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    Hi! Many call me silvy around the internet, so just call me silvy! Unless you want to give me your own nickname! I am a big Pullea Magi Madoka Magica fan, and I really hope they come out with a fourth movie, because the last one would really suck if there wasnt.... My favorite PMMM character would have to be Kyoko, although I really like Homura as well!

    PMMM and AoT are probably the only animes I have ever finished, sadly.... I have a bad habit of that......

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    Pastel Lines
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    Magma Thread
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    Frozen Heart

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  1. How insane am I if I want to animate a song thats about 5 min at 30 frames per second (fps), which would be approximately 9,000 frames, when I've only animated..... about three things? Pretty insane? Alright. I figured xD

    1. TheFinestSorcerer


      ahdunno. How insane is it that I want to construct a 7foot-long dragon shaped much like Smaug(only ice themed) out of thick metal wiring for skeleton and thousands of pipecleaners(ranging 4 different colors) built around it for volume and shape! Cuz I wanna do that :3 Are we both crazy?

    2. Bluelight
  2. Oh~! Im so happy! Oh happy go lucky me!

    1. TheFinestSorcerer
    2. Bluelight


      Yes! xD I found a free, yet, not piece of crap animating software........... :3

    3. stormchaser1991
  3. Sorry for totally abandoning this awesome site guys! I've been really busy, and got sick as wel........ fun fun! Anyway, Im back (For awhile, hopefully) and I feel like throwing up sooo. yeah :/

    1. ToothpasteThy


      Aww, dang. That sounds like a bugger to deal with. I hope you get well real soon, and also have some fun coming back into Canterlot! ^.^

  4. I hate people. I hate my school. I feel like crap. Why do people feel the need to try to put others down?

    1. Smartbrony


      I'm no good at advice, but perspective can go a long way. I used to run Cross Country, and we'd motivate each other when we'd get ahead by telling the others "come on", or "keep up". Well, this one kid joined, and he was pretty distant from most of the group. I was a social fringe-walker, and I was pretty friendly, so I once asked him why he always seemed so down. It turned out he was taking their words of encouragement as put downs. I never actually got how he cou...

    2. Smartbrony


      Nooo! My comment was too long! Oh well. In the end, all I said was perspective is the window through which we view the world, and that if you can see the flaws in others and dislike them so much, you'll end up not doing those things yourself and become a better person for it.

  5. Tues(today):Girlscouts Wens.:Manga club after school Thurs: Art proram @ Y Fri:Working at fall festival Weekend:Spending night at friends for her bday. Im busy ;-;

  6. Bluelight


    Yasssss xD Mareidot ftw
  7. any roleplay? (FFA only please......)

    1. Lyipheoryia


      I wouldn't mind rp-ing with you :) Pm me, please.

    2. Dragonlover101



      I would love to rp you

    3. Bluelight
  8. Bluelight


    an album for all of my mlp crossover stuff
  9. Guess who's back?

    1. stormchaser1991


      Back again Bluelight's back tell your Friends

    2. QuickLime
    3. Bluelight


      @stormie yep! :3

      @lime wut? o.o

  10. Bluelight


    Your anatomy is improving! Somethings you may want to work on, though, is that Celestia's mane is supposed to be flowing. I can tell you tried to fit the mane on the screen, but because of that, you lost that "flowy" (made up words ftw xd) effect. Something else is her eyes. They look a little...... Well,derped. The eye that isn't really facing the screen looks as if its a little higher on the head, and like its not looking the same way as the other one...... I hope this all helps!
  11. I just burnt my finger........ and some spaghetti............... ;-;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bluelight


      Ikr? And burn gel sucks. I have to put my finger in ice water. Trying to go to sleep now. Doubt I'll be able to do it...

    3. stormchaser1991


      if you do go to sleep take your hand out of the water or you might pee the bed

    4. Bluelight


      Never heard that one before xD. Me and my brother aren't allowed to have drinks in my room

      Even if my step dad was going to let it slide, I don't wanna risk my laptop since water can easily seep in through a missing key... I walked out to the dining room to do that. It doesn't hurt now (I did actually fall asleep somehow xD)

  12. {Maybe someday we can draw our characters like in the RP XD }

    1. Bluelight


      yaaasss xD Like a collab or something!

    2. TheShadowDeer
  13. Thanks for the suggestions! Crap.......... now I have to debate between these two xD
  14. Im boorrrrreeeeddd

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    2. AlextheAngel


      I could come up with a few iiiiiiddddeeeaaaaassss. PM Meeeeeee.

    3. stormchaser1991


      tell meeeee when you decideeee

    4. Bluelight



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