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Last post wins

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$170 on a game, like in microtransactions? Yikes. 


Nah the tough part is going into a stall then trying to get your tail to fit, or taking it off and finding a place to put it long enough so you can keep it clean and pee. The restrooms at the con hotel are usually pretty immaculate, but ya never know...

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*he screms*


*he crawls up, bit by bit, from the deep, dark bowels of the peach pit pit*

*flings himself past the edge and stumbles to his feet, hair and fur tangled with lecherous lichen and lying lice and at least three different breeds of lazy Larrys*

*goes to take a step forward*

*falls flat on his face, instantly knocking his eyeball from it's socket*


*stands back up*

*eyeball dangles freely*

*goes to take another step*


*left arm falls off*


*stares at it*

*his detached paw flips him off*


*sloooowly turns away from it and continues lugging his decrepit body into the central clearing*

*comes to a wobbling stop*

*pulls a half eaten journal full of mud and dandelion petals from his knotted mane*

*points his dangly eye at its pages for a moment before nodding and flinging it behind him into the peach pit pit*


On 9/27/2011 at 7:16 PM, Octavia said:

Well I noticed there is not that many forum games around so lets see what happens...

Well title says it all did I win already?


Long, long ago in the whirling eons of h--....


*clears his throat*




*hacks up a purple pulsating pustule which looks like it COULD be some sort of malformed abominable peach pit but it scampers off, screeching, into the underbrush before anyone can get a good look*

*clears his throat once more*


Long, long ago in the whirling eons of history,

There existed an age of wonder, love, equality and mystery.


Upon the tallest mount sparkled the radiant capital of the land, full of mirth and merriment,

But high up atop the tallest peak of that tallest of mounts, sat a deity of noise, brooding upon a most abominable experiment.


In her violently vibrant mind her thoughts raged and churned with lashing lust and deplorable desire,

Focused with an unspeakable intensity upon one singular fixation: to be the owner of a celestially powered air fryer.


In vicious subversion of all the merry laws of that land, she gathered about her all the forces she could muster,

Sun and moon, light and dark, black and white, flower and mold, tea and coffee, all condensed down to a singular cluster!


From an explosion of whispers and giggles did a writhing garden, a cardboard kingdom, a blurry parade of color and shadow burst forth,

While with the very greatest of disappointment and regret for her failure, the noisome deity faded to dust, broken by her toil's worth.


Thus was born the ragged race, the meaningless match, the battle of the broken and the boisterous

Thus was born the band of brothers, the society of sisters, the menagerie of manic monkeys

Thus was born Last Post Wins and all the consequences that would entail~


*takes a final deep, wheezy inhale!*


Happy 7th LPWaversary all you lovely loners, losers, lovers, l-... loafs... lakemen? ....laborers?? .......loams??? :'I



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*pops his eye back into his socket*

*his other eye immediately pops out*



I live yet still, despite all the machinations of gods and demons and Wolf Queens to achieve my downfall! >:D


I would still be locked in the deep, dark, yeasty bowels of Rose's sweltering closet EVEN NOW if it weren't for one, singular, cataclysmic mistake on her part!

I'll admit, the chains were of a thoroughly subpar quality, only taking me a meager two and a half months to gnaw through.

But even having conquered those chains I never would have been able to escape if I hadn't have found, buried deep in the furthest recesses of that writhing, undulating cavern of a closet... set upon a pedestal of rubies and moonstones... THE GREATEST DRILLING IMPLEMENT IN EXISTENCE! ...Rose's Extra Large Gold-Bedazzled Flared Chance!


It took a mere six months to dig my way free after that!

And... and then another two months after that were spent thoroughly... "appreciating" ...said plundered loot~ >:3


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The path remains open.

I've affectionately dubbed it "Rosie's Gaping Tunnel, as Drilled by Fawkes"

You're welcome to wiggle your way up on in there, love.

I've made it nice and wide for anyone wanting to have a go >:3


Oh and be a dear and return this for me, would you?~

*tosses the battered Chance at Penby's feet*

*it flops sadly on the floor*


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