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  1. Penumbra

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    Angie sent me an Xmas care package a few years back. I’ve been meaning to send one back but I’m terrible at stuff like that. Shotgun Dreamy as my Secret Santa.
  2. Penumbra

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    I am happy and i'm thinking about getting dreamy a bag of black liquorice as a present. You two are welcome.
  3. Penumbra

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    Imagine my comment is the same as dreamy's but its the opposite and add an extra day.
  4. Penumbra

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    Did you smash up some cars with a bat in a dissociative episode?
  5. Penumbra

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    Get hyped. Well, I will at least.
  6. Penumbra

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    Imagine a cute anime girl crying
  7. Penumbra

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    Me playing Finding Paradise: Me when the characters from To the Moon are mentioned: Me finishing Finding Paradise:
  8. Penumbra

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    Rose as a mother: Dreamy as a mother
  9. Penumbra

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    Super! Now I have two mothers! Freud must be getting restless in his grave.
  10. Penumbra

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    Mum!? You’re back from the store? I missed you so much!
  11. Penumbra

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    You're not my mother!
  12. Penumbra

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    So, I was at work moving around some stuff in the kitchen when I accidentally knocked over the fire extinguisher, causing the pin to fall out. I asked my co-workers wtf I was suppose to do, but they aren't very helpful so I tried to put the pin back in myself. I looked at the handle thing and saw two holes, big enough to fit the pin in. But he pin wouldn't fit because they weren't aligned. So me with my infinite wisdom thought to myself, 'I'll just squeeze the handle and slip the pin in', causing the fire extinguisher to go off. Luckily it was only Co2 so it just made a god awful noise instead of a mess.
  13. Penumbra

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    I'm totally caught up with the space rocks. But i'm also going to a Christmas party on the 17th. But I also live in a different time zone. So
  14. Penumbra

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    *Robot Bear