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A Special Hearth's Warming


Not good with backgrounds, but I gave it my best shot darnit.

Inkbrand usually spends the holidays with his family in Manehatten, but this Hearth's Warming he's got a little charge to take care of. The two of them (plus friends) are going to make the best of it though.

Fun fact: I almost took the lazy route and drew easy and round snowmen on Inkbrand's scarf, but in the end I committed. Because snowponies > snowmen.

Applejack © Hasbro

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the backgrounds not bad. I don't know why anyone would think it was. as for everything else..... it's as amazing as ever! I'm probably not the best person to offer helpful commentary, but I try my best..... except right now. I can't find anything that could use improvement.

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I like the background. The shading looks especially nice on the tree. Inkbrand's pose/anatomy looks off to me (right leg looks disjointed and too thin compared to the left leg), which gives him a rigid-looking quality, but it's nothing that detracts from the overall piece. Nicely done!

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