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Davroth's amazing medical records (Logs)


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[colour=#d3d3d3]Seeker[/colour] // Unicorn // male // stallion // LINK

Former desert nomad and shepherd with a lot of compassion, now self-taught archaeologist and one of the leading experts on pre-Discordian civilisations (mostly because there aren't that many).





Blacky is a solid black Shepherd dog.


Link Ruins of Old (private)

Link A Night at the Great Library of Canterlot [Closed]

Link The Curious Case of the Missing Saddle Bag (Invite Only)

Link A Taste of Desert Hospitality (Private)


Link Hang in there, old friend (closed)

Link Wealth of the dragon (deserted)

Link A guard's reward (Open, pm first, though)

[colour=#6666ff]Quills[/colour] // Unicorn // male // stallion // LINK

Young stallion with an amazing talent for organization, but still searching for his place in the rapidly shifting world of art and fashion, his true calling. Even though he has no creative bone in his body.



Lost in the crowd (open)

Evening Serenade (open)

[colour=#00ff00]Drifting Veil[/colour] // Unicorn // male // stallion // LINK

Germane born stage designer and all around nerdy pony, this stallion knows more then anything how to build a great team, and put up a great show.



Link Dungeons, Ponies, Magic and Dragons [CLOSED!]


Link When Two Ponies Collide [Private]

Link Construction Troubles (PM for invite)

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[colour=#ffa500]Milky Quartz[/colour] // Pegasus // Female // Young mare // LINK

Native desert dweller, scoundrel, muscle for hire. Though easily angered and defiant, Milky Quartz stops at nothing if it helps her on her quest to find her mother.



Link The Storm (Open)

Link The Curious Case of the Missing Saddlebag (PM Invite only)


Link Not so fun life of an outlaw (discontinued)

[colour=#ff0000]Opal Shards[/colour] // Pegasus // Female // Mare // LINK

Found as an orphan and raised by a weather team in the mountains, life has been harsh to the white mare as she tried to find a place of her own. Now the cold Opal Shards flies with a dangerous stunt team, freezing her audience with a display of ice based weather manipulation.



Link Hot and Cold - Hitting the clubs (PM for invite)

Link Training accident and artistic visions (Private)

Link "Have at you, foul beast!" [Closed]

[colour=#d3d3d3]Link[/colour][colour=#d3d3d3] 100 Country Kisses (Open)[/colour] <exited for now>


Link Team Meeting! (deserted)

Link Chrysanthemum's Herb Shop (open)

Link Wonders and Shadows (Private)

Link A quiet winter day (PM for invite)

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[ Earth Ponies ]

[colour=#66ff00]Trotto von Bissmal[/colour] // Earth Pony // Male // Older Stallion // LINK

Veteran military leader from the faraway land of Germaney and all-around tactical Wunderkind, this stallion spends his twilight years travelling Equestria, supporting talented people who are down on their luck financially without asking anything in return but for them to give their dreams their all.




[colour=#008000]Chip[/colour] [colour=#00ff00]& River [/colour][colour=#008000]Go[/colour][colour=#00ff00]Lucky [/colour]// Earth Pony // Male/Female // Colt/Filly // LINK LINK

Recently orphaned on the mean streets of Trottingham, the GoLucky siblings hold together through thick and thin, no matter how hard it is.



Link Fairly Distant (Closed)

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[ FiM Cast ]

[colour=#dda0dd]Photo Finish[/colour] // Earth Pony // Female // Mare // LINK

Fashion scout and all around fashion talent. Her impeccable sense of style and poise leads her from one discovery to the next on her strive for [colour=#dda0dd]ze magicks![/colour]



Link Ponyville's Own Barista (Closed)

Link Fashions of Equestria (Invite only)

Link Photo Finish's latest Photo Exhibition *Grand Opening* (open; no post order)



Link Train tracks blocked - a catastrophe for the world of fashion (PM for invite)

Link The Bag Boutique (invite only)

[colour=#ee82ee]Nursery "Nurse" Rhyme[/colour] // Earth Pony // Female // filly // LINK

Still in school, but already very passionate about working in the medical field when she grows up. Though sometimes on the squeemish side, she's absolutely unflinching when it comes to being a nurse.



Link Class Is In Session (Open to Ponyville Fillies and Colts)

Link Apple Bloom's Big Day! [Open-PM, Invite, Friends, Family]


Nevermind me, I'm not up to date anymore! 

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