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  1. I would take a pic that mimics youse guyses, but my wheel is on the other side. Also I don't have a cup holder.
  2. I’m really bad at Anime now. I’ve only been keeping up with JoJo.
  3. I once found a pack of gum outside someone’s house!
  4. I impulse brought the Braverly Defult art book (a game I haven’t finished) and a comic almost double the price it was on amazon.
  5. Spikey legs are good for warding off thigh-high predators.
  6. I'm the opposite. My beard does this weird thing were the moustache bit won't connect with the chin parts and nothing grows in the centre of my chin or cheeks. I really dislike having a beard.
  7. Otters are lame! Foxes are hot! Wolves are cute! I always get complements for my hair and eyebrows from customers. My sis is super jealous that they are naturally groomed.
  8. Say it ain’t so Ma! ... ... What type of animal am I?
  9. Mines Erika Furudo! That’s a bit of a non-mainstream character!
  10. Its dangerous territory though. One step and you're in furry town.
  11. Anime is just a social experiment to see How far we’ll go in regards to dating things that are less and less human. The limit for me is Nanachi from MIA.
  12. How dare you use Love Live against me!
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