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  1. I apologize for not saying my leave... (Maybe I did, but who knows what.) But, I might occasionally drop in and say hello.
  2. Frost137

    I'm Alive!

    GUYSSSSS! I'm so sorry I left you and left the RP's hanging. I'm not really into the MLP stuff anymore as much as before, but I still think MLP is cute. (Does that make sense?) I haven't watched much of S4 and I saw the S5 trailer. It looks really cool! As for my life it's been well. I'm now a Junior in high school and it has been my best year yet. I won't be on here very often, but I might want to drop in and say hello to my brony friends. See you soon, Frosty
  3. Renee has almost the same color scheme as my OC, Mended Heart. ^^
  4. "Aw, man," Spin Art sighed, "what a fiasco." Spin Art tried her best and she knew it. Maybe, yeah, it was wise to follow the Prof.'s instructions, not the Princess. The thought was so taboo, but hey it's probably worth it. Slowly the mare stirred clockwise. Spin Art looked up and saw Derpy waving to the Princess. “Hey Princess, You wanna’ help stir the vats with the rest of us? It'll be fuuuuuuun....." Spin Art's eyes went big as headlights. Now that is a fiasco. What about her mane and coat? Spin Art's eyes trailed on over to Princess Luna who was splotched in rainbow. Nevermind, then. Would she really waste her time here in the Prism Mixing Department? "But... Princess," Spin Art cleared her throat. As the Princess looked over to her, Spin was struck with fear. She never talked to the Princesses EVER, "are.... aren't you supposed to be watching the other departments?"
  5. Oh dear... my sister got the game when it was released. I don't think she knows. Thanks for the news, I'll tell her!
  6. Is it me or is friendship harder than it looks? :/

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    2. DreamySunday


      I'd gladly be your Friend :)

    3. QuickLime


      Nothing worth having is "easy"

    4. Bellosh


      If friendship was easy, there wouldn't be a need for MLP:FiM.

  7. Spin Art looked up and stepped to the side. The Princess flew over right next to her and boomed into her ear, "Do not concern yourselves with me, subjects! I am only here for your moral support! So work as fast as you can!" Spin Art stared at the tall alicorn pony. She could tell that she tried to make herself look less imitating. Spin Art gave her best smile for the Princess then focused back on her work.
  8. Spin Art overheard the Professor talking to somepony. Spin Art looked up and saw royal Princess Luna! She gasped to herself and made sure she was working hard. "Don't stir too fast, don't stir too fast," Spin Art whispered to herself. She shouldn't worry to much since she was doing fine but when the Princess was here she couldn't help but correct her mistakes.
  9. Welp, the Potterhead side is coming back to me. :P

  10. My roommate showed me the trailer, (she's a big Avengers/super hero fan), and it looks interesting. I might look into this or not.
  11. Pottermore anyone? My username is: ShieldLight3228

  12. Hey! I voice actor this pony! Don't forget the mane description! (You probably edited by now or I didn't see it so, derp.) Keep up the good work!
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