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  1. Was it a bad sign that the first citizens to welcome their new feline wonder were canine? Prince Blueblood sincerely hoped not; he had neglected to ascertain Nilaavin's opinion of dogs. Nevertheless, he waved down at Hogo-sha from his perch, keenly aware of other eyes from the rooftops. "Greetings, sir! I see from your garb and bearing you are a dignitary; it is good to see I was home in time to meet you!" Homecoming or not, the diplomatic work was never done. However, housebreaking his new cat would have to take first priority. "[We are first amongst equals, not gods amongst mortals. Auntie will be very upset if she catches you talking like that.]" Could Auntie Celestia actually understand Nil's ancient language? Probably, actually; she had lived for just long enough to have conversed with its last living speakers. Well, second-to-last, now. All that being said... Blue had pretty much given up by now correcting Nil's impression as to his own power levels. Modern magic was quite a strange power, compared to what the ancients could muster. Plus, actually getting the sphinx to shape up would take every bit of authority the unicorn could muster...
  2. The deal-cutting done for now, Chrysalis began to switch to another mode, one that she enacted more often in her "Island Queen" disguise; that of the generous hostess. Generous in accommodation, knowledge sharing, and of her beauty in general. Of course, this was more than mere courtesy; charm could smother suspicions yet unvoiced from their previous conversation, after all. "Why, certainly! Though, I have to admit what we are now is rather different from what we used to be. We're a very adaptable species, and while we don't have a lot of native traditions, aside from due reverence and obedience to the Queen," She preened a bit at the remark before continuing, "That in fact allows us to adapt flexibly to whatever circumstance we face." The queen gave a light laugh at the mention of physiology. "My, my, that's a rather forward request, wouldn't you say? Not that I mind..." She leered at the pair, before laughing again. "As for ethnicity, well, there's not much to say. We're all one color and kind, or at least we were until recently." The sour look didn't linger on her face, but would have been obvious to all observers nonetheless.
  3. Catching Tiger's whistle with a wink, Berry did another small sashay. "I wouldn't mind staging that little contest, if you've got the bits to pay the hosting fees. Neutral ground, as its in my bar, and not yours. Just remember, you break it, you buy it!" That sort of thing did constitute a risk for her, a greater risk than she would normally consent to, but at this point, anything that could potentially drive business was worth a shot. Plus, couldn't hurt to have a handsome stallion and a striking mare about the place, eh? Speaking of... Pinkie had a very interesting suggestion. "I thought sponsorships worked the other way, with the businesses offering to put their logos on the uniforms and such in exchange for paying the athlete. I think its called an 'endorsement' when the athlete gives to the business. That said, I'd love to have Rainbow as an endorser! I could come up with something special for her, let's see... going off her cutie mark coloration... strawberry-blueberry-lemonade? Yeah, that could work!" Struck with inspiration, she immediately bent over to retrieve the bottles to whip up a quick sample. Measuring out by cutie-mark guided instinct, she shook up the three juices in a canister and poured out a bit into a small glass. "Mmm..." She popped and smacked her lips. "Yeah, that's a good base. Might want to see about getting some electrolyte powder, I think she'd like it to be a sport drink, as opposed to a straight fruit punch."
  4. Blueblood received his teacher's admonition over relics with a wry look. "That assumes that it is only the will of the user controlling the artifact. It's not uncommon for the reverse to be the case. And then where are you, if you can't verify that your thoughts and desires are your own?" A sobering thought for sure, one that may well have caused the Prince pause on his own feelings concerning Ossia. That is, if she hadn't at that point removed her bodysuit, showing off her form in it's full glory! Blue thanked his lucky stars that he had been born a unicorn, for if he had been a pegasus, it would have taken a full half-hour to get his wings tucked back in again! Everything about her form was pushing all his buttons, from the strength evident in her physique, the charm of her large wings, or the mere fact of her height; these all blew any doubts and second thoughts about his future plans straight out the back of his skull. He blinked, unsure of why she had hesitated. "I think you look wonderful!" He blurted out, before realizing that her striking looks may well give them both a bit of trouble when seen in public. "But, yes, you'll want to get into some sort of disguise, I suppose. Er, did you want a hot or a cold bath? I can have either drawn."
  5. Meet Prince Bluey's new kitty! 


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      I was expecting an actual cat... This is good too though.

  6. "Make way, make way!" Never let it be said that Prince Blueblood didn't have a flair for spectacle and making an entrance. His showiness was often only restrained by an aristocratic sense of dignity. Some occasions, however, were sufficiently large as to overwhelm any hesitation, and this, well... This occasion was as big as the Sphinx the Prince was currently riding on the back of through the cobbled streets of Canterlot. "Behold, Citizens, the great Marvel of the Southern Desert Lands!" The Sphinx's name was Niilavin, and Blue had encountered him while accompanying the Sultana of Saddle Arabia on an archaeological dig. Apparently, one of the old Pharaohs had enchanted the great desert cat, and subsequently petrified him upon his own death. By donning the amulet that had been used control Niil, Blueblood had broken the petrification spell, and become Niil's new master. As the giant cat hadn't yet adjusted to the new norms of civilization quite yet ("No, we don't eat our enemies, we befriend them! Bad boy."), it had been decided that the safest thing to do would be to keep the enchantment going, while the Prince took Niil back to Equestria, more or less to housebreak him. Blueblood being Blueblood, however, he couldn't help but use the opportunity to show off his status. So, taking a few souveniers home to dress himself similarly to a Pharoah of old, he now Paraded down the main streets and squares of Canterlot, showing of his new pet and his new bling to all and sundry. Faust only knew what the papers would make of this...
  7. There was a slight pause right after Icy set out the details of her offer. Partly this was because Chrysalis had a near-terminal flair for the dramatic, and partly because the Queen's mind was spinning rapidly, attempting to capture all the possible contingencies and align them. *There it is. She's giving me what I want. Can it really be that easy? To have a literal army of infiltrators right in the heart of Equestria's secret line of defense? Sure, one has to sign a non-aggression pact, but since when do these ponies trust me to keep them? Is it because we give good massages? Honestly, I ought to take them over for their own good...* All the justifications for conquest were lined up for their parade, but Chryssie shut them down. Now was not the time, not for a while, given her lack of any capability for such thing... at the present time. Breaking into a sudden grin, she accepted. "Agreed! It is a great pleasure doing business with you. We can arranged the details later, before your departure. But for now!" Stomping her hoof three times on the floor, the door opened to admit two drone servants. "Our guests must be hungry, and it is only fair to bring them a nice fruit salad after feeding vicariously off the happy couple, hm?"
  8. Berry smiled at Opal as she asked about the acronym. "Yeah, Strawberry-Orange-Grape-Sugarcane Punch, SOGS! Not the most appetizing of acronyms, I suppose, but GOSS wasn't much better, and OSGS is very hard to get right!" The burgundy mare laughed, turning around to give her tail a shake for her guests while she put away her bottles. Bit of a flirty move, but she was in a good mood, and liked the looks of all her guests. "And I'll be sure to have those barrels ready, Pinks! Hm, 'gives you wings'... that sounds like a pretty good motto, actually, though not sure how it would play with pegasi. They'd probably just make fun of it, until they tasted the punch, of course!" She could almost hear Rainbow Dash asking, "Why do I need some kind of fruity drink to make myself more awesome?" But then the cyan mare would drink it, and- Huh, yeah, that was actually a really good idea for an ad. Berry made a mental note to talk it over with her later. Now that Dashie was a bonafide Wonderbolt, there would probably have to be negotiations and arrangements made to use her likeness. Speaking of which, it seemed that Toboe was open for opportunities, and Berry was a savvy enough businessmare not to let those slip. "Funny you should mention that, but these Glasses come from Opal right here!" She pointed at the Crystal mare with a grin. "Genuine crystal, from an Empire craftsmare! You don't get any better than that, I can tell you. She does custom designs on them, too. I'll bet she could work out something nice for you; maybe a howling wolf, with the howls coming out as a music staff with notes? Be more than happy to supply what'll fill those glasses myself."
  9. Once Earth Writer caught a glimpse of that "dog" peering at him, some inner sense of certainty clicked into place. He knew, he knew that Taira wasn't a real dog... or, at any rate, a normal dog. But, what exactly could he do with that information? It wasn't as if he could prove anything. *I could sell a rumor piece to a trashy tabloid. Not as if I have any pride anymore, and neither do they.* Smiling a little at the prospect of affording groceries at someone else's expense, he got out his notebook to write the outline of his article. "You might meet them sooner than you think." The stallion remarked elliptically to Opal as he wrote.
  10. Having received expressions of interest from Raven, and promises of names for Icy of those interested in a more... "permanent residence" in her Island Paradise, Chrysalis was feeling rather pleased with herself and her hoofwork. Not that she could take credit for many of the intriguing differences; the previous owner of this dimension, Discord, had quite a lot to do with them. No matter, business called. Resting her chin on crossed forehooves, she stared at Ice Storm with slitted eyes and sphinxlike smile. "Mm, revolutionaries seek to overthrow their country's heirarchies, whereas you seem aimed upon ultimately strengthening them. Returning elites to the 'good old days,' taking matters of national security more into your own hooves... I think 'paramilitarist' would be the best term for you." Swishing her tail, the Queen chuckled, revealing her fangs. "And I am quite well aware of why you would think such measures necessary. If I may speak frankly, I never had any trouble with Equestria's official organs of defense. It was always plucky little mares like you that I couldn't overcome." Tapping her hoof on the bamboo-chitin flooring by her cushion, Chryssie signaled the end of preliminary faffing about. "In any case, it is time we went to the matter more directly. I know that you have gathered resources and organized them, but require ponypower to bring your organization up to full muster. I, on the other hoof, have many changelings hereabouts that... have not taken well to a more peaceable lifestyle. Keeping them in hoof and reminding them not to be hostile to our esteemed guests has proved a challenge, but having a place where they can put their true talents to use would be of great utility to me."
  11. Earth Writer, still unwilling to let go of the last bit of bitterness in his heart, snorted at Fire Walker's reassurance. "Do I now? Well, that's nice. I wish you would inform certain newspaper editors of that fact." He did admittedly feel a little bit of regret after saying that, so his expression softened. "But as they're not offering, I'll take up yours. At least, if a more generous patron doesn't miraculously show up. Artist's dilemma, you understand." He perhaps didn't have the right to invoke the angst of choosing between art and compensation, having already sold out, as it were. Still, things were looking up. "Changelings?" He tilted his head back to look at Opal. "Mm, I don't think so. I mean, the magic might be the same, but from what I was told, their natural form was that of an animal." The thought caused him to take another look at the 'dog' that just walked in, but again the mare took his attention. "And I'm Earth Writer. Nice to meet ya."
  12. Ah, the good old back-and-forth. Chrysalis felt herself in her element; this was the information game. Each would trade places in this conversation, each trying to get more information out of the other, without tipping their own hooves as to how much they knew. Or, so at least the Queen still felt in her heart of hearts. As transactional as her new foreign policy was, she still couldn't help but think of equine interactions as zero-sum. Nonetheless, she put on as pleasant a smile as she could without actually using any changeling magic. "Indeed? I hope you wouldn't mind giving me a list; the mortgage for a place here is... very long term, but I wouldn't mind opening a realtor office." She hummed with amusement, swishing her tail once again. Her eyes followed Ice Storm's orbs as the blue mare continued. While more a specialist in emotions than artifacts, she knew great magic when she saw it. "Hmm..." She tapped her chin, pondering just how much she ought to reveal this time. "I can't tell you how I came by my information, precisely, but I don't think my general methods are all that secret anymore. As to why I called you here, well. I take it upon myself to keep at least one pair of eyes on powerful ponies, and you, my dear, have been accumulating power at a quite unusual rate. And I don't just mean those orbs of yours." She pointed a hoof, almost dismissively, at Icy's necklace. "No, you've accumulated a great deal of social power as well. Expanding your business interests, forcing yourself into the Canterlot elite scene, and getting on very well with certain of the royalty." She gave a low, throaty chuckle. "Now, I've never yet seen a mare amass that much power that quickly without some intention or agenda of use. From what I know of your sympathies, you're not a revolutionary, and you have a great deal of, shall we say, empathy for the plight my Hive has been in, historically. So, I feel as if I ought to satisfy my curiosity, and scope out a potential opportunity..."
  13. "The classics generally are so for a reason." Blueblood remarked, as he stowed away his most precious relic in the special velvet-lined box reserved for it. He lingered a bit before closing it shut, with a little more emphasis than was necessary. *Machina was right... this transformation will eat at my identity if I let it. But it synergizes so well with with my plans and other relics...* There was a risk of losing himself, but what was the alternative? Remaining a practically powerless pretty-pony. No; whatever came of this, Blueblood would persevere until he, or she, commanded their due respect... But the Prince still had a ways to go before then, judging by Ossia's appraisal. He had not, in fact, assembled the entire thing himself, though it was only with a few trusted servants that he brought down the furniture. Apparently, his alicorn mentor appreciated a DIY stallion? Hopefully that is what she meant. In any case, he nodded. "A project for when we sort our current haul out. Heh, did pretty good there, didn't we?" He ventured a grin, pleased that she seemed to agree with the statement... conditionally. "Well, no I don't suppose you did. We all have to start somewhere, though I'll admit this was the first time I'd gotten anywhere." Opportunism was often borne out of desperation, but apparently today's first lesson was to keep it around, even for the better times. Don't leave home without your relics, and always pay some attention to where the dragon is. Right. Upon seeing Ossia begin to shed her accessories, Blueblood raised a brow, thoughts already wandering away from villainy, though not quite away from naughtiness in general. There was just something about her aura, he supposed. "Perhaps... we should take the elevator to somewhere more... comfortable?"
  14. Chrysalis' tail swished, an amused look filtering through half-lidded eyes as she sized up the two mares before her. The new mare, Raven, had a fairly typical reaction to a pony meeting the Changeling Queen for the first time. Obviously she didn't want to be in front of royalty while shaking in her boots, but a visible (and to Chryssie, tasteable) trepidation still radiated from the broken-horned unicorn. Not unjustified, admittedly, but still; she was obviously the "plus one." The Queen had little intrinsic interest in her for now, but having her with Ice Storm would make the stay of the mare much more... profitable. And there was the possibility of leverage if things went south, but attempting to exploit that bond could turn out disastrously. Speaking of Icy, the teal unicorn had a much more commanding air about her; though how much was real discipline, and how much mere bravado? She knew through agents that the mare had faced danger before, and likely felt little in the way of fear now. Good. "I am glad my work here pleases you; I do try to satisfy all my customers' desires." She couldn't help but wink at Raven as she said this. "And you have much in your life that would make relaxation desirable, I know." How much did Chrysalis know? The Queen would let that question stew in their minds a little bit as she continued. "While my business is important, I wouldn't say that it is in any way urgent. As a courtesy to a guest, why don't you set the first item of our agenda, hm?" A smile spread across her features; not as toothy as most of her grins, aiming to be more enticing than intimidating. Chrysalis was aiming to keep her cards close to her chest, for now, awaiting first play from her guests.
  15. With a grin, Berry Punch took up Pinkie's order. "Right you are! One SOGS punch, coming up!" She almost always named her punches after the initials of the fruits involved, though they didn't always make sense, or sound appetizing. Perhaps a sharper marketing mind might have taken her business farther, but then, that might have taken her too far away from this lovely town, and she couldn't have that! All ten of the requested cups of juice were poured into a mixing bowl, stirred in with a few cubes of ice, and then the whole thing was put in front of Pinkie, who in all likelihood would drink straight from the bowl. Berry didn't mind so much; the sweetness-loving pink pony rarely let so much as a drop spill. "There we go. And yes, Miss Toboe, I am her mother. I was with her for most of the night, so I saw to it that she wasn't taken by any ghost or ghoulie!" She giggled, the afterknowledge that all had been a harmless prank let her view the whole incident with amusement. "Anyway, I heard orders for two glasses of wine. Coming up! I think you'll like this one..." Reaching under the counter, she got out a glass decanter holding a dark purple liquid, pulling over the two exquisite crystal glasses that Opal had brought over. "This one is called Mountain Midnight, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a bit of Cabernet Franc grapes. Very strong and flavorful, but you have to decant it from the bottle first and let it get a little air; if you just drink it straight off, it's a little rough and bitter. Should be nice and smooth now..." With all the care of a practiced bartender, she filled the two goblets, the room filling with the scent of dark fruits, before pushing them over to Toboe and Tiger. Upon sipping the drink, each would find it to be like smooth velvet sliding over their tongue, bringing an intense, precisely balanced taste of fruit and spice with it.
  16. Oh bloody Tartarus, the wyrm was still conscious! Platinum Gem had barely enough time to realize that she was not about to die, thanks to Ossia's shield, before having to catch her breath long enough to respond. "Yeah... Not quite de riguer anymore." It was honestly a bit of a relief not to cross the final villain barrier quite yet, not that 'Pretty Gem' would ever admit that to her mentor. Anyway, she did better with less impromptu scenes. The mare shook herself. Time they weren't here. "Right, they're on their way home right now, and we should be as well." Reaching out towards the alicorn's shoulder, Platinum wasn't at all surprised to find the texture to be absolutely exquisite, like the richest of velvets imported from exotic clothiers. *I can't wait to find out what her wings feel like...* No, bad, don't picture that, otherwise Ossia will create some kind of spatial paradox. Picture instead the caverns under Blueblood manor... And just like that, they were there. They had been crystal mines, back in the day, before the mining operations had to stop out of fear that the city's foundation would be destabilized. The chamber was cool, half-furnished with shelves holding various relics, some valuable, none really powerful. Off in the corner was a pile labeled 'Fakes' that probably should be disposed of at some point. "Huh... well, here it is. They won't find us here, and we can drop off the load before going up to the house." Sighing in relief, shaking a bit to get the tension out, she levitated the Glamour Garnet off of her neck. Just like that, in a kind of of sudden shift of transformation, the handsome prince from before stood once again.
  17. The first hallway inside the doors was well lit from many windows, as well as slots in the bamboo wall, creating a pattern of dark and light within. Some beauty-minded changeling had even done up some floral arrangements, with the breeze wafting in from outside bearing the sweet odors throughout the grand hall. Once through a second set of doors, there was a darker room within, leading to a staircase, at the bottom of which was a chamber darker still, the interior much in the old style of Hive Center, lit only by green phosphorescence. There were considerably more cushions strewn about than was usual, but overall the impression was much the same as it would be in the old Badlands Hive. In the center of it all lounged Queen Chrysalis, undisguised in this, her inner sanctum. She seemed sleeker, more filled out than she had on previous appearances at the head of an invasion force, speaking well of her new diet. Raising her head to greet the pair of newcomers, she bared a grin that was just as full of pointy teeth as ever. "Welllcome..." She rolled the word in a low, sultry voice, green eyes glinting and forked tongue flicking. "I am so very pleased that you received my invitation. Do, come, take a seat wherever you like..." There was something a little too sweet in her voice; perhaps she was just trying too hard to be friendly after so long out of that habit...
  18. Oh, Earth was never going to give up writing itself; it was both in his name and in his bones, not to mention the only marketable skill he could use to put food on his table. What he'd lost was any pride in his product, or shame for that matter. Hence, why Fire Walker's attempt at encouragement drew out a laugh bitter as black coffee from the bottom of the pot. "Oh, I did. That's what got me in trouble. There's surprisingly little demand for a freelance propagandist, if you can't fool anypony into thinking you're a real journalist anymore." That was as close as he'd come in a while to a public admission of guilt; much of it was externalized into a resentment of the powerful, telling himself he'd been hard done by everypony involved, from the noble who'd entrapped him to the editor who fired him. But with destitution looming, one had to discard grudges like so much ballast to keep afloat. Sighing, he settled back in the chair with the cup of cocoa. "Anyway, thanks. I'll see her with a manuscript once I've got it finished." His eyes wandered back to Taira as he took a sip. Going off to greet the Kirin... who greeted back, apparently. Once again, buried reporter senses were tingling. "You know, I heard a story once, or read it, about creatures that could disguise themselves as animals... or, perhaps, were animals that could disguise themselves as ponies. Who are also animals, I suppose. Anypony ever wondered why that distinction doesn't seem weird?" He addressed his question to Opal, as she'd just come up to the rest of the group.
  19. As soon as Kahz saw Raven come up from behind Icy, his compound eyes lit up in sparkling blue, and his wings began to buzz and chitter happily. "Ah, welcome, welcome! It is an amazing place, isn't it? Much better than the Badlands, to be sure. Praise to the Queen for bringing us here!" The little drone here would have more reasons than most to praise the change; part of the reason he was so small and bent was due to nymphood malnutrition. But now, with loving customers coming in nearly every day, why, it was a near-constant feast for the Hive! Chuckling at the apropos mention of the food, Kahz stepped forward to offer himself as a guide. "The Palace is open to you for the duration of your stay! You'll have free rein of all the VIP accommodations, once you've concluded your meeting with the Queen. Follow me!" He led the pair on a path over the dunes and sea cliffs, a bit rough at first for those lacking wings. It offered a fine view of the beach resort, with the clear lagoon spread out before them. Ponies could be seen swimming and sunbathing, usually accompanied by a disguised 'ling rocking a perfect beach body. Once they went up and over the bend, that view would be cut off, only to reveal an even more striking one. A row of palm trees swaying in the breeze, marking a path down a lush lawn to a sprawling complex of bamboo and coral, held together here and there by the black chitin normally used in changeling architecture. A palace fit for an island queen, whose massive doors were opening before them now. "Go right in, she knows you're coming!" Kahz smiled and stepped aside. Unlike years before, he was reasonably certain that he would see the two again, once they crossed the threshold into Chrysalis' private domain...
  20. Smiling at having her recollection confirmed, the burgundy mare nodded eagerly at Toboe's question. "Yep! I always help little Pinchy with her costume; she was the Bride of Ponystein that year! I don't usually have time for my own, though; I'll definitely have to check out that shop if it's here again next year!" She was about to ask her for a drink order, when all of a sudden, the shop was invaded by a pink progenitor of prodigious partying! "The usual, eh Pinkie?" She laughed, turning around to grab the bottles behind the counter. "Coming up! Ten cups of the good stuff. You want them all separate, or do you want to try them all in a punch?" Berry looked back with a gleam in her eye. She rarely suggested this sort of thing, even though her full name suggested a particular application of this talent. Her parents had raised her to appreciate ingredients in themselves before bringing them together, drawing a parallel to inter-pony relationships. Each needed to know and respect themselves before they could do justice to another, a lesson which Berry took more to in drink than in ponies. After all, every time you met another pony, you couldn't help but mix, right? She laughed again at Opal's formalized hesitation. "Well, it might be, if it hadn't been so long since the last one. Pinkie builds up so much party in her, that if she doesn't let it out regularly, they become real blow-outs!"
  21. In truth, 'just off the Equestrian Shoreline' was an inadequate way of describing the location of the resort land Chrysalis had acquired from Discord. In one sense, yes, it was but a short sail from the Strand cities to her pleasure port of call, in another, one could hardly call it a part of the same dimension. The two suns were the biggest clue in that regard. So far, however, no random storms of chaos had messed up the Queen's ambitions to use the place to harvest love in a less evil and more successful manner than before. Now that issue of her Hive's immediate survival was taken care of, she couldn't keep her scheming brain quiet. But what could she get up to that wouldn't be counter-productive at this point? Well, perhaps she would get a good idea from her meeting today. An old hoof at espionage, whispers of things happening in a certain mare's life had reached her ears. A mare who was a repeat customer. Possibilities brewed in her mind, leading her to sending out an invitation. Not that she greeted the mare at the docks; after the grand opening, the 'Island Queen' no longer made a habit of personally welcoming the ships. Now, her drones did so. Undisguised, now that her 'secret' was out. She had assigned the more charismatic and sensitive members of her hive (rare among the unreformed 'lings) to guide each customer to the sector of the island most suitable to their fantasies. Kahz, a diminutive, slightly bent out of shape, but utterly charming was the one greeting Ice. "Miss Ice Storm? Lovely to see you again!" Smiling, he took up the scroll in his magic, glancing over it. "Looks to be in order; be glad to take you there!" His smile dipped a bit as he saw one of the last lines of the scroll. "You're not bringing a plus one? Her majesty had been hoping you would."
  22. Berry had been about to nod and pack it up once again, but then she heard the little dingle of the bell over her front door. Customers! "Hold that thought for now, I've got ponies to take care of." Smiling at Opal, she was positively beaming at the shaggy-maned newcomer. "Yep, that's me! Come on in, ain't seen you 'round these parts before, I think?" She tilted her head, trying to place Toboe on the rather vague memories she had of a similar-looking mare. "Or weren't you here for Nightmare Night? Yeah, I think I remember seeing you there." Not just that, but another customer was coming in right behind! Ooh, an exotic-looking earth pony; mama like. "Well there, handsome, the nice thing about wine is that it comes in so many varieties, you can find one for any taste! Whether you like them sweet and fruity, bright and zesty, smooth and elegant, or dark and rich, I got one for all, and even more! And if you don't know what you like yet, I'll give you a sampler tasting for 5 bits! You won't find a better deal this side of Canterlot."
  23. "Usually I'd hear about it if she were..." Berry mused. Smiling at the compliment, she brushed back a bit of her mane from her eyes. "Why, thank you! And this is a slow part of the day for me, most of my business comes early in the morning, when little colts and fillies pick up their juice for their packed lunch on the way to school, and in the afternoon and evening, when the grown-ups come for a drink."
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