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  1. really excited to RP my new character but terrified to ask to join any RPs...

  2. I want to make a new character but need inspiration. What race should I go with?

    1. SteelEagle
    2. Cubbage


      You're in luck! I just got a pegasus character approved!

    3. PyroBlaze
  3. just updated my bio... please don't hate me...

    1. Blueblood


      If anyone's been giving you a hard time, please let me or one of the staff know.  We don't want this to be a community where there's hostility.

    2. Cubbage


      No one's been giving me hostility haha don't worry. i just feel i may have hurt some feelings by not being super clear in my bio, to the point of potentially outright lying, and so i'm scared people are going to be mad at me as a result :|||

  4. Needing character ideas...

    1. Blueblood


      What sort of stories do you want to play?  You mentioned adventure, so how about an adventurer?

    2. Cubbage


      that could be fun... hm...


  5. i'm sorry for my inactivity, everypony. i'm busy beyond belief and the moment and will be gone further into this month. it may take some time for me to get back into RP even when things do finally quiet down. thank you all for your love and patience, and i promise i will try to find a time to reply soon :|||

    1. AzureShadow


      take your time

  6. To all those who are waiting on posts from me, I apologize. I have fallen behind in my psychology class, which, coupled with trying to stay on top of nutrition and history, has been eating a ton of my time. I hope to get a new wave of posts out by Wednesday, July 7th. I'll start with any group RPs I'm in so those can continue. Again, I am sorry, and thank you for your patience 😬

    1. tacobob


      I'm sure they'll understand as school is very very important!

  7. Using RP as a motivator; only replying between assignments.

  8. I will be away for a few days, possibly a week or two. It's RP or graduation, and I'm choosing the latter. Love you all!

  9. Windracer says he will be offline until at least the 20th as he does not have access to the website right now. He asks for patience and understanding in and for his absence

  10. Hey! I need as many people as possible to fill out this form! Pretty please?? *filly eyes*

    Thank you so much! It's for a college class I'm taking!


  11. Also, sorry for submitting that status like 12 times. I pressed the "Submit Status" button, and nothing happened. So I just kept pressing it and finally reloaded the page and saw what I had done. Please forgive me

  12. open for rp! cloudsdale, ponyville, canterlot, or pretty much anywhere! i have a pegasus, if anyone wants to! :D

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