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Post-Finale Changes?


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[[WARNING: This thread may contain spoilers for the FiM series finale. If you still haven't seen it,what are you doing? don't read this]]


I'm just wondering what, if any, changes will be made to Canterlot.com canon in light of the recently aired series finale.

I know site canon diverges in many places from show canon, so I was wondering if we were going to update site canon to accomodate the changes that have taken place in the series. For instance the royal sisters' retirement, and Twilight's subsequent official promotion, relationships' updates and the significant time jump.


Or will this be more handled on a "per-rp" basis?


Just curious what the official say is for the site.


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@SteelEagle sounds like a plan. ;)


@szalhi I was thinking the same thing.

The time jump, I feel, isn't really necessary, here (even if we just pretended we were in that time all along, and don't age up all our characters).


Maybe we could have a way to label our rps. like an example: "RP name (Closed: person) (Post Time Jump)"

or maybe somebody else can think of a better way to do it. That seems over-cluttered for a title. :/

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On 10/17/2019 at 6:25 PM, szalhi said:

Make things extra complicated. 


World of Future Equestria. 


Because this site is big enough for that.


I for one love this idea, I was planning on suggesting it myself - an additional forum would keep think nice and organized while not short-changing anyone who wants to RP Pre-time-skip or Post-time-skip

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