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The Roc

Fluttershy: O-...Oh Dear.. I need more birdseed... N-Nice Birdy...


The Roc

A true terror of the Skies beyond the harmonious lands of Equestria. A wingspan easily exceeding 20 feet and armed with talons designed to sweep up even the heaviest of ponies. A beak that can break most shields and armors with one swift dive leaving it's opponents in agony. Nopony really knows where the Roc originated from, some say the first of their kind were born of a mighty storm that gives them such a tremendous wingbeat: One that can be heard long before it swoops down to grab an unsuspecting pony.

Normally they leave us Equine-folk alone. Until the cold season; the blasted birds are a stubborn lot. They don't migrate south with their food supply and would rather stay and tend to their huge nests for the Winter, which makes them hungrier and more courageous than usual.

A single Roc weighs no more than 400-550lbs at full grown size and are almost entirely solidified in muscle and thick, leather-tough feathers which grant them the ability to quite commonly shrug off light blows. Best to strike their underside and exposed limbs if armed only with daggers and shortswords. But a good, well timed and well aimed spear to the chest can send them packing if it doesn't breach their oakwood-tough chest cavity. They are common hunters of large fish, flocks of Geese, herding animals and even smaller predators.

Often seen as loners but a mated pair hunt together. A motherly Roc defending her nest(3 or more eggs) will do so beyond the mortal comprehension of PROTECTIVELY. Going so far as to fatally wound herself in order to slay trespassers.

Commonly Docile to Equines if left Unprovoked Tho :3

From the album:

Scythe Chronicles

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