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Hail to the Queen!

Everyone meet Astrid! the latest (for now) addition to my OC lineup. The High King of Whitescar is currently busy dealing with a multitude of issues back home in the lands of caribou. In the hopes of a united Whitescar that can grow beyond the image all other nations have of their kind as berserking barbarian conquerers and nothing else, HIgh Queen Astrid has been hoping to do more diplomatic work with the adjacents lands... Maybe Neighpon if she thinks that their inhabitants are over that whole... war thing that was a long time ago.

She's getting up there in age along with her Husband, Havardr, but also like her beloved she has not let it slow her down. She's an experienced warrior but also one of the best healers and potion makers in her homeland. She'll likely be venturing outside fo whitescar and visiting certain areas of lands beyond in order to meet both creatures of note and those they rule over... and maybe adding to her collection of pulp stories.


The drawing itself was a fun to do... although I still think the antlers are a bit goofy looking.

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The Character Corner (Color!)

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2 hours ago, starswirlthebearded said:

*Dagger glares at Limi*


I was going to take a photo with you too, sire! :unsure:

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It's interesting how...different she looks compared to other bou. The wisdom and serenity that seems emanating from her definitely gives more of a tribal...almost shamanistic feeling. It's clear that she saw things and although they may weighted on her in the past, she moved on. This is something that can be only earned by experience.


Not to mention those little and charming details, like wrinkles, face paint and jewelry - especially the later. I would love to see some kind of king or queen character from you one day, with lots of bling on them.

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