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  1. Last post wins

    As long as ma says its ok, then drink away!
  2. Last post wins

    No time is too early to start drinking!
  3. Last post wins

    Not if it was light mauling. Like a toothless dog would do.
  4. Last post wins

    We've all been there! I got drunk once and was called rude and obnoxious by the bride!
  5. Last post wins

    I got a new nose ring while my sis got her nose done again. Despite not going for 2 years, the piercing lady remembered me because I was stupid enough to get an industrial as my first one.
  6. Last post wins

    Adorable spiders
  7. Last post wins

    Must be tough being a single Wolf Ma to....5... 6 Cubs?
  8. Last post wins

    Just like that! You don't need to worry about subtly.
  9. Last post wins

    Improvise! Just get a small blue sticker and slap it on your temple. Talking about android based merch, Square Enix released some Nier: Automata earrings for the low-low price of 124 pounds. There is also a 9s choker coming soon if your into that kind of thing.
  10. Last post wins

    Although I greatly enjoyed Nichijou and wish for nothing more than a second season, I did find the humour a bit hit and miss.
  11. Last post wins

    They'll all be our faces!
  12. Last post wins

    Truly the greatest cancellation of the 21st century was Keijo. Irrelevant:
  13. Last post wins

    Finally got round to finishing Young Justice. I can't believe that they cancelled it the first time round, i'm pretty hyped for S3.
  14. Last post wins

    Same! His video on the Yakuza series is my favourite.
  15. Last post wins

    Supereyepatchwolf is something special. I don't think I've ever cried after watching an anime. And I never finished Ass Class.