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  1. Last post wins

    Not on the nsfw channel that's for sure.
  2. Last post wins

    The channel has a nsfw section?
  3. Last post wins

    This is why we need a nsfw section. So we can enjoy robot courting to its fullest.
  4. Last post wins

    I checked my old deviantart for the first time all year and some guy sent a message asking for a high-rez version of an image I drew about 5 years ago. They said it was their favourite fallout equestria image and had been searching everywhere for it. Unfortunately the image may be stuck on my broken laptop and i'm not sure if I can get it back. I'm not really going anywhere with this story, its just a thing that happened to me.
  5. Last post wins

    To be fair Pandas are useless and clearly have no interest in long term surviving. We should just put them out of their misery.
  6. Last post wins

    The monobears are multiplying at the rate of 1 every 5 years!
  7. Last post wins

    What is it with Yoko Taro and angry white-haired girls?
  8. Last post wins

    If you don't cry during the newest MHA episode you're probably one of those machine lifeforms YoRHa warned us about.
  9. Last post wins

    You! You're one of them! (Do monster girls count as furries? Asking for a friend.)
  10. Last post wins

    Don't you see? Its the furries! The're taking over!
  11. Last post wins

    The cheapest rum that Tescos has to offer. What I want to drink is a brand called Kraken coz its nice. Also i'm totally into girly drinks, I much prefer sweet things over bitter. I really dislike any type of beer unless it freezes to the point of being a slushie for some reason. This one time I got drunk at work and fell over.
  12. Last post wins

    I’m spending the next few nights alone in the house. It’s pretty sad. I might just get drunk each night. It will still be sad, but at least I’ll be drunk.
  13. Last post wins

    That was such sappy ending.
  14. Last post wins

    Pacifist. Because even though I talk big, i'm a massive sook.