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  1. Well. I'll be straight with you. She's hot. I am not an Apple Jack fan either, but this is pretty dam good.
  2. I am in a mood right now. I am unsure what this mood is or if it will last, but I will see where it takes me.

  3. As I look at her from across the table, I find myself overwhelmed by how adorable she looks. Wanting to squeal like a little girl and dance in excitement, but another thought crosses my mind. It could have been the joyful feelings getting the better of me, because without really thinking about it I causally ask, "Can I kiss you?"
  4. And now my throat is dry and a bit scratchy

  5. Then there is a lingering burn.

  6. oh god it hurts so much. It doesn't even taste bad it just makes your stomach feel like it is on fire for about a minute.

  7. Hate how busy I am lately! It's always late by the time I can sit down and work on posts and I suck at writing while tired!

  8. I spent 100 dollars on stuffed animals. I am having a weird night, and caffeine withdrawal.

  9. Freesia is your most adorable filly in my opinion, so there is no complaints here.
  10. I decided that even if it is late to do so. I wanted to change my avatar to something creepy for Nightmare Night

  11. Join the vampire Apocalypse RD and rule Equestria!
  12. I still wonder if being 22 is to old to want free candy.

    1. SymphonicFire


      Not at all! I see parents go and trick or treat

    2. Sondash145


      you're never too old to want free candy! the desire for free food is inside us all. especially me.

  13. I'm back! Sorry to my RP partners that I have been absent, but for about a week now. I've been sick, but I'm finally feeling better, and am confident that I can start getting posts done.

    1. Frogmyre


      Welcome back person whom I don't know!

    2. stormchaser1991


      lol also welcome back crazy

  14. I hate being sick! Can't focus...T_T

    1. SymphonicFire


      I was sick just yesterday XD get well soon!

    2. Solfire


      I know the feels. x.x

  15. Bleh. I hate head aches. They murder my focus. X0

  16. The lens being cracked is also part of Grey's story. Stich and him are meant to be based off alternate timelines. I actually intended to make two more alter egos at one point, but decided against it. If I ever delve into the history of Grey and Stich. It is going to be pretty convoluted story involving some cross dimensional travel and a paradox or two.
  17. I mentioned an ad virus. Well it got worse and I couldn't even access the site. So I did the logical thing and factory reset my computer to fix it. There were some other steps in there, but that's how I fixed the problem.

  18. This is where I put the things that I have created through extensive editing mixed with some creation.
  19. From the album: Crazy Scion's crazy edits.

    I decided to make another picture of Grey, but this one is without his signature outfit. It's rare to catch him without his favorite coat, but he can't wear it forever. He turned out a bit more lightly colored this time, but he is still recognizable as the good old psycho you love to hate.

    © Crazy Scion

  20. That so adorable and sad. I want to hug her really badly. The cold be damed! I have a filly that needs cheering up!
  21. How many of you have had the issue where you write something in the late at night, that you think sounds amazing, but when you wake up in the morning, you realize it is all a load of crap and end up deleting it and starting all over?

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