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  1. I only just noticed the Rank-up!

    Yay! I am now Crazy Oatmeal! I love it. Coupled with a quote by best pony, and you can't get any better. ;)


    Thank you, powers that be, for the rank promotion. I love it. ;)

  2. (TLDR; I'm back)

    A strange sound emanates from the air. It fills all the empty spaces with its quiet yet piercing tenacity. The sound grows louder, to the volume of a dull whisper. It begins to take form. The sound. It's.... It's.... a voice? "Hello?" the voice calls, getting ever so slightly louder with every second until it finally reaches normal speaking volume. "Hello? Anyone there?" Now sounding like a normal voice, it continues. "Hey! Wait! I think I see... hang on let me try..." the voice trails off.

    Then, with a great flash, the room begins to shake slightly. Wind picks up from nowhere, blowing toward one spot in the room. Into this spot begins to fade a figure. The wind picks up great ferocity seeming to pull in energy to the figure, willing it into existence. The figure raises up in the growing light until the light is too much to look at. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it all stops. Upon looking back to the figure, you see KaityKat! She's returned!

    "Hey guys." she says nonchalantly "I have materialized from the ether."



    Yup. I'm back. I decided it was time to come back. I missed rp too much. I can't stay away. it's like an addiction. lol


    Also, for anyone interested who didn't already know, I have a vector art request thread. Check it out if you want to have me do a mediocre vector image of your OC. ;) 

  3. If I vanish during the weekends...The hurricane either took out my power...internet or both! :wail:

    1. DreamWanderer


      Hopefully your doing ok! That sounds really fierce!

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  4. If I vanish during the weekends...The hurricane either took out my power...internet or both! :wail:

  5. How do I adult?

    1. DreamWanderer


      I don't know either, Let me know too when you figure it out :P

  6. Looks like it's official. Season 9 is the last for FIM.

    1. DreamWanderer


      It will carry on in my imagination! Time to re watch my favorite episodes over and over again :P

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  7. Quick, what's your favorite candy?! I'm makin' a list!!!

    1. DreamWanderer


      Hmmm that is a hard one. My favorite is the butterscotch hard candies, or M&Ms. Also Heath bars as well 

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  8. Hooray i turn another year older tomorrow! which just so happens to be a Monday back to work :/:P 

  9. Sorry for my dip in activity all, I caught a cold this week and have been fighting it >_<

  10. No one came to my door.



    1. DreamWanderer


      Thankfully no one came to mine either :P Luckly i live on the edge of town where no one bothers to go =D 

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