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Small question

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I have a very small but important question to ask.

What does the character sheet for World of Equestria look like? You know, the one i need to get my little original character accepted? 

I'd love to know your answer and please take as much time as you need. I do accept that mods have a life, you know?



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Yes, the staff are pretty good with not making you wait, too long, on character apps. No need to tell them when you've posted, I'm guessing they just have the "Character Applications" topic followed (so they get notifications for every new thread).


Don't forget to read Fluttershy's Creature Compendium, as well (there are more allowed races than you might think and looking here can even give you ideas for characters as well as inform you of what won't work, here).


And if you haven't already, you might also want to read some of the rules threads.

Most important, imo, are the site rules, and WoE RP rules.

But you really oughtta read all the threads tagged "rules" under General Site Rules, and RP Rules and Etiquette.


Remember that if WoE has too many rules for you (or you just want to do a more relaxed rp), you can always use the FFA section.

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