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  1. Lotus laughed a bit and shaked her head with a smile when Braeburn told her to don't tell Applejack or Big Mac about him going to her and Aloe SPA. "Mr. Braeburn! Applejack comes here with her friends, so I don't see a point why You could tell that You was once here! But I will be sure that once You will show up in our SPA, I will take care of You myself. It isn't really a problem and if You will come here, You will get even discount on that!" She smiled to him, she liked Braeburn very much and she would like from this stallion to come to her SPA one day, she would gladly take care of him. "Sure! Let me find my money and I will pay for it" It took some seconds for Lotus to find it, but once she found she gave 3 bits to stallion gladly and decided to wait a bit and hear what the ponies will talk about.
  2. Rose was wandering around and decided to buy for herself some of sweet chocolates. Lately she was a lot of busy with her roses as their did grow a lot and she still had to sell some of them to get money for herself to live When she saw Bon Bon shop, she was in real joy, she saw sometimes Bon Bon in city and thought that she is cool pony so it would be nice to meet with her and actually talk. She had some of the roses in her bag, so maybe she could even sell them to her or some of her customer if Bon Bon would be ok with that. She approached Bon Bon and Cloudchaser. "Hi there!" She smiled while saying so, she always was happy pony and she liked to talk with other ponies. "I saw the sign and I decided to drop by, I hope it isn't really a problem? My name is Roseluck and it is nice to meet You." She said that very calm but still was a bit smiling.
  3. Sorry for my huge inactivity, I'm coming back to the site this week, in the worst case next week. I had my reasons, sadly they was very important and it made me to cut a bit contact with forum but I never forgot about any of You! I will not explain my entire inactivity, some people who should, they know why I was away for so much time. I will try to get back to everything as soon as I will can! This or next week, I will come more on chat again~
  4. *Feeling bad entire week due to math test previous week, check E-Diary for his grades today... 2(D in america)* OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH ;_; I will pass math <3

  5. Rose felt so very happy for the praise that Caramel, Bramble, and now a third pony were giving to her roses. She outright blushed as Caramel named her roses amazing, turning her head away so she wouldn't show the sudden redness on her cheeks. She gave a brief smile to Caramel and Bramble before turning her attention to Arctic. "My, my, hello there! How nice to meet you! My name is Rose, but my friends often call me Roseluck, and I like to think that everyone is a friend I haven't met yet! What might your name be?" She gave another smile. She glanced around, making sure the ponies around her were treating her roses nicely, but everything seemed fine. At least, it was till Bramble fell on the ground! She reached up to touch his face with her hoof, a worried expression on her face. "Are you all right? You didn't hurt yourself, did you? Oh, I hope not!" Rose hated it when ponies got hurt - and for him to fall on her property! how terrible!
  6. Lotus smiled to Braeburn and the other ponies who were gathering round the stand. It was a lovely place - especially in the desert, far nicer than she'd expected. "Oh, Mr. Braeburn, thank You very much for thinking that Miss Applejack liked our spa. When you come to Ponyville, you are very welcome in our spa, and I hope that you will much enjoy a day in the spa under my hooves!" A soft pink blush and a shy smile crossed her face as her mind ran a bit far with that *under my hooves* comment. She shook her head quickly to clear her mind and turn off the blush, and turned her smile to the other pony. "My pleasure to meet you, two. My name is Lotus, and I run a spa in Ponyville." She looked back to Honey, taking on a slightly more professional attitude. "Well, let me have a talk about that with my sister, Aloe! We try to work together on bigger decisions like that, but it sounds like a lovely idea to me. And you, of course, are welcome in our spa in ponyville as well, if and when you visit!" She looked down at her bag, then up at the honey on the counter. "So, ah ... how many bits for the honey, Sir?"
  7. Lotus facehoofed and started to laugh while looking at Bon Bon and shaking her head. After some seconds of laughing she got to her normal stance and smiled. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry Miss! I forgot You don't take a shower I'm silly for forgetting that" She laughed again and nodded a bit to Bon Bon. "You know, often when ponies come to this position they should be after shower so I really forgot about that, please forgive me Miss for my mistake like this." She nodded to Bon again with smile and showed her the way to the showers. "Don't really hurry Miss, take Your time and when You will be done come here again."
  8. Lotus smiled and nodded at Braeburn's words, and let out a quiet, demure laugh as she heard about Applejack and Big Macintosh. She was relieved that Braeburn felt so free to talk with her. "Thank You, you're too kind, thank you for welcoming me like this to Appleoosa. I haven't been here long, but I am thinking about extending my trip, because it really is very lovely." She paused a moment and thought. "Applejack and Big Macintosh, of course I know them. Applejack's been in my spa with her friends, at times, but I've never seen Mac there - but of course, we see them both around Ponyville, and their sister Applebloom as well. Applebloom is a sweetheart, and quite funny - but I imagine you know that already if you're family." Then she looked back to the pony running the stand, and gave him a smile for his own as he passed the honey across. She popped the top off and inhaled, her eyes closing as she luxuriated in the sweet, smooth smell. "Oh, yes, this will be lovely. I think I can do quite a lot with that." She wondered what Aloe would think - but she didn't need to tell her sister about everything before testing it out. That was the whole point of this trip, after all! She nodded to herself and pulled out her money purse. "How much do I owe you, Sir, for six jars of this exceptional honey? I'm glad I can help keep this place looking so nice. And is there a chance I could come back here and buy more on a regular basis, or set up a regular shipment back to Ponyville?" She glanced over at the third pony that had arrived, but didn't want to interrupt - she was talking to the honey seller, and it'd be rude to jump in on their conversation.
  9. Brian! I love You so much so much so much for that art! Oh my this is so great <3
  10. (Sorry for keeping You two wait for so long, I promise I will not do that again) Lotus smiled and blushed a little as the two ponies welcomed her, nodding to Braeburn's specially enthusiastic greeting, then turned her head to look off into the distance. She nodded to herself in satisfaction, and smiled as she peered over to the beehives. "Glad to meet the owner, then ... I was searching for, well, some honey, I suppose. You own bees here? I'm trying to find some new mixtures for me and my sister's spa, and I thought that the honey had just the right scent to it." She smiled back to Braeburn. "I wouldn't have thought to see me here, sir. it's my first time in Appleoosa - I never really needed to come here. I'm from Ponyville, where I run a spa with my sister, Aloe. My name's Lotus, and it's a pleasure to meet you both."
  11. Lotus had never been to Appleoosa before - which was rather why she was on the train from Ponyville, heading in that direction. She needed to discover new scents to create new perfumes and bath oils, something really *special* for her more discerning clients. She was also curious - were Appleoosia ponies like Ponyville Ponies? She knew Canterlot ponies were different - but that was someplace fancy. Appleoosa was just another small village - maybe it would be similar to Ponyville? She hadn't gone on such a long trip for quite a while, and without her sister along, the trip was getting rather boring - bu she was sure she could manage without her Aloe's support. When Lotus get finally to the city, she gave a happy little sigh. Appleloosa was just like she imagined, an old west town just like in the romantic stories she loved. She smiled to herself, and straightened up. "Well, business first. Find some supplies first, then see how long it is till the train back to Ponyville." She nodded a bit at the responsible plan, and started walking the streets. The town wasn't very big, but the ponies were friendly. There were many interesting scents - the dry scent of the desert, the smoky scent of the train - but nothing she could really harness and use. She would love to get that dusty, sandy scent into an oil. That would be wonderful for relaxing ... and somehow, it smelled different from beach sand. She put a bit of sand into a pouch, and pulled the strings tight, wondering if it would smell the same when she got home. She also got a small blossom that came from a cactus, and it had a lovely, light scent that she liked. Then her nose caught several sweet scents mingling together... she followed after it, and found herself slightly outside of town. Apples, yes, she recognized easily, and a wonderfully sweet honey. Oh, this was a lovely scent! Two ponies were standing at a stand, and she apprached them and gave a polite nod. "Good day, gentlecolts, and sorry for interrupting, but would one of you be the owner of this place?" she asked with her slow, gentle voice.
  12. It is a solid application I need to say, but I could suggest more expanding the character summary (I know it is WiP but this could help You) : What are her dreams? What she would like to do in life? Does she have any friends? If You could add a little more about her parents this could be good too I suppose. Did they helped her with studying? Was she learning in same school where her parents was teaching?
  13. I will get back at weekend into my RPs - At monday ended my winter holidays and they already put on us a lot of studying this week so I can't really write anything (My mind is derp ). I'm sorry.
  14. Just apply for him, if the pony is a background pony and isn't very famous, it is normal she/he will not be in Character list. Character list would be really big to list all background ponies, so they add to character list only background ponies that was approved for example like with my Rose app or Beauty Brass. Both of them wasn't on Character List, I just wrote they are from show (showed images of them) and after my app was approved, they got to character list .
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