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  1. Penumbra

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    Fight games are something i've always wanted to get into, but i'm really bad at them. There's a certain level of commitment you have to have when starting them.
  2. Penumbra

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    It was cease and desisted almost immediately by hasbro. Then Fausty saw how sad everyone was and offered to design some original characters for the team working on it. Now it’s called Thems fightin’ heards and came out on Steam early access a few months ago. It’s actually a legit fighting game and has been widely praised as being good. I kinda want it because Rarity’s redesign as a regal Deer called Velvet is really cool.
  3. Penumbra

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    *Arizona's stage theme
  4. Penumbra

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    I need to get my little butt to Canada one day. That looks like a fun mall to go to.
  5. Penumbra

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    I haven't got the time to take care of my own harem. As the worlds top waifu, i'm too busy being a part of everyone else's harem.
  6. Penumbra

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    My room just got invaded by a bunch of ladybugs. How are they so noisy?
  7. Penumbra

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    Save money and just wear bread bags!
  8. Penumbra

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    I get to help set up a lingerie sale! Girls are so lucky to have such a huge variety of underwear to choose from. Boys just get boxers or budgie smugglers.
  9. Penumbra

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    Please don't lewd Fawkes. It just encourages him.
  10. Penumbra

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    Aw, thanks. That's almost the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me. I'll take this ruined Chance, not return it, but erect it in a place where it can stand as a monument for LPW's 7th Birthday. Its disturbing and firm gaze will be a reminder that LPW was a mistake that only serves as a container for a bunch of filthy degenerates. The consequences of this place will last forever.
  11. Penumbra

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    You're only saying that to flatter me. Also because its true.
  12. Penumbra

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    You best pick that up Friendo.
  13. Penumbra

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    Calm down there buckaroo. Your escapades in Ma's closet are making me all hot and bothered.
  14. Penumbra

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    I'm 90% sure Fawkes grew up in a closet, there's not a piece of furniture in the world he cannot escape from.
  15. Penumbra

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    Mother nature has a right to be! https://platelets.fun/