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  1. Savory sighed in relief, finally able to relax and converse with her royal guest. "I'm so glad..." "Thank you, Your Highness," the tall mare smiled brightly, pleased. "Oh my, yes. I've been in the kitchen since I was still in my mother's womb. She told me that whenever she smelled mint leaves to check how fresh they were, I would always kick once if they were strong enough scent, and twice if they were faint." Savory said, laughing softly. "I believe my love of cooking stems from my desire to share what became my talent with family, friends, and eventually all of Equestria." Noticing somepony out of the corner of her eye, Savory glanced over to see the blue-coated stallion she met from her last spa day. Watching him bow to Cadence, she grinned when he greeted her, happy to see he remembered-and took her up on-her offer. "Ah, it's wonderful to see you again, Silverbolt," she responded with a nod of her head. "Glad you could make it. You're quite welcome and please, help yourself. Anything for such a good listener."
  2. "Whew...rather warm out today." Savory Spell flipped off her wide-brimmed straw hat and wiped her forehead clear of moisture with the back of her hoof. The journey to Sweet Apple Acres from her cafe and home, Ambrosia Winds was not very long, but the heat from the blazing sun overhead conducted the illusion that it was. However, it was very much worth the effort, for the Apple family's harvest of succulent apples provided the main ingredient for her most popular dessert item-baklava with caramelized apple slices. Taking a swig from a water bottle slung around her shoulders, Savory's ears perked up upon hearing a dull buzzing noise. Trotting a few yards ahead over a small hill, Savory's eyes widened when she observed a line literally a country mile wide consisting of ponies of all ages, sizes, and genders. Tracing the line as far ahead as her eyes could muster, she could make out the main barn of the Apples' farm and was left to wonder what all the fuss was about. "They can't all be here to buy apples, could they? I come here on the same day every week, and I've never seen a line this long before," Savory mused, pursing her lips in befuddlement. After about five minutes of waiting, there came a smattering of hoots and giggles from the handful of ponies in front of her. Savory poked her head out to the side and brightened up immediately upon spotting a very familiar purple-maned unicorn trotting in the opposite direction. Oh my goodness, it's Rarity! she thought to herself, beaming inwardly. Savory had always admired Rarity and her incredible fashions ever since she first laid eyes on her window display when moving into her home. Well, that was a treat. A few more minutes of waiting produced a handsome-looking stallion and Miss Cherry Jubilee, the provider of the cherries that Savory used in another one of her desserts. The teal unicorn was just about to greet her when she noticed something that stopped her in mid-wave. A faint scent of apple and a tint of...orange...near her mouth? "Why in Equestria would there be..." Savory began, listening to the gaggle of ponies directly in front murmuring about how they were going to get two bushels each to see if they got a better kiss-KISS?! "Wait, who's offering kisses for apples? Let's see...smells of apples...orange..." The answer hit Savory like a ton of bricks. "Applejack's offering kisses?"
  3. I would pair Savory Spell with Flam, because due to Savory being from a very subdued culture and land, she is very interested in things and ponies/stallions that are of a more dynamic and showy nature.
  4. "My pleasure." Savory replied, happy. Her attention was stolen away from Vacant when she heard Jubilee shouting about securing a role performing at the royal palace, with Hoss standing proudly beside her. Savory smiled, but was caught off guard by Jubilee kissing Cadence's hooves fervently. Her cheeks tinged a light pink, for she was not used to such outpourings of emotion save for her father, who would do anything and everything in his power to get his shy daughter to laugh. Savory giggled and tiptoed over to Cadence's side, doing her best not to bump into her. "Excuse me, Princess, please forgive my delay in speaking with you personally. Things have gotten quite lively rather quickly, as I'm sure you've noticed."
  5. [OOC: Whoops, my bad! Fixed it.] Savory listened to Silverbolt comment about the rigors of his daily work as a courier, her eyes widening slightly upon hearing the dangers he had to deal with. "My, I couldn't imagine having to dodge all those harrowing obstacles! It's no wonder you would need a break," she responded, bringing a concerned hoof to her mouth in a gasp. "That's why I admire pegasi so much more, they have so much more pressure on them because they can fly. The Wonderbolts, that Rainbow Dash, and mail ponies like you, especially have my respect." Savory nodded her head slowly, as if agreeing with herself. "You know, Silverbolt, I would say you are the most courageous pegasus I've ever had the joy of meeting," she said with a warm smile. "And I would love for you to visit the cafe sometime. The first meal's on the house, by the way. Consider it my gift to you for being such an attentive gentlecolt."
  6. To take up drawing in middle school so that I could be a part of so many fandoms(especially this one)in the future. ^^ 1. I could've finished college by now if I had gone when I had the chance. 2. I chose going on a senior trip to Universal Studios over prom. 3. I have never regretted that decision since. If you could/could have pick/picked something or someplace to go instead of your senior prom, where would you go/have gone?
  7. I have already, but it's kind of confusing when the title still reads 'temporarily closed'.
  8. For all the bronies and pegasisters who live in Indiana or near enough... There is a place called Gray Bros. Cafeteria just off the highway that has the most indulgent and moist Hummingbird cake that you will ever eat. I'll tell you right now, I was having serious anxiety issues at the time, and that cake melted all my cares away...[not for ponies with nut allergies] My second best dessert was when we got to spend the whole day in Mall of America and there was this place called Pachiugo Gelato. So many wonderful flavors to choose from, and the tiniest spoon so you're forced to slow down and savor its creaminess. I adamantly recommend the lemon creme. ^^
  9. I've mixed ketchup and mayo together for a long time, and after I learned that there was a name for it, I enjoy it even more now. ^^ That, and high school taught me that mayo and mustard is pretty darn tasty as well.
  10. I would give my right hoof to see Discord squee. That would be so hilariously adorkable! ^/////^
  11. Savory paused in her humming to hear someone talking beside her. Removing the cucumbers from her eyes momentarily and blinking in the light, she spotted a cobalt blue pegasus stallion next to her on another massage table, currently being worked on by Aloe. "My name is Silverbolt, and I am a courier. How are you feeling today?" "Oh, pleased to meet you, Silverbolt," Savory began, flushing for not noticing him sooner. "I'm Savory Spell, and I own Ambrosia Winds Cafe in central Ponyville." Letting out a long sigh, the teal mare smiled. "Much better, now that I'm getting treated. My line of work is such a chore, since I don't have any other staff at the moment. Coming here to take a personal day just sounded like heaven."
  12. @ Solaria: Oddly enough, I love Frosted Flakes! XD @ Noedig: I wish. Twilight is awesome for being able to do that. ^^
  13. Savory, having served Vacant and seeing that Princess Cadence was still busy with Jubilee's gushing, was just about to go back into the kitchen when she saw that yet another pony had walked into the cafe. She was a lean, purple-coated pegasus with a short green mane. Sensing that more ponies were sure to arrive now that a couple of famous celebrities were milling about the interior, Savory ducked into the kitchen to do a final check on all of the dishes. Thinking hard about what to do, since things were getting a tad overwhelming for her, the unicorn galloped toward an open door in the back corner of the kitchen, where a flight of stairs resided. Savory hauled herself up the stairs into her bedroom and dressed up in a satin chiton (the traditional Grecian garment much like a toga) that was a lovely shade of lilac to set off her violet eyes and turquoise coat. Using her magic to lace up a pair of golden sandals on her back hooves, Savory then applied a very light layer of makeup and tied up her long wavy mane into a large braid. Satisfied with her look, she made her way back down the stairs, her heart pounding with excitement. Walking out past the double doors, she loudly cleared her throat and began the formal introduction she had planned. "May I have everypony's attention, if you please? Thank you, and let me be the first to say welcome, wilkommen, bonjour, konnichiwa, bienvenidos, and buongiorno to the first annual International Day here at my humble Ambrosia Winds cafe. I am Savory Spell, your hostess and chef this afternoon." Savory bowed in the general direction of the small crowd, including Cadence, and continued on. "The reason I came up with this little event is because ever since I was a filly, I have always been fascinated with cooking. It is my talent, after all," she chortled, nudging the edge of her chiton forward to reveal her herbal-leaf cutie mark. "Our homeland was not necessarily a melting pot, but the foreigners that did come across us were more than welcome to teach us about their customs and varied cuisines. Every last day of spring, we, that being the travelers and ourselves, would get together and set up displays of our finest cultural dishes to share. I am honored and priviledged to share this tradition passed down through generations with you all. So, without further ado, I would like to present each section of the globe for you now." Taking extra caution, Savory used her magic to levitate out the first round of dishes and carefully set them down on a white and blue cloth-covered table. "First up is my homeland's signature dishes. Dolmades, which are stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, black olives and mint. Moussaka, an eggplant dish, vegetable souvlaki, ambrosia salad, dubbed the 'nectar of the gods' and baklava, a sweetened nut pastry with honey. Please enjoy, everypony."
  14. Greetings, everypony! Welcome to my Ask Circe thread! Feel free to plop on my virtual couch and ask me any question you'd like. Perhaps why I'm so flaky, or what fanart I've drawn, things of that nature. ^^
  15. Thanks, Weesh, it went really well! And I'll definitely be persistent. ^^ The only thing I'm allergic to is nickel. Turns my skin green. 1. I haven't been swimming in forever. 2. I am a master of mimicking voices. (I can automatically analyze and copy a different vocal pitch than my own and even use the same inflections.) 3. I sound different on a camera than IRL. Would anyone watch if I made a video imitating well-known voices *whispers* Ask me to do ponies!
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