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Kyūsoku ni Ochiru Sakura no Seishin


Or, as she's called nowadays, Ochiru. 


I honestly wasn't expecting to app another character when I started designing this. I got in a discussion with someone the other day about Wolf Yokai designs, and I started wondering to myself how I might design another Okami - how I might use one or two elements from my first design, but change it up to make it look unique in and of itself, so that Kakushi's design didn't look like straight template/basis for a new design. 


I ended up liking it enough to app a whole new character. I probably like it more than Kakushi's design, because the mask on this one gives it a more uneasy feeling, like something's not quite right about her (at least in my own opinion). Hopefully I'll get a chance to start RPing her soon - should be fun!

From the album:

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Omg I love her! She is so gorgeous! That tail is amazing and I love the mask and antlers\sakura branches.The way the tail flows and how the colors fade are so beautiful and dynamic. And the mask is such a striking addition to her already amazing design!

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On 8/23/2017 at 0:33 AM, tacobob said:

Really nice...One question..How the heck does that mask stay on her face?


 It doesn't stay on her face...it is her face.


-spooky ghost noises!-

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