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  1. T Twister entered the base, deep in thought. -- Having devised something that vaguely resembled a plan, T Twister went to the base's locker room to stow her bags. She'd recently received a care package from her parents in Canterlot - homemade snacks, and a magazine from her father. Tales Of The Almost Unbelievable, Issue # 472. With stories with titles like 'The Human That Fell Into The Sky', 'Hayburger Zombies', 'How a Street Thug Beat A God', and 'Orange Frogs and Poodle Teacups' "I don't know where dad finds these things, but they're always a hoot !" she chuckled to herself as she put it in her bag. "Okay you two - no funny business until I get back !" she stated to Ace and Deuces. Ace gave her a salute, while Deuces sort of half saluted, yawned, then went back to sleep. T Twister went to the gym for yet more training (alongside the rest of the 'fodder'), and waited for someone to show up.
  2. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    Tongue Twister was lounging in a cafe in Las Pegasus, having returned from an unexpectedly successful trip. She managed to acquire a matched pair of memory pearls, and her dad and his associates were crafting the Memory Vault for her. She had also picked up some Hearths Warming gifts - a small cask of beer from Hoofenheim for mom (she used to work in the casinos, and they always had The Good Stuff), and some Polka albums for dad (she loves the big goof dearly, but his tastes in music were, well .... ) She looked around and the busy opulence around her. "Hard to believe mom grew up here." "Long time no see, cousin !" a pegasus stallion stated. "Looking good Crowbar !" TT replied, "How's Uncle Legbreaker doing ?". "Same as always." he replied, "So, what brings you to town ? Las Pegasus has never been your style." "Business. Been trying to expand my vocational abilities." Crowbar looked around furtively. "Now may not be a good time for you to be here." "Oh ? What's going on ?" "Some new casino moved in. We may have to have a talk with them, to make sure they're not going to muscle in on our territory." TT held her breath to not snort her iced tea out her nose - Crowbar was talking about Ice Storm's place ! "The folks there have no intention of muscling in on anybody." TT replied quietly, looking about sneakily. "Really ? How would you know that ?" "I have my sources." she replied, "Trust me - it's just some rich stallion trying to get richer without anyone noticing." Crowbar suspected his cousin was shading the truth a bit, but knew not to press. "You're sure we won't need to have a meeting with them ?" he asked. "Probably." TT replied with a dismissive wave, "But I'm just spinning the breeze here. Give my regards to Uncle Legbreaker for me." "Sure. See you later." Crowbar replied as he walked away, figuring that TT had passed on a warning for him about pursuing the matter further. TT heaved a sigh of relief. "Hopefully, STAR will have one less mundane threat to deal with. And mom's old friends would've been wiped out if they tried to 'deal with' them ! It's funny - if I do things right, nopony should know if I've done anything at all."
  3. Gotta wonder what Cozy Glow's parents think of all this - the princesses sent her to Tartarus ! Unless she's actually an adult that just looks like a filly - seems very smart and focused for a kid. She did manage to drop a LOT of energy into the Void - hope that doesn't attract the attention of something.
  4. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    Tongue Twister looked over the paperwork her mother had given her - various documents of transit, passports, import/export licenses, and directions. "Great Celestia does Mom give wonderful directions !" TT said to herself in her room in Manehattan, "This has got to be the most efficient route possible. Except near the end here - if I stop at this station, I'll have to fly for three and a half days to the east, slightly curving to the north north east along a river's course. Or, I can just go to the end of the line. Then it's just two days straight flying." She noted that on her map, her mother had drawn a rough cartoon of an elderly stallion, with the words 'Ticket Taker of DooOOOOM !!' written under it. TT looked at it closely, squinted at it, then wondered why her mom had written it like that. "Short, straight and direct is always best for long trips." she noted to herself as she headed for the train station. ----- "Well, THAT was ... cringeworthy !" she noted to herself as she took to the skies, heading twelve degrees, 25 minutes, 15 seconds north of east. It was times like this, high in the air among the clouds that she REALLY loved being a pegasus ! Ace and Deuces had a rather different opinion of things; being ground creatures, they hunkered down in her saddlebag and didn't move much. TT figured three stops of half an hour each for meals and such should be fine. She'd end up on the eastern shore of Equestria, to catch a boat to Neighpon (she can't fly the great distance with no rest stops !) From there it was a short flight to Long Guo. Then to the Outer Ward of Heighjing to track down the Longma dad sold that bottlecap collection to.
  5. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    Tongue Twister laid on her bed back in her apartment in Manehattan. She had the shades drawn, and was wearing a sleep mask and earmuffs - for the deep rummaging through the mindscape she was going to attempt, there could be no external distractions. She imagined being on a cloud, floating through the sky on a moonless night. Off in the distance in every direction she chose to look, were dark clouds with Mind Palaces upon them. Each one representing a language and the cultures they were from. She knew A LOT of languages, and so needed truly advanced memory techniques to keep them all straight. But what she wanted was in a secure Vault on the ground - so she tucked her wings in and spiraled downward through mindspace. There she found the entrances to her memories - two doors set into a mountain. One was a thick steel door with sigils on it; the other looked like it was stolen from an outhouse, barely hanging on the hinges. She went through THAT door, since the other led to endless circling in a labyrinth with no exit. In the unmarked hallways, she came to an intersection. She waited for a moment, listening for something. From one corridor extended two long spider legs, then two more. Then the creature itself - a dark grey pony spider with pairs of thin, twenty foot long legs were each of a pony's legs would be, and three pairs of yellow eyes. It was also wearing a tool belt and a hard hat. "So, what sort of damage was done this time Dream Weaver ?" Tongue Twister asked the arachno-pony (the Aspect of Creation in her mind). "Not all that much actually." it replied with TT's voice, "Since the memories were shuffled instead of being crushed, burned, shredded or ripped from your skull, there was almost no damage at all !" "Hmph ! Thank Celestia for unintended favors !" TT replied, "I guess Whisp is having a conniption fit though." "To say the least." Dream Weaver replied, "Every time she gets close to getting those recent memories organized, that spell shuffles them ! So, you're going to do the Multi-Mind technique again ?" "It worked the last time. I just need to find at least two more Aspects to help." Black oil started dripping from the ceiling, gathering together into a puddle. Which began extending upward like a tethered bubble. An eye appeared on it, which split into two eyes, which slowly migrated to where they should be on a pony. Ears and limbs formed, and XynE (Zany - the Aspect of Flexibility) was in da house ! Who smiled and 'squeeeee'd in greeting. "So, you got victimized by yet ANOTHER self-important twit ?" a harsh voice sneered from down the left corridor - from Zagzig, The Horror Within. Aspect of Wrath. Which looked like a more buff version of Tongue Twister. "Why else would I be here ?" Tongue Twister asked her darkside, "Maybe we'll find out who did it this time, and we'll know who to beat up !" "Promises promises !" Zagzig groused as he followed Tongue Twister, XynE and Dream Weaver down a corridor to meet up with Whisp (Aspect of Organization). Who looked like a dark storm cloud in the shape of a pegasus, and even had the white socks that Tongue Twister has. And the same glasses - the only solid part of Whisp's configuration. "It is right over here." Whisp announced as she pointed the way. They were in a library, with endless shelves up to ceiling - which could not be seen due to sheer height. There, one of the books seemed to glow. "Ok. Everybody - GRAB IT NOW !" TT stated as she tried to grab the memory represented as a book - it immediately tried to swap places with a nearby book, but the other four Aspects grabbed the books before the swap could be made. The Reflection Deflection spell was only intended to work on one pony's mind, and had no defense against being pulled in five different directions, and so collapsed with an implosion of light and concussive force. TT was upside down against a wall. "Everyone else alive ?" she asked. There was a gigantic black stain on one wall. If flowed back together to form XynE. "Ow." she stated. The smoke coalesced back into Whisp. "I seem to be as intact as a vaporous idea can be." From behind a shield make of silk, Dream Weaver replied "Aye." There was a string of curses and swear words (in many different languages) from further down the aisle. "Zagzig is fine." XynE stated as she peered at the hulking shape in the distance, "I'd be worried when she didn't swear and curse !" Whisp did a double take. "I - keep forgetting that you can speak !" "Of course I can speak !" XynE replied (with her mouth on the front of her barrel), "It's just that I only speak when I have something relevant to say !" "CAN WE PLEASE JUST SEE WHAT SOME PONY DECIDED WE WERE NOT WORTHY TO REMEMBER !?" Zagzig bellowed, "EVEN *I* AM BEGINNING TO FEEL THE ENCROACHING HEADACHE !" Tongue Twister opened the book, which became a floating screen displaying the memory it represented. It showed TT talking with Double Dealer. Getting the Shining Star artifact from her. Then turning for home. Some blurry figure thanked her for solving the problem - before blasting her with the Reflection Deflection spell. "BOHHHHHHHHHHHHGUS !" whined XynE, "We don't know who zapped us, do we ?", earning a growl from Zagzig. "Why don't you render your mind impervious to such attacks ?" Zagzig asked her lightside, "You know of such mental conditioning tricks !" "Those tricks take decades to learn. I doubt I have the time or dedication to do them properly." TT replied, "And if they knew we were immune, they'd just hit us harder. With different spells. That AREN'T as gentle as the RefDef spell." "So that's why you're trying to make a Memory Vault !" Whisp stated enthusiastically, "You'll still be affected by the spells. It's just that you can reclaim what was lost later." "Correct !" Tongue Twister answered as the surroundings began to fade, "Well, it looks like were done here. I have a bottle of aspirin with my name on it waiting for me back in the real world. So just go back to what you were doing to keep our mind functioning ! TTFN !" Tongue Twister awoke on her bed a few hours later, every limb with the 'pins and needles' sensation, and feeling like some pony was hammering her skull with a sledgehammer - from the inside. "Hopefully this will be the last time I have to do THAT !" she groused to herself as she limped to the sink to get a glass of water, and downed a few aspirin ...
  6. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    Scene : Small outdoor diner in Canterlot. Tongue Twister is having some tea with her parents Caveat Emptor and Shady Dealer. "So nice to have you in town, even for just a little while honey !" Shady stated to her daughter, "I hope you didn't have to take off too much time at the museum to find that darn book !" "Nah. Not too many 'brave adventurers' bringing in artifacts lately." TT replied dismissively. "Oh, speaking of artifacts - how did you manage to calm Double Dealer down ? She came by the shop earlier to apologize." Caveat asked. "What are you talking about dad ?" "After you visited me at the shop, you went to the Canterlot Museum to borrow one very ugly pendant !" Shady stated, a bit weirded out, "Said you needed it to protect yourself from undue influences." Tongue Twister thought for a moment. "Hmm - I visited you at the shop. I borrowed a 'cursed' item from the museum. I went to find Double Dealer to see what was up with her, and lights in Polohama are magitech items. Wait - what ? Just before I came here, I returned the amulet to the museum. They were NOT happy to have it back. Before that, I was in the shopping district. Before that, the main exports of ancient Tenochtitlan were chili peppers and cocoa." TT dropped her head on the table, then bumped her forehead a few times. "GAhhhh !! NOT AGAIN !" Shady comforted her daughter with a hug. "Looks like another Reflection Deflection spell. Darn those lazy bullies at SMILE ! Think they're too good to use lies, bribes and threats like everyone else !" She then gave her unicorn husband the biggest puppy dog eyes she could muster. "Can you do something to help ?" "Messing with any creature's memory is a line won't cross ! For any price !" he replied, "I don't know enough about those kinds of spells to risk helping her. Besides, she's managed to break those kinds of spells on her own before." "I'll be fine mom !" TT stated, "I - just need to buy some supplies to hole up for a few days. And some aspirin. A LOT of aspirin." And so, a few hours later, TT visited her father's shop. "So, dad, you think you could make this enchanted item for me ?" she asked, unrolling a scroll on the benchtop. He looked it over. "A memory vault ?! Why would you need something like that ?" "Do you know how many times my memories have been tweaked ?" "No." "NEITHER DO I !" TT replied loudly, "And it is getting VERY annoying ! I may have done something useful or important - and some OTHER pony decided that I am not worthy to have my own memories ! That crap ends NOW !" she finished with a growl. Caveat inched away from his obviously irate daughter. "Okay ! I get the point honey ! A memory vault is a tricky spell, but I can probably do it. And if I can't, I know a few ponies that can. Most of the components are inexpensive, but you'll need a matched pair of memory pearls. Those are not easy to come by. I know someone in Huangjing that might have some. You won't mind making a delivery for me, would you ?" "What do you need delivered ?" TT asked warily. "Bottlecaps." Caveat replied. TT looked at him for a few seconds. "Bottlecaps ? That isn't code for something is it ?" "Not this time." he replied, "Collectors of odd things are everywhere. And Equestrian bottlecaps are extremely rare in Long Guo. A Longma I met a few months ago was trying to complete a set. He'll pay top bits for them, but I only managed to get all the ones he wanted a week ago." TT thought for a bit. "Well, if that's all you need, I'll do it !" she stated happily, "I'm pretty sure you have one of the other parts - a figurine. Do you have something extraordinarily tacky and cheap ?" Caveat raised an eyebrow. "That's pretty much all I sell here dear. May I ask why you want something like that ? The figurine holding one of the pearls can be anything, so WHY specifically cheap and tacky ?" "To hide it in plain sight of course !" she replied, "A little glow in the dark paint on the memory pearl, and it will look fake ! Anypony that sees it will not realize how valuable it truly is !" "You're as sneaky and underhooved as your mother !" Caveat stated with a chuckle, but thought 'that is a good thing AND a bad thing at the same time.' And so as one part of Tongue Twister's adventures ends, another might begin. Or not.
  7. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    "Dang ! This amulet is ugly !" Tongue Twister thought to herself as she examined the small squat stone carving she wore on a woven thread necklace. She'd borrowed it from an acquaintance at the Canterlot Museum. Most other researchers 'knew' it was cursed, and were glad to be rid of it. But she knew what it was - it was a depiction on a forgotten ancient god of games and death. Although those two duties seemed disparate, they had one very important thing in common : fair play ! Anypony wearing this amulet cannot be influenced by spells for good or ill. No spell can make them run faster, or make them lame. Or alter their mind. Unfortunately, the ponies that carved the grotesque thing were Earth ponies; so to them, having wings and using magic were cheating. Thus, Tongue Twister was resistant to spells, but could not fly while she was wearing it. She managed to track down Double Dealer, and asked her 'WHAT THE HAY IS WRONG WITH YOU ?!" Turns out she recently acquired a 'Favor of Celestia' - a brooch with a minor enchantment to help one think clearly. It is made of gold, and (of course) resembles Celestia's cutie mark. A disc, then a ring with eight wavy rays emanating from it. TT noticed that Double Dealer's brooch only had SEVEN rays. It wasn't a Favor of Celestia, but another very annoying artifact : The Shining Star of the Dashing Demogogue. It 'cleared' your thinking by generating mania, shoving aside all other ideas except one. And the more fixated one became, the more charming and convincing they became. If left alone long enough, one could have a fanatic army, ready to march forth and eliminate the color green ! Or exterminate rutabagas in our lifetime. Or something even far sillier. Double Dealer didn't want to part with willingly, but Ace and Deuces managed to steal it from her (TT's pet rats will do just about anything for some fresh peas !) Fortunately, Double Dealer wasn't too far along, and went home to figure out how to best undo what little evil she'd done. Unfortunately, on her way back to her parent's home, some pony in an alley zapped TT with a Reflection Deflection spell. As always, some other pony had decided that TT wasn't IMPORTANT ENOUGH to remember her own actions !
  8. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    "What to do about this situation with Double Dealer ?" Tongue Twister mused TO HERSELF as she headed across the street, "I have two choices. One : deal with it myself, and nip the problem in the bud. Two : ignore it until it becomes a major crisis. Then continue to do nothing so More Important Ponies can heroically step in to save all Equestria at the last possible moment. Buck that ! I'll deal with it myself ! Some help would be nice, but its not like I'll ever get any. Can't wait for something that will probably never come ...." She entered "Shady's Shipping Shop" and looked around for her mother. The place looked like it always did - maps of every railroad and mail route in Equestria (along with their schedules and rates), boxes of pre-folded boxes of every useful size, scales and labels stacked up to the ceiling of one wall, far too high to reach without a stepladder. But since her mother Shady Dealer is a pegasus, she never got around to buying one. "You in here mom ?" she called out, figuring she's in here SOMEWHERE. "Tongue Twister ? What are you doing here honey ?" a stern-looking dark gray pegasus mare with a straight black mane and tail, wearing a red vest and skirt inquired as she came from a storeroom in back, "Something going on ?" "Yeah. Found a copy of that book daddy was looking for. Gave it to him just now. Did you know he got a vampire rose ?" "Ah. That explains all these invoices of dubious provenance." Shady replied, "You actually found a copy of that book ?" "Yeah. A bookseller in Ponyville had four copies, and was willing to part with one."
  9. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    "Well, when business calls, you have to answer." she replied to Naj as she left, "It has been nice meeting you. Later, perhaps." "Hey dad ! Did you really mean to order this rose bush ?" she yelled towards the backroom. "Oh, it arrived ? Great !" he replied as he returned, then used his magic to open the crate. Inside was a tall bell jar, and within that was a small, very sad-looking rose bush. With a single pale bloom. And some of the narrowest, sharpest thorns imaginable. "I don't think you should be getting too close to that thing." Tongue Twister warned. "I'll be fine !" he replied, bringing his muzzle closer to the plant. "Hmmm ... Looks like it could use a bit of water ..." The Rosacea hemovoracium - 'blood eating rose' - sensed the warmth and carbon dioxide of his breath. And lashed out, Tongue Twister managed to bite the rose near its roots, and carefully pulled it off. The plant now looked MUCH healthier, and the bloom was now the palest pink. "WHY DID YOU BUY THAT THING ?!" she asked her dad, gesturing towards the rose. From several steps away. "Been getting some rats and mice in the shop." Caveat Emptor replied, "And I know how you feel about cats." He carefully lifted the rose with his magic and took it into the backroom. "Feisty little thing, aren't you ?" she stated to the plant as he rubbed his muzzle, "I can respect that !" Tongue Twister looked to Coltson, slightly embarrassed, "That's my dad. Mom's office is across the street."
  10. NiktoBarada

    And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    Tongue Twister nodded politely to Raven - she recognized an oath when she heard one. They are not given lightly, nor ever abandoned. "Well, I'm feeling kinda out of place here." she began, "I'm not from a noble house. Nor a fearsome wanderer. I'm the daughter of a curio merchant and an ex-card dealer from Las Pegasus ! I can speak most languages, so I've been working at the Manehatten Museum for years, doing what I can to keep Equestria safe. All those 'brave adventurers' recover artifacts and send them there. Most are harmless, but every once in a great while, I come across something that could be dangerous. So I 'mistranslate' them, adding or subtracting a few lines on the hieroglyphs. I would hate to be the one trying to use those items ! Or smuggle them back to where they came from - I'm very good at making replicas. Who would to think to look for an artifact from the very location it was taken from ? When everyone 'knows' that it was taken from a temple, and currently on display elsewhere ?" She sighed. "One thing from working for a museum is I've seen how many great civilizations there used to be. I'd rather Equestria not fade into the dusts of history if there is anything more I can do about it. And we've come a little too close too many times ! Those invading us learn, and try new strategies; using the same old defensive strategies against new attacks will only end in failure, eventually."
  11. NiktoBarada

    And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    "So, this is where a new 'secret elite force' is meeting for recruitment ..." Tongue Twister mused to herself as he looked over the ice cream shop - made, apparently, of actual ice. She put a hoof against the wall for a moment - it was cold like ice, but didn't melt. She made a rough guess as to how much magic would be required to not only summon so much ice, but to keep it safe and permanently frozen. It was rather quite a lot. "Well, this looks promising." she noted to herself as she slipped inside. Over the years, there had always been talk about the need for a more active defense of Equestria - usually old guys in bars muttering 'someone shouda done something earlier !!' The problem with that being resources - in order to be an effective force, it would have to be very well funded, and very skilled at investigation. And of course, the royals couldn't know about its existence - grants plausible deniability if anything went wrong, and prevent the whole country from being dragged into a conflict (figuring a foreign power would see ANY action from Equestrians as a hostile act). The combination of 'incredible resources', 'secret' and 'actually trying to protect instead of take over everything' is quite rare. So far, it looked like this STAR organization probably had the resources; the rest, she'd have to see. From her studies, she knew that all civilizations fall eventually; she'd rather Equestria NOT do so while she could do something about it. She was looking for a more direct way to help - she could only alter and 'misplace' so many potentially dangerous artifacts ! Once inside the shop, she noticed that the only light was coming from arrows on the floor, directing her elsewhere. She approached a meeting room, and heard a mare venting, and decided NOT to enter just yet. After all, interrupting someone's rant can make you a TARGET of said wrath. Once the situation calmed down, she risked a peek inside. "Let's see - a Qirin, an aerion, an earth pony, whole lotta unicorns, a Koma Inu ?! Diversity of strengths, unity of purpose. Good so far ..." she noted to herself, "GREAT SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS ! That mare has a matched set of aetheric amplifiers ! I've only read rumors that such things existed !" "Black Ice, I presume ?" Tongue Twister asked as she looked for an empty seat.
  12. Might as well try this : Name : Tongue Twister Special Skills : speak and read most languages (even extinct ones; she works in a museum as a translator of artifacts), and technical writing (not afraid of paperwork) Previous Combat Experience : VMN (Vicious Mean and Nasty); spends months at a time in jungles, and family was from Las Pegasus. Does whatever needed to get an opening to escape - feather rake across the eyes, punch to the throat, whatever. Rather primitive self defense, but works surprisingly well against single targets. Other relevant special training : none. Unless being a cardsharp qualifies
  13. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    "Wow - seeing so many 'wonderful bargains' in one place has rendered them speechless !" Tongue Twister noted SILENTLY TO HERSELF, WITHOUT MUMBLING HER EVERY THOUGHT (as if she had EVER DONE THAT A SINGLE TIME IN HER LIFE !), "Either that, or there's some residue from that Lorelei charm that idiot tried to pawn off to dad last week ! But the answer is like my thoughts, feelings, and existence - meaningless and irrelevant." She continued checking the manifest, noting that some of the titles to those comics were euphemisms for some rather crude acts ... And there was a Rosacea hemovoracium in the tallest box. OOC : thank you EVER so much for giving MY character a mental defect to suit YOUR purposes y'all ! It's not like I have any right to play my character my way or anything, right ? Or that you can't alter someone else's character or dictate their actions or behavior or qualities without their creator's CONSENT, right ? Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to return the 'favor' at a more opportune time !
  14. NiktoBarada

    Hidden texts. [Open]

    "Yeah, Double Dealer does seem to be slowly slipping off the rails lately." T-Twister replied to Coltson, "It's rather unfortunate too - she's a very decent pony otherwise. Getting to my parents when she's not around shouldn't be that hard; she's usually rather busy." Twister perked up the moment Naj mentioned 'artifact recovery'. "I work with artifacts for the museum. Translations Dept. Those 'brave explorers' send all the stuff they find to the Manehattan museum, and a few of those things did NOT like being removed ! Good thing we have some anti-curse specialists on staff. I think a few might work with the REA too." Tongue Twister looked around as she stretched her legs and wings. "Dad's shop is a few blocks from here." she stated as she started out, "He and mom moved here from Manehatten quite a few years ago. Richer customers." A few minutes of walking led them to Caveat Emptor's Discount Emporium - a two story building with a freshly painted sign. The inside was packed with cheap items from all over Equestria, stuffed on shelves in no conceivable order : comic books from Neighpon, 'fine' china from Long Guo, Vonderbolt merchandise, Mogwai repellent, Celestia commemorative plates, and so on. Most of the ceiling had been removed to expose the upper floor where the more (actually) valuable goods were stored - and make the place more pegasus friendly. Tongue Twister flew up to look around. "Daddy ? You in here ?" "In the back, dear." a voice called out. A few crates in the back were surrounded by a gold glow and moved away from a door, allowing a rather well-fed unicorn stallion to come out. He was pale cream, with tan mane and tail, with a silver Penrose circle cutie mark. Tongue Twister dropped back down and gave him a big hug. "Always good to see you dear !" he stated, before looking at Naj and Coltson. "Those two aren't cops, are they ?" he quietly asked her. Tongue Twister sighed. "No, dad. They're not cops ! Coltson's a bookseller ! He sold me that book you were looking for !" she continued, pulling out the first edition she'd purchased from Coltson earlier in the day. "He had one ?!" "He had four !" "Truly ?" he replied (clearly impressed) as he examined the book. "Superb condition. This should get that harpy off my flank ! Hmm - I just remembered that I never discussed the price with Double Dealer ! How much did it cost you dear ?" "Total of the book, all train tickets and aggravation ? About ninety bits." T Twister replied, "You're going to charge her about one hundred fifty or so bits, right ?" Caveat smiled broadly, before pulling Tongue Twister into hug and a wet kiss on her forehead, "That's my girl ! I'm going to put this in the vault. And could you look over the latest invoices ? My Manechurian isn't very good, so I have no idea of what's really in some of these crates." "No problem dad !" she replied cheerily as she checked the manifests. OOC : Entertaining Interlude via yudhaikeladai : My Little Pony in The Sims - Episode 3 - Lyra and Bon Bon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ium4BrJ0Emc