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My Little Achievements

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Just a few for A Bird in the Hoof, if I think of any more good ones, I'll add to the list. :D

[All Creatures Great and Small] - Help Fluttershy nurse and injured animal back to health

[Top Chef] - Help the Cakes make enough pies for a dozen pony party

[MasterChef] - Help the Cakes make enough pies for a 25 pony party

[iron Chef] - Help the Cakes make enough pies for a town event

[Hell's Kitchen] - Help the Cakes make enough pies for a town event & prevent Pinky from eating any

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Here are some I made that I'm sure will be possible outcomes or eventual goals once I start RPing with Doze.

[been There] - Travel to every location on the map.

[Done That] - Try your hand at over 50 jobs.

[i Don't Remember These Ponies...] - Meet all of the PC ponies and creatures on the board, all of them.

[Do Something Silly] - Work in an unusual job.

[Leave, or I Will Taunt You a Second Time!] - Work as a comedian.

[i Am Not Mike Rowe] - Work in a dirty job.

[What Seams To Be the Problem?] - Work as a tailor of some kind.

[Half Baked] - Work as a cook of some kind.

[stop! You Have Violated the Law!] - Work as a guard.

[You Have Chosen... Poorly] - Fail miserably at a job.

[Eventually!] - Procrastinate on a job.

[Evil Enchantress?] - Work with or for a decidedly evil pony.

[Not Sure I'm Qualified For This...] - Have no idea what to do during a job.

[Confound Those Sheep, They Drive me to Sleep] - Fall asleep during a tense or dramatic situation.

[Like a Log] - Remain asleep during a very loud situation.

[uhhh... What's Going On?] - Wake up during a tense or dramatic situation.

[We Must Go Derper] - Somehow place a dream within a dream.

[DozZzZze] - Stay awake for at least 24 hours.

[Not Even Pink...] - Encounter Poison Joke.

[Grasswhistle] - Win a fight (or similarly tense situation) by putting people to sleep.

[When All You Have Is A Hammer The World Is Full Of Nails] - Solve a non-violent situation by putting people to sleep when it isn't the common solution to the problem.

[A Place to Call Home] - Find a career or place that you stick with.

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[Now where was I...] Successfully get lost in your own home.

[How'd that get there?] Successfully locate something you've lost in a place you don't expect it. (I.E. Wallet in Fridge, pants in the dishwasher, dishes in bed...)

[What was I thinking?] Locate something you didn't realize you lost in a place you don't expect it. (I.E. Credit Card in DVD Case, Shoes in the tub, Cat in the Closet)

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I've always wanted to make these... Some are for my ponies with profiles, some are still in wip.

[Life Preserver] Be saved by Aqua Drop while drowning in a body of water.

[it was this big!!!] Accidentally fish Aqua Drop out of her lake while fishing.

[Cleanliness is next to Godliness] Manage NOT to get coated in candy-making supplies while assisting Apple Mallow.

[This will NEVER come out...] Manage TO get coated in candy-making supplies while assisting Apple Mallow.

[Record Time] Manage to keep up with Strawberry Orange on a delivery round.

[Not bad, kid... not bad.] Get Strawberry Orange's praise after 3 successful delivery rounds with her.

[spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace] Assist Moon Brook one night during her scheduled moongazing.

[but Pluto's not a planet...] Notice something new in the night sky before Moon Brook does.

[Put my two bits in] Buy from Strawberry Field's stall in the Ponyville Marketplace.

[Dorothy, it's a twister!] Manage to catch Strawberry Field's hat after it blows off and give it back to her.

[Avast Feathermay's Hiney!] Manage to embarrass Feathermay and NOT walk the plank.

[birds of a Feather] Successfully cure and heal 5 birds that are under Feathermay's care.

[Turn it up to 11] Be a groupie for Side Swept's band for 3 concerts.

[Where's my Hair Gel?!] Successfully bring Side Swept a new jar of hair gel before he loses it (mentally).

[Tag! You're it!] Manage to play a 'game of tag' with the Program Guards with Circuit Dash and get away.

[Motherboard] Help Circuit Dash free the controlled Programs and escape the base undetected.

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[Pony Express] Make 5 consecutive package deliveries on time.

[Cold as ice] Winter weather advisory.


[Only a flesh wound] Successfully resuscitate an injured pony.

[i'm a doctor, not a...] Get caught in a situation where your medical expertise is useless.

Sturmovik/Crew of the Artorius

[bratya po'oruzhiyu!] Carouse with the crew of the Artorius.

[Farewell to Slavyanka] Catch Sturmovik stargazing on deck... and live to tell about it.

White Feather

[i'm a Gopher] Retrieve the package.

[Wind Walker] Extract the package.


[Over the hill] Begin a story with "back in the day..."

[You ain't seen what I've seen] Scare someone with an embellished war story.

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[i Don't Want Any Trouble] Get in a fight with Swift Breeze

[Everypony Was Kung-Fu Fighting] Get in a fight with Swift Breeze and five other ponies.

[Wise Pony Say...] Get confused by something Swift Breeze says.

[Elementary, My Dear] Solve a crime before Mystery Chaser

[...And You Call Yourself a Hardboiled Detective.] Get Mystery Chaser drunk/salted.

[it was a dark and stormy night] Hire Mystery Chaser for a case

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[MY WHOLE UPPER BODY ACHES!] attend 1 of Rainbow Dash's training sessions

[i CANT FEEL MY HOOVES!] attend 1 of Applejack's training sessions

[bite the muffin] successfully clear a level of either RD's or AJ's training sessions

i got this idea since my whole goddamn body aches from my jujitsu lesson :mad:

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[They lurk...] - Encounter the shadowbolts

[We need more cowbell!] - Fireworks gone wrong...

[ultimate destiny] - Witness a WB vs SB showdown

[99 problems...] - Get caught in a tight spot...

[Contradictions, We has them!] - Encounter Water/Earth Lyra at the same time

[Master Debater] - Get into a flame war involving ponies

[AppleJACKED] - Loose a friend to a group of less-than-preferable canines

[98 problems...] - Get yourself out of a tight spot...

[sexy Party] - Witness a Berry Punch meltdown

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Some of my own...

[Vegeta Impersonator] Work with dry portland cement while your hair is damp.

[bROHOOF!] Discover the brony-tude of a fellow member of a fraternal organization.

[Not THAT Hot] Drink Sriracha directly from the bottle.

[Ain't from 'Round Here] Be scolded by a complete stranger for holding the door open for a lady.

[Right Round, Baby] Attempt to hold a revolving door open for a lady.

[beating 'Round the Bush] Successfully hold a revolving door open for a lady.

[Applejack's a 'Bama Fan] Simultaneously watch a premiere episode of MLP: FiM and an SEC football game.

[it's My Special Helmet] Forget that you are wearing a hardhat while attempting to enter a low-ceiling automobile.

[i'll Drink to That] Participate in a round of the My Little Pony drinking game.

[immediate Regrets] Survive a round of the My Little Pony drinking game.

And a couple that the community as a whole can relate to:

[Coming out of the Stable] Successfully explain your hobby to a family member.

[Not a Horse ****er, Dad.] Unsuccessfully explain your hobby to a family member.

[uNSHORN FETLOCKS!] Make a clever, well executed, and completely under-appreciated MLP reference.

[but. She's. Not. PINK.] Engage an argument related to My Little Pony while in public.

[Welcome to the Herd.] Witness the conversion of a new fellow Brony.

[Grimdark is Tasty] Enjoy a rainbow-swirl cupcake.

[We'll Have to Improvise] Make a batch of baked bads.

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Story of the Blanks Trophies

[Zombie pony killer] Defeat 1000 Bloody Hooves

[Filly protector] Guide Applebloom outside of Sunny Town without her dieing.

[still not sure if boy or girl] Deliver the books to Zecora

[A terrible secret] Find the pony bones in the fireplace

[Ending the nightmare] Kill Rudy and lift the curse of Sunny Town

Super Filly Adventure Trophies

[super fan] Talk to everyone in the game numerous times

[Dragon killer] Defeat the Dragon

[Pinkie Pies assistant] Deliver all the invitations

[Muffin baker] Feed the good muffins to Derpy

[One of us] Watch the Blank Flank ending

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