is Hissyfit? Oh, that's so sweet. Oh, and such a pretty bird! OH! And you have a sparrow!"

Finally, Applejack and Winona came back from their own turn. Fluttershy approached the collie and scratched her behind the ears. "You did such a good job Winona!" she told the dog in a cutesy voice. With a burst of courage brought on by her excitement. Fluttershy asked Applejack, "Ok, what happens next?"

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