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  1. As a general guide to making a quality character, this is very good!
  2. Love that movie, I toally wanna see the rest of the cast now done as ponies. Great job on this.
  3. So, moved, mostly settled in... now the fun process of turning a disaster into a nice place to live...

    1. Halide


      You still get full points for the Star League avatar.

  4. Moving time. Will be unavailable for a few days.

  5. "I'm alright." Dusty grunted, making his way along, getting more steady with each step. The pegasus was quickly recovering from the blow he received earlier, though things were still a touch shaky, and he was sure his face was a terrible mess. It definitely felt that way at least. Hastily he scrambled into the cart and looked around to see if everypony else was here. "Ok... lets see..." he made his way up to the front of the cart, figuring that they would need him again if they came to an intersection or something. He was fairly certain this was the way out, it headed off in the right general direction and it made more sense to him to have the carts traveling between the main chamber and the surface.
  6. Gettin a new computer soon. Woo.

  7. Might disappear for a few days this coming week. Moving

  8. Well, Gluttony day went well for me. how bout you?

  9. So... I seem to have accumulated two completely full double-chests of cobblestone in minecraft. What the hay do I do with it all?

    1. Gears9333


      Two words...Lava pit...

  10. This was a great film. Saw it with my girlfriend last Sunday. I'd heard some people complain that it was introducing new rules to the plot up till the very end, but I didn't really pick up on that. I thought it was well balanced and genuinely funny, and (thankfully) didn't rely entirely on videogame in-jokes and references, which was a worry of mine going into it. Also Paperman was beautiful.
  11. Dusty groaned, trying to shake the effects of the hit off. That gryphon had gotten him good, and he had wound up against the wall of the cave. Dimly he could hear Muggo trying to get him back up on his hooves and back into the game, but it was a bit dull under the ringing in his ears, "I-I just need a minute." He mumbled, shaking his head in an attempt to clear the stars out of his eyes. It didn't help that half of his face felt like it was on fire and it stung to open that eye. The gryphon must have raked Dusty with his talons during that hit. Thankfully the ringing was starting to fade and he was able to hear normally again. Standing up shakily he looked over in time to see their foes retreating, and Dunder looking back at everypony. "D-did we do it?" he asked warily.
  12. Finally back. 1000 years on the moon was getting a little boring.

  13. How does one RP a character who's unconscious?

    1. ping111


      Lots of Talking Head syndrome. Just put an ellipsis between others' dialogue regarding you.

    2. MyLittlePonyTales


      You wait until they wake up?

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