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  1. Penumbra

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    I have a feeling we could go on forever about weird workplace experiences.
  2. Penumbra

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    I have seen roughly half of the first episode of that! I've been super distracted with working (which I super hate) so i'm super behind on all my animes. Also i've started reading more and finished my first book of the year.
  3. Penumbra

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    So I joined this place when I was 17. I am (unfortunately) proud to say I am now 25. So a present to you is a story of how I may have implied in my super important interview that I shouldn't be allowed near kids. So I went to london for my interview. I was wearing a suit and everything. During the interview the man asked me how I was going to encourage English outside of the school. I said that I was going to use Japan's extra curricular activities in school and set up some kind of English club. Then I said outside of school I was going to go into various places in the community and 'expose' myself to them. So if you ever feel like you mussed something up. Just remember ol' Penby has you beat.
  4. Penumbra

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    We are all one big Famime.
  5. Penumbra

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    Welcome back other mother! Anime is family!
  6. Penumbra

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    I request the creepiest option!
  7. Penumbra

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    I like the Desu-saurus
  8. Penumbra

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    Does this help involve the wacky numbers on the back of my parents credit card?
  9. Penumbra

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    Well, be sure to tell me when you get round to it. Also i've changed my mind. This is the most adorable thing to grace my short time on this earth.
  10. Penumbra

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    So i've been watching the new She-ra. Its pretty legit. Look at this adorable new creature.
  11. Penumbra

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    If it helps I don't live in Aus anymore, i'm back in the UK. And if things go well for ol' Penby for a change, I might be leaving the UK as well.
  12. Penumbra

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    Moisten up those lickers because that's about 1am my time.
  13. Penumbra

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    You’ll flip when you find out about the Australians.
  14. Penumbra

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    You're right. I'll just use the special phone that all British citizens have that directly contacts Her Majesty the Queen and ask her to change it.
  15. Penumbra

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    Shame. That was midnight my time.