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Official Discussion Thread - S07E19 It Isn't the Mane Thing About You

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I am not being melodramatic, I am just sleepy Darling!


Another week which means another episode full of the adorable ponies we all know and love! This week we have an episode focusing on our favorite overly dramatic marshmallow, Rarity!  :scream:  What adventures will our favorite fashionista get into and how will they involve the under-utilized Zecora? Well it involves manes!  If you want to know more you'll just have to tune in to find out! The episode aired Saturday 11:30 AM EST on September 16th!! :Rarity:
This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. As the episode has already been widely aired, there is no need to bother with spoiler tags, just chat away! :blush:

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Just watched the episode, and I liked it. 



I like Rarity's method of helping other businesses on her quest to getting ready for her photo shoot. 


Zecora's back! Love to see the Zebra is still trying to help others and interestingly enough still lives in her hut. I love her quip about how she's been making potions for years.


I like the idea that the issue of Rarity's mane wasn't resolved simply by magic but by her way of being creative. Even in the end, she does get what she wants simply by being creative. Which leads to....


Punk Rarity! I'd love to see her in her punk form shredding her guitar that she uses to relax.  


The Flower Fillies actually have personalities rather than saying "the Horror! and fainting. 


I like that the idea of going back in time to fix Rarity's mane and all turn to Starlight who flat out says "Nope." 

In all a great episode. 

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I enjoyed this episode.


Lots of funny stuff. From some random Crystal Pony losing his hair right in front of an terrified crowd, to Rarity attacking the 'spooky background'. Which you're not supposed to do! Bad Rarity! They're just there to provide atmosphere.


We'll probably find out later that these are adorable little fuzzy creatures who live in the Everfree.




We also get Rarity in leather...Wonder if it's real?



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Season 7 has proven one thing for me, the writers of this cartoon have NOT run out of ideas!


I loved the originality of this episode and this is the 'fainting couch' Rarity at her glorious best!  


It was great to see Rarity, with the urging of her friends, turn a very bad situation all the way around!


One of the best episodes of the season!


Personally, I think Rarity should've kept her 'punk' look.



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