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Momo's mom


I was randomly designing a gypsy vanner type pony when I realized that she looked like how I envisioned Momo's mom. I don't really have a name for her yet so feel free to give suggestions if you want. I might app her at some point as well as the rest of Momo's family. :D

From the album:


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Such a pretty design...maybe they're common off-site, but I know that I personally don't see a lot of OCs that have natural patterns on their coat, and the ones I do see are usually overblown or completely ridiculous. But the pattern on this mare is lovely. Did you style her after a specific breed of horse (like a dapple grey, maybe?)

That might be a good name for her, Dapple or Speckle or something to that nature. I hope to see her app - any pony that's even remotely connected to Momo is sure to be a good'n. <3

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You know, I always wondered how Momo's mom would have reacted to hearing about her daughter's "misadventure" at the Crystal Faire.....

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