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Name: Applejack

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Earth Pony

Pelt Color: Sweet Apple Orange

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Mane and tail worn mostly straight and natural with the ends tied. Golden blonde colored hair, but I ain't a dunce. I also wear a stetson hat, I never leave home without it.

Eye Color: Granny Smith green.

Cutie Mark: Three plump red delicious apples plucked right off their trees.

Physique: Average sized, but stronger than most ponies. Why, if I didn't know no better, I'd say I'm the top athlete in all of Equestria.

Origin: Born and raised on the farm with my big brother Big Macintosh and my Granny Smith. When I was just a little filly, I decided to try my luck finding a living in Manehatten, a bigger apple than the muddy ol' farm I grew up in. But as I soon realized, life in a big city like Manehatten was too sophisticated for my apples and I began feeling more homesick than a golden delicious fallen from its branch in a dark and windy storm. Then one morning, I saw a rainbow pointing back at home to Sweet Apple Acres, and it was then that I knew exactly where I was supposed to be. I came running home that day to be reunited with the family I grew up with and the apple trees. It was then that my cutie mark appeared, and I've been running the farm ever since, drummin' up business for the family.

Roleplay Type: Shoot, Mane RP I reckon.

Occupation: Sales and Operations Manager at Sweet Apple Acres. We sell anything apples from fritters to pies. Me and my brother do most of the work, but occasionally we do need help. Sometimes, I can be a might stubborn about it, too. I'm also a plant team leader for the yearly Winter Wrap Up in the Spring, four years runnin'. I'm in charge of plowing snow off the farmlands, sowing new seeds for the year's crops, and making sure that it's done quickly enough so that the plants can grow large enough by season's end.

Motivation: I love apples. As a youngin', I got pretty sick and tired of 'em. But I was only a runt then. When I realized what my life was to be, it was only then that I understood my highly-tuned knack for high quality apples that make even the most dormant taste buds sing. Every day, I'm looking for different ways to serve apples as a way of sharing the joy of Equestria's most popular fruit, and raise enough money to maintain the farm. A few upgrades to the land would be just swell!

Likes: Apples, my appletastic treats, rodeos, competitions as a chance to display my athleticism, my kin, my best friends, and gettin' dirty without concernin myself with the little things.

Dislikes: Persnickety attitudes, cheaters like that Rainb-, uh, and ponies that make fun of my lifestyle.

Character Summary: About me, huh? Hmmm... Well, while my ego is put to the side, lemme talk about the things I may not be so good at. I can be a might stubborn at times about almost anything, but every dog should have a few fleas. And even on my sunniest days, I tend to have the habit of carelessness and go whole hog when I should probably analyze the details. I can sometimes get others' feathers ruffled when I act like that, even though they themselves should probably not be so concerned with the littlest of things. I look at the big picture.

For instance, last applebuck season, I was determined to finish applebucking all of the trees all by myself since Big Macintosh hurt himself. I bit off more than I could chew, but I was determined to get it all done on my own just so I could prove to myself and everypony that I didn't need their help. But after a few chaotic episodes across Ponyville that were caused by my over-worked personality, I finally gave in to Twilight's plea to help me with my task. With the help of my closest friends, applebuck season was finished within two shakes of a pony tail. I couldn't have done it without them.

When my friend Twilight Sparkle came to Ponyville from Canterlot, I found out that Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and I as friends together represent the elements of friendship. Me specifically, represented honesty when I told Twilight to trust that she wouldn't fall to her death. And... ...gee, if I was humble as a bee, I'd even say I am honest with all of my relationships. I am the loyalist of friends and the most dependable of ponies.

Som'n' that we hold dear at Sweet Apple Acres is our honest Apple family ways. We believe in helpin' each other, whether they're are kin or not. Helping other ponies with their needs is what we love doin'. The Apple family tree is full of ponies that live all over Equestria that love to show their neighbors the sweet comforts of Apple hospitality. Why, there's Big Macintosh, Fiji, Red Gala, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Apple Cinnamon Crisp, Caramel Apple, Applesauce, Apple Chips, Apple Tart, Apple Bloom, Baked Apple, Red Delicious, Apple Fritter, Golden Delicious, Apple Strudel, Apple Brioche, Apple Pie, Apple Bumpkin, and many more!

My lil' sis Apple Bloom can be a hooffull, sometimes. She and her friends are always cuttin' up look for trouble. They call it "crusading," I calls it trouble. I keep telling her that she'll get her cutie mark eventually, but she seems to think she needs to get it now. Unfortunately, for her, getting your cutie mark late seems to run in the family.

My big brother Big Macintosh and I got our cutie marks late as well. But it wasn't a hog-sized surprise to find out that we have a knack for Applebuckin'. My big brother always looked out for me when I was little. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be as strong as I am now. Now, even when Big Mac is gone, I can usually handle my own doing most tasks on the farm by myself.

Winona is the farm dog, a border collie to be exact. She's a heap o' help when I need to coral critters into their pens. She's very well trained, and would never hurt anypony. We've raised her since she was a lil' pup.

I spend a lot of time in the orchards takin' care of the thousands of apple trees that are out there. There are a lot of 'em, but I do have my favorites. Like, Redbranch, Greenie, Deciduousam, and of course Bloomberg, who was actually donated to my cousin Braeburn's orchard in Appleloosa. I sure do miss Bloomberg, he was one of the finest trees in Ponyville when he was here.

My friends all think I'm a silly pony. Twilight Sparkle has told me that I am very superstitious. She told me that I overreact when strange things happen. She even said I was shaking in my boots when Zecora came to town. I really don't know what she's barkin' about, me being 'scared' and all. I was thinkin' 'bout the safety of my little sis' Apple Bloom is all. All I do is trust my gut instincts, and trust that if Pinkie's tail's a'twitchin', you better listen.

Now I need to pucker down and finish this census thingy before I get too carried away and miss the day's end. I have several arrangements I need to attend to. I'm a busy as a stump-tailed cow in fly time, and those apples wont buck themselves. If you'd like, we love to have ponyfolk visit our farm every time and again. Come on over anytime and try our apple brown betty. Heh, the desert, not my auntie. See ya'll later!!







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AppleJack's up for audition?

Granny Smith will be watching this with interest, unless she's napping.....


Good luck, River!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Revised application.

Added a few details and references a few things like Winona, AJ's family relationships, and her superstitious nature.

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"YYAAA HHHOOOOOO!" Granny Smith shouted before trying to jump for joy.

"Dang nabbit! Think I threw out my hip agin'!"

Seriously River, I'm happy for you!!!!


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