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Music and Art in Central Park


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Manehattan was a city both busy and bright; always active in the day, never sleeping in the night.  Ponies gave it all, in their work or in their play; and both would now be seen in Central Park this very day...


*I have got to get these rhymes out of my head.*  Sky Sailing thought to himself, shaking his head as he looked down upon Manehattan's biggest park from his cloud perch.  *They're clogging up my thoughts, and I'm not even getting any decent songs out of them.*  That had been a bit of a problem lately; the recording artist had been creatively dry over the past couple of weeks, and he had only recently figured out why.  The pegasus had recently quit his day job, and now was trying to make a living off of writing his own songs, recording them in his own mobile-cloud-home studio, and selling the records himself.  That was a recipe for burnout right there.


The best solution that had come to him was simple collaboration.  Back in the days when he had to busk for his daily bread - *OK, let's be honest, we had to do that yesterday.*  -the pedestrians would be more generous with bits to a team act than a solo one.  Thus, if Sky was ever going to get his new career off the ground, he needed help.  New musicians, artists, songwriters... anypony that could put their own creative juices into the punch.  Manehattan was always a good place to find them, and the pony he'd played with yesterday had slipped him a few names that might be willing to lend their assistance.  Now, it was just a matter of waiting for them to show up.  According to the descriptions he'd been given, he could hardly miss them...

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Sunrise smiled to herself as she trotted down the road. She always enjoyed this city, it was perfect for her with its bustle and beauty. She was currently wearing a casual dress, colored with blues and greens to contrast her natural orange and red pallet. 


As she arrived at Central Park, she paused and gazed around a bit, smiling a bit wider as she saw a pony go by in one of her designs. It was, of course, one of the more generic ones, but it was still nice to know they had liked it. Really, she preferred the designs with a bit more personalization, and she would love to just do them if she could. Unfortunately, she did not get enough of that kind of business to stay afloat, so she would simply have to deal with it. 


The unicorn eventually spotted a bench and went over to sit on it as she enjoyed the day. It was wonderful out, and she deserved a bit of a break, so here she was. 

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Nocturnal Melody


Nocturnal Melody touched down on the path after flying from her hotel room. It was the first time that she had been to Manehattan, and the Aerion wanted not only to see the sights of the city, but also she wanted to experience the daily routine. This was harder than she thought for a mare accustomed to sleeping in the day and waking at night. Not even the strong cup of coffee or the hot shower could fully wake her up from her different sleep/ wake schedule, and the way the sun affected her eyes, which were meant to see in the dark, didn't help either. As she walked through the beautiful park, she tried to wake up by singing a song. 


"Sun is burning, world is turning, my mind with thoughts are churning. Light is blinding, still I'm finding, my way on this path that's winding. I know whatever comes my way, that I will go and face the day!" 


As she yet out a yawn, revealing her pointed fangs, she stopped by a bench and shielding her eyes looked around at the park scene. 

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"What a gorgeous day today!" PaintedWings thought to herself as she packed her saddle bags. Paints, canvases, oh and can't forget the brushes or the easel! Just as everything was packed and ready to go she slid under the straps of the saddle bag and headed to the door. "Central Park should be a great spot to paint today. All the colors and folk who will be there in their stylish clothes! Oh what a delight to live in Manehatten!" she exclaimed a little loudly as she headed down the steps. "Be careful while you're out Painty!" called a voice from the kitchen where a smell of cookies came from that direction. "I will be!" she called back as she headed out the door and down the street.


Ponies blur by as PaintedWings trotted happily down the sidewalk, the contents of her saddle bag rattling at her side. She pondered during her walk what to paint, should it be the scenery of the park? A certain pony who wouldn't mind being painted? Or maybe the local wild life of birds and squirrels! Who knew, and that was the best part in PaintedWings' opinion, never knowing what could happen, who she'd meet, or what she'd up painting in the end. As she entered the park a cool breeze blew through her mane and she knew today would be an exciting one! She headed over towards a tree and placed the saddlebag at it's base, unpacking all the contents and setting up her easel she was finally ready. Peeking around the corner of her canvas she tried to decide what to paint.


Nothing seemed to pique her interest so Painty left her art supplies in hopes of finding a pony to paint. She wandered up to a bench where two ponies seemed to be, one in a gorgeous dress that seemed to compliment her pelt color quite nicely as well as a pony who seemed quite tired evident by her large yawn. Seeing an open spot on the bench she decided to plant herself between the two ponies while keeping a watchful eye on her art supplies on the other side of the park. "So... not to sound weird or anything, but how does being painted sound to either of you?" she said awkwardly while twiddling her hooves. Conversation with other ponies has never been her strong suit.

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Another tour in another big city...Except...Manehattan was no 'other' big city.  


Luxor Radiance shone with her namesake as she trotted through the city.  For once, she was able to walk in the freedom of her own company without an eternal trail of assistants and cameraponies.  She had taken great care to choose clothes that would disguise her-something that would make her appropriate to the neighbourhoods of Manehattan.  A large yellow hat donned her head, with a pink ribbon trim and a large pink bowtie sewn-in.  Chic aviator sunglasses covered her eyes, and the gems on the rim sparkled in the sun.  She wore a long white dress-simple and never overdone.  


She smiled at nearby ponies. "Hello!"  "How do you do?"

Ponies here seemed nice enough, but not exactly talkative.  She continued walked, taking a curb and finding herself in front of a park.  There were already a few ponies there-and a small group around a bench.  Well, if there's anytime to make a friend, it's now.  


"Hello everypony~  How do you all do?"  Ending, of course, with her trademarked smile.

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Image result for dj pon 3 banner


Vinyl yawned a huge yawn as she mae her way out fo the club. The scene had been rockin' waaaaaaay late...or early...or whatever time it happened to be at this point. She shifted her glasses up away from her eyes and peered about.


"Oh wow...hardly even morning anymore..." She shifted the glasses back in place. That sun had a way of blinding a club bound pony. 


She noticed some ponies hard at work moving her gear into the back of her travelling wagon. She didn't often come to Manehatten for a show but this was "The Barn". If they asked her to play, she would play. The biggest names in Equestria had spun the discs at the famous club and now she had added her hoof print to the wall in the DJ booth. Plus, who was she to deny her fans? Ponies in Manehatten couldn't always just come out to Canterlot for a DJ-PON3 show. She had to bring it to them.


Vinyl stretched her back, enjoying the feeling of the sun penetrating her snow white coat. The long night of club air slowly breathed out of her as she soaked in the beautiful day. As was her custom, the DJ would ignore sleep until it got the best of her. Right now what she wanted was a coffee and a few turns on her portable disc table.


It wasn't long until the musically incline unicorn was rolling her way through the park with a coffee in one hoof and her portable turn table. She would set up a nice spot, press the head phones over her ears, and get carried off into the land of the beat!


Soon she found a spot she figured would suit her and noticed there were some other ponies around. One looked like she was about to get to work with some painting.


"Found myself an artsy spot," She smiled casually at the ponies around "Guess this place is as good as any,"


As she got comfortable an pony asked how she was doing. Well, they had asked the group but Vinyl had no problem responding.


"Cool, I'm doing jus' fine," Another cheeky grin. Yep, she could grow to dig this kind of scene.

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Looking down and daydreaming, Sky Sailing once again drifted off to that place between waking and sleep that he seemed to spend most of his life in.  Colors blurred, and seemed to shift, while the ponies below seemed to transform into the most amazing and whimsical of shapes.  He could even hear music, rising from the living shadow beside the walking flame.  What looked like a fully-kitted knight stuck her lance in the earth, as a dare to all comers; while an ambulatory mushroom greeted all and sundry with a sunny smile.  And then came the chef, rolling in a small buffet on a boom box-


The pegasus blinked.  The sight of the turntables and speakers was clear even to his insomnia-fogged mind, and soon his illusions were blown away by the day's warm breeze.  The flame resolved into a pretty mare in a firey dress, while the shadow became an off-duty lunar guard with a good voice.  The knight became a painter, while the mushroom's cap was only a pony's hat after all.  And then, of course, there was the DJ, who needed no introduction.


Getting to his hooves, Sky shook the tiredness off him, as far as he could, and launched off, drifting downwards in a lazy arc.  "Well, this is nice!  I'd been hoping the park would fill up with those having the creative spark.  I've been... alone for a while, and it's no fun just singing by yourself.  Especially if you're trying to sell records at the same time."  His address was to everypony present, but at the same time, he didn't seem to be looking at anypony in particular long enough to be really talking to them.  Perhaps the fog wasn't quite gone yet.

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Well, her quiet little spot quickly became not so quiet... oh well, she still enjoyed meeting new ponies, especially when they could become new customers, or better yet, friends. 


First, there was the tired lunar guard with the good singing voice, then a painter came and asked if they wanted to be painted. 


"That sounds wonderful. I would not mind in the slightest." Sunrise replied, smiling at the mare just before another mare came by in a whole outfit and asked how they were doing. 


"I am doing wonderfully. How are you doing, darling? And where did you get your ensemble?" She asked, smiling back at the new mare. That's when the next mare showed up, this one much more musically inclined if her equipment was anything to go by. And then finally there was a mare coming down from the sky, saying something about his work being lonely. 


"This certainly is quite the gathering of artistic talent. Greetings to you all, I am Sunrise Skies." She said, directing her smile to the group at large. 

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"So... not to sound weird or anything, but how does being painted sound to either of you?" 


"Huh?" Nocturnal Melody said as she snapped out of the fog of tiredness to find a young mare with art supplies, "Oh, you want to paint me? That sounds nice. Err... should I pose or something? I never had myself painted before honestly." 


While waiting for a response from the painter pony, Nocturne was distracted... no... more like blinded temporarily by something golden. As her eyes came back into focus,  she saw a unicorn mare with a rather dazzling coat. Ok, so maybe shiny wasn't the metal singer's forte, but it was interesting how a unicorn could have a coat like that. Maybe it was some magic the mare had. 



"Hello everypony~  How do you all do?" 


"Oh, I'm fine," she said with a smile before yawning again, "Guess I'm still trying to wake up. I'm kind of more of a night pony. How are you?" 

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