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Equestrian Games!  

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  1. 1. If I were to host a game server, what games would you play?

    • Team Fortress 2
    • Don't Starve Together
    • Starbound
    • Minecraft
    • Dungeon Defenders
    • Left 4 Dead 2
    • Other not listed (Please specify)

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Alright Canterlot, so here's the thing.


I've wanted to do something gaming related with you guys for a LONG time. I mean a REALLY long time. Like since I first got on staff a few years ago long time. 


At first it was going to be a videogame competition of sorts, with awards and everything. The first time that was shut down, the second time there was no interest. Then I wanted to do live streaming but I couldn't get it working well enough to advertise it.


NOW, I'm thinking a bit more practical. 


Mind you, this isn't staff sponsored or anything, I just want to do this so that I can have a bit more fun with you all since I'm not the most active person around the forums. So, that being said, I want to host servers or game sessions for certain games I may own or be willing to buy. I want to know what you guys would be interested in playing, and I'll do my best to accommodate you and have one more bonding thing we can all have as a community.


Wouldn't that be fun? :D


Please make sure to vote, comment, and leave suggestions! I'm all ears about what you guys want, and I'll see what I can do to make it happen!

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Well, I've got quite a number of strategy games. Not to mention a few survival games. None of which are on the list so...


Yeah I voted the ones I can play from the list but well, depends what everyone else wants to do.

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I voted for Starbound, as of the list there that's the one I've most wanted to play with people.  I'd be up for any of them on some level (except Don't Starve Together, which I don't own), though I don't know how much I'd be willing to commit to any one.


There's a part of me that wants to just shout 'AI War: Fleet command!', but then that needs players to organize rather than a server, so on reflection not really what the poll is asking about.

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Once I get my computer fixed and can get into Steam again, I'd love to participate in either TF2 or L4D2! Just...you know, bearing in mind I'm still fairly new to both games. ^^; I'm also (usually) active on Guild Wars 2, TERA Online and occasionally Aura Kingdom.

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I have Linux, so no pc games

There are actually games on Linux. Normally indies, because the market is starting to notice them. But even without indies, you can still play all the games that Windows normally can with some effort. Sometimes it actually runs BETTER on linux than windows. There is also Minecraft.

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