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  1. So tired.. Zzz.. Zzz.. Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YU5WW8bqWM Happiest freaking music there is.

  2. ..I liiiiiiiiive... sort of.

  3. Nah, the feeling's not one I'm unfamiliar with. I'm 28, myself, and while I'm working my way towards getting my Master's Degree little by little, there is the sense of 'what do I have to show for it?'. I work on my writing, little by little, especially since this spring semester renewed my sense of purpose in that front, but even now there's that inescapable feeling of questioning oneself. Really, I can't tell you how to beat a feeling like that, other than to just focus yourself on what you're doing now, and taking life one step at a time. If you worry too much about the future, you end up losing sight of the now, and instead just make yourself feel worse and worse in a self-defeating manner. There's nothing to be gained from that other than more woes and worries about your future, and an even more diminished sense of self-worth. 'Try to stay positive' is a cliché, perhaps, but it's one that holds some merit and truth to it. Don't let fretting over an unwritten and uncertain future keep you from trying to be happy in the now; especially when you being happy is the key to future success in the first place. That's about all I can offer ya.
  4. Loneliness is an unavoidable feeling at times. Sometimes you just feel distanced from others, and at other times it feels like everyone is somehow alien to you, and that you just can't bridge that gap of a disconnect between you and them. It can happen when you lose touch, or maybe you've just had a pretty rough time of it for a while.. Whatever the case, feeling lonely is normal. It's not something that you should feel as though you've somehow done something wrong for feeling that way, nor is it always anyone's fault that it happens. The best solution, at the end of the day, though? Just.. try. It's tough to come back to people after being alone for a while, but it's like anything else, really: something to work on, and towards. Eventually it gets easier, bit by bit. It's tough, but most things of that sort usually are. I'm sure you'll manage, though. Just hang in there, eh?
  5. ..aaand set a jerk to Ignore. Off to a good start on returning to this place.

  6. *Dusts off his profile, coughing* Ugh.. cobwebs.

  7. Welcome to the site - always fun to see a fellow dice-roller.
  8. Slenderman was a pretty good case of creepy internet urban mythery.. at least until Marble Hornets and other 13 year olds latched onto the thing and started overusing it until it lost all of its creep factor and basically became the internet equivalent of spamming sequels for an 80's horror villain, like Freddy or Jason or Chucky. It stopped being scary and just became a repetition of jump scares and generic scare tactics, with the character becoming less and less appealing with each progression. Suffice it to say that I'm not very fond of Marble Hornets and what they did to an otherwise good attempt at creating a ghost story online.
  9. Song: 9/10 - Can't ever go wrong with that style of music, IMO. Video: 8/10 - Crazy dancing robot. What else is there to say? lawl Also, I can't really find anything good that's on some kind of official channel pertaining to the source of music (stupid narrow rules), so here's this rule-breaking, but still fun AMV instead.
  10. Actually, from all appearances, the chick who started the DWM movement is doing it purely for the attention - heck she's flip-flopped between doing it because she had it out for the Molestia blog, and then 'for the victims' so many times it's stopped being funny. On top of which she's rebooted the movement under different name already, just because she can't let go of the attention. Apparently she has a long-standing history of dramatic publicity stunts and lying to people in order to garner sympathy and villify the people she dislikes. So it's pretty safe to assume that all she was doing was working towards her own glory - especially when a movement that claims to be in defense of rape victims then goes around calling those same victims 'rape apologists' when called out on their extremist and negative behaviour. Also, the word 'rape culture' is by now such a horrendous hashtag word used by social justice warriors it isn't even funny anymore. Y'know, just for some level of clarity on the issue.
  11. I'm pretty sure that thinking the DWM movement is silly isn't an unpopular opinion. lol
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