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Changes Incoming!


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Hi everypony,

More announcements coming up! There's a lot of upcoming changes, so let's dive right into the meat of this!

Server Host Change

I've been taking a look at other options for server hosting. We've been with HostGator for a while now, but I've continued investigating other options. After some research, I've finally found that InvisionPower offers their own cloud hosting service and license for a lower net cost than paying for an HG server and separate software license.

We will be able to keep all of our current features such as blogs, the gallery, and content pages. This will lower upkeep costs and backend administrative burden as well as ensuring that our board software has up to date features and security. I have been in talks with IP for the past few weeks and I have decided that moving our boards over to their cloud services would be in the community's best interest.

I am scheduling the cutover to occur in approximately two weeks time (the week of 15-February). Though I do not anticipate any hitches, I want everyone to be secure in knowing that their important site data (eg: gallery images, particularly beloved RPs, and character sheets) is safe. This two-week period will allow those who wish to conduct personal backups to do so. I will also take time to create site mass backups before the transition to ensure that we have the best possible data integrity.

Call for RP Helpstaff

Yup, you heard that right! Love roleplaying? Got great ideas for improving play? Want a more hooves-on approach to helping make Canterlot even cooler than it is? We want you!

We are looking for individuals who can handle one OR more of the following:

  • Help plan out RP events and run sponsored threads
  • Assist in the development of new lore entries
  • Bring enthusiasm to the community and cultivate activity on the forums and our IRC channels
  • Contribute basic art assets to assist with site branding

To apply, send a forum PM to Dio and Rosewind with your Canterlot.com Forum, Skype, and IRC handles (wherever applicable), your age (required for some of the processing we do), what you are able to contribute, and why you think you would make a great staffer. We'll review your application and decide if you've got what it takes to be part of the team!

Ads and Donations

Everything needs bits to run. Canterlot is no different. I wanted to run the site without ads as long as possible, but it will take a lot of financial pressure off me to set them up. I will be researching code implementation for small unobtrusive ads in the coming weeks and how to implement a subscription system to remove them once the server host has been migrated. In the interim, I am requesting donations to help keep the server online. Do not feel obligated to donate if it is not within your means, but every little bit helps! Please see the Canterlot Accounts forum for additional information on donations!

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After playing so much Mario Kart 8 lately, I have a few gold coins to spare. Seems like tossing them into Canterlot's coffers is a good way to blow them.

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Only part of this boo to is the ads, but, they cant be helped. As long as you dont have to put htose ones that you know, fold down the whole screen (YES, iv had them...), i dont think any problems wil be had :razz:

Jokes aside

Im glad that we wont lose our stuff. Hope you have good luck with everything you need to do Dio :)

Edit: Sorry if this seemed a bit mean, ik ads are going to help us the staff out.

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I think we can all put up with ads, just so long as they don't redirect me or whatnot. Hehe.

But yeah, time to go make personal backups. Just in case.

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The ads that are obstructive can get annoying and are unwanted, as many have said, its not appropriate to have those types that obstruct your view of the pages you're viewing.

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