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Arrow Plain


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[ Pony Related Character ]

Name: Arrow Plain; Nickname: Arpy (by friends and teachers) (Also refers to herself as Silent Storm when she jumps into her sneak suit. See below for details on this alias)

Sex: Female

Age: Filly (Young Teenager)

Species: Unicorn

Pelt Color: Kodak Yellow

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Happy blue and happy green in 3 sections

Eye Color: Light Blue

Cutie Mark: Horseshoe with wings

Physique: Average

Residence: Appleloosa

Occupation: Schoolfilly

Motivation: Arrow Plain's motivation in life is to be able to fly, even though her natural ability keeps her from doing so. More importantly, she is motivated by the existence of her parents being somewhere in the sky because that is where she believes she came from before being adopted by an Appleloosa family.

Likes: Adventuring, flying, pretending to fly, day-dreaming of flying, challenges.

Dislikes: Being called by her real name 'Arrow Plain', taking baths, sitting still, being made fun of for her aspirations.

Character Summary: Arrow was raised by Buffalo after being found in the desert left for dead. She doesn't remember anything from before the day the buffalo found her mostly because she was too young. They named her Arrow Plain, after the location they found her at and the appearance they at one time believed to be an arrow stuck in her head. Arrow would later resent this name because of how silly it sounds and because she believes she has a different real name.

As she got older, the buffalo learned of her natural adventurous personality and was always wandering off and putting herself in dangerous positions. When a group of settler ponies set up camp at what would become Appleloosa, Arrow wandered again and fell off a cliff breaking her leg. The buffalo decided that she would be better off with her own kind and gave her to the authorities of Appleloosa. There, she discovered other ponies and got to know them well. At the local general store, she met a stallion that became her friend. One day, he gave her a golden horseshoe and claimed that it gives good fortune to the pony who possesses it.

Her foster parents try hard to love her and look out for her, but her natural tendencies to fend for herself gets her into a lot of trouble. One time, she tried to convince a young weak pegasus pony at school that he could fly, and nearly injured him because of her dare.

After being grounded for her antics, she threw a tantrum in her room and rashly tossed the golden horseshoe out the window. Before it even hit the ground, a large bird grabbed it and began flying off. Worried that she may not find it again, Arrow Plain escaped through the window and ran into the desert where the bird was going. Just as she thought she was losing sight of the bird, she saw it drop the horseshoe from high in the sky. As it fell, Arrow tried to reach the end of its trajectory before it fell to the ground and jumped for it.

As it turned out, she jumped into a canyon that was many hundred hooves deep. When Arrow's life flashed before her eyes, she saw one moment that she did not recall. She saw in her mind's eye, a moment where she and her parents where resting peacefully in a cloudy realm. Just before she fell to the canyon bottom, a Wonderbolt rescued her from certain death. It was this near death experience that she received her cutie mark. As she got home and dealt with her worrisome guardians, she understood that her wish to fly was not just a wish, but her purpose. And she knew that if she could find away to soar in the clouds, she would be that much closer to finding her real parents.

She believes that her parents live in the sky and that for some reasons unknown she was abandoned in the desert by accident. Her cutie mark represents her ability and purpose to continue to reach for the sky, both figuratively and literally. Her purpose in life is mostly driven by, but is not limited to, finding her real parents.

For a deeper look at her backstory, read 'When All Falls: The Arrow Plain Story'

Arrow Plain isn't a Cast character, but I thought I would outline a few things that involve canon:

- Arrow Plain was raised by buffalo before Appleloosa was founded.

- It cannot be confirmed which specific buffalo cared for her.

- Arrow Plain was given to the Appleloosans shortly after they arrived.

- It wasn't until later that the Appleloosans created an apple orchard, asked for tree donations from other distant communities (Bloomberg), and started the land dispute with the buffalo shortly before the first harvest of the apple trees.

- She experienced the events of "Over a Barrel" from the Appleloosan side, which put her in a strange position, since she has 'family' on both sides of the land dispute.

Poison Joke Symptom: Her legs shrink to the size of just her hooves. Her tiny steps become the demise of this adventurous pony. She has yet to experience this, since poison joke doesn't grow well in the desert.


Silent Storm: Arrow refers to herself as Silent Storm when she wears a sneak suit she keeps hidden in her bottom dresser drawer. Arrow is a pretty sneaky filly when it comes to causing trouble and avoiding conflict with adults who will surely foil her flight schedule. But she feels that wearing this costume makes her invisible. She may look cool in it, and almost carry with her a Batman look to it, but she is the same troublesome filly in it. More than anything, this costume is a ballad to her creative imagination than it is the reality of her becoming a vigilante.






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I like where this character is headed.

You say she dislikes being called her real name, but is there a reason behind that?

Can you tell a little bit more about her Cutie Mark story please?

...she would undergo a near-death experience that would open her eyes to her origin and tease her about her ancestry in the clouds. Can you go a little more in depth on this please?

Under the Poison Joke Symptom, you say she's adventurous...the only adventurous thing I see about her is her want to fly, which I see as being more reckless and disillusioned than adventurous. Try talking a little bit more about the adventures she's gone on, the things she's done.

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Imma echo Tales about putting the info from the poem straight into the character summery. I'll be honest, I didn't read more then a few lines of the poem. I just didn't want to put that kind of effort into finding out where she came from.

Being raised by Buffalo, one would think she would have taken on a more earthy personality.

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I have been kind of busy lately and have put this on a bit of a backburner. I'll update it soon...

Besides the backstory of my character, you should give my poem a read. I'm proud of it. :)

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Re-submitted for approval.

Re-summarized her backstory and her CM story.

Added canonization points.

Added more art, compliments of the cuteness of Sweetie Belle.

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