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  1. Me : Who can put 'Bang' in a sentence? Kid: Humans and Dogs bang!
  2. Yea you can sleep... .... with... ......
  3. Oh boy! In that case I can sleep. Forever.
  4. If we get rid of all the kids, i'll be out of a job.
  5. He deserved it. Please take these kids from me before I do something rash, Mother.
  6. A few weeks ago my kids were pronouncing exaggeration as ejaculation and I was like: Then it turns out that when I reach up to write on the board you can see my underwear. So i've pretty much flashed my class multiple times like: And then I accidentally kicked a child like:
  7. I teach the little peeps how to speak the good English.
  8. I'm not sure of i'm having fun yet! Its very difficult to live alone! Especially if the outside world is foreign! The shops are super weird. Everything is either noodles or spam. Work sucks! But I did go to a rabbit cafe which was nice. I've been meaning to post photos of my current escapades but I keep forgetting!
  9. I've been in Korea for a month now and been living by myself for the first time and no-one told me how quickly rice goes off. Also I saw a pig in a restaurant and i think they've killed it since I went last. I miss my dogs.
  10. I now live in Korea I spend my time outside of work in my underwear it’s liberating
  11. Is biting someones neck an appropriate way to express your feelings towards them?
  12. Fun facts: 1) I'm moving to Korea! 2) I probably have sciatica!
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