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  1. Ah, well. Life decided to eat me up. But I'm alive.

    Somehow. o.e

    1. Arcus


      It is so unbelievably awkward to look under this status and see another status about returning, which I never followed up on. Oh, well.

  2. Hey, guys. Sorry for dissapearing. Check my blog for details.

    1. PrinceBlueblood


      Yowch, I read that.  Glad to see you back, anyhow, and I hope you feel better soon!

    2. Lyipheoryia


      Oh my~  You have all the reason for a little hiatus from the site.  Take care, and get well soon!

  3. Arcus


    Okay. First off, I'd like to say sorry. I dissapeared without notice, and I know I broke a LOT of roleplays. I'm so, so sorry. So many things happened to me so quickly, and... To be honest, none of them were good. I got caught up in real life, and my health too. I know that you guys say we should put real life first, but I definitely don't wanna forget you guys! So... let me explain what happened. A while back, during our cadet graduation, I was busy enough already. With all the preparations and invitations, my schedule was pretty packed, but the graduation went off pretty smoothly. It was what happened the night later that really screwed everything up. On the same day as cadet graduation, was a school concert, "Fusion". It was a advertised as a night of fun and craziness. And craziness was what it really was. Ok, the concert? It was pretty good, even though I had to stand sentry duty along with my fellow junior officers. I was stationed along a walkway, almost directly aligned with the stage. The concert was ending, they were starting to clean up, people were starting to leave. We weren't allowed to leave post just yet. They were transferring everything from the stage onto big, metal carts, all made to roll down the way to where I was stationed. Now, at this point, it was basically free time for us officers, roaming around and checking of any people were hiding around on school grounds. I never left my post, though. A couple of my friends were hanging out with me during that time. I was pretty distracted during that time. As I leaned down to tie up my loose combat boots, I didn't even hear the sound of a securing cable snap. My friends were laughing. I looked up in time to see a cart rolling down. I also looked up in time to shove my friend out of the way. My right foot got caught in the wheel. And now I'm stuck going back and forth between the hospital and home, after spending a LONG time in the hospital after the incident. I have dual fractures on my fifth metatarsal, a single fracture on my third and second, and a really badly twisted up heel. Whatever that means. So my foot's in a really heavy cast, and under constant monitoring. I can't walk properly, even with crutches. It still hurts to move my foot. Soooo, yeah. But I'm not in the hospital anymore, so yeah. I'm sorta back? I guess? TL;DR, My foot is really, really broken. I'm sorry for all the roleplay stuff I broke too.
  4. Welcome to Canterlot, Polyblank!
  5. Arcus

    Ask Fire: 16

    It'll be fun, they said...
  6. Well, I said hello already, but there's no harm in doing it again, so hello! I'm pretty sure we don't have a built-in site chat, but what we do have are the Canterlot Skype groups, and the IRC channels! Just ask one of the moderators, and they'll help you find them. (Or probably just add you in too, actually!) Welcome to Canterlot, Eventide. x3
  7. The amount of things a unicorn can do with magic just makes designing one so much harder...

    1. tacobob


      Just remember, most unicorns probably just have the most basics of spells. Ones that they use in normal day situations. It took even Twilight some time to master some of the more difficult spells, like teleportation.

    2. Arcus


      Don't worry, I'm not going to go magic-crazy. x3

  8. Arcus


    The gradients on those tattoos though, it looks so cool!
  9. Short version? Youtube. Slightly longer version? Sigh... Starscream VS Rainbow Dash.
  10. Arcus


    Any other people here with a ridiculous surplus of characters? Hmm... Not really, imo, since everyone here is focused mainly on a favorite OC of theirs, and the people who have many characters use them all! I myself only have two, which is a good amount, if you ask me! x3 Anyways, welcome back to the forums, and enjoy your stay (Again!), Sky.
  11. Yeah, that's kinda what I wanted a seating arrangement for too. What if somepony decided to whisper something to someone else, and then they turned out to be on the other end of the table? Would be pretty weird, wouldn't it? x3
  12. Ooh, I see. Yep, definitely ignore that, then!
  13. Hmm, point taken! Although... I do wonder how the others will react. x3
  14. ... Honestly, Lyi, your dream sounds like CS:GO mixed with League of Legends. It would probably be like: •SKT _T1_Support : Team, rush Baron then push? •xXNoScopeXx: drop awp
  15. Also, do we have, like, a map of the seating arrangement? It might get confusing as to where everyone is, with this many people present.
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