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  1. Man, Now Loose Cannon might have something Non classified to do. Loose goes into the Everfree (outskirts) all the time. She actually enjoys it sometimes. No forest darkness can impede her when that's all she has. May or may not have disassembled a certain moving tree thing. Loose may or may not have met her before, but because of ages and stuff, the answer is probably no.
  2. Should I really be joining some threads when I might get really busy later?



    Of course

  3. The announcement, didn't have nearly as much of an effect on twins as it may have on others. Besides their normal refrain from negative emotions, they had not been living in this town for long enough to really form a deep enough connection with the soon to be former mayor. That was not to say they had no reaction at all, it was just, not obvious to probably 99% of the population in this town. Somehow delve into their tight network, and you would be able to hear the fast conversation that may overload your mind. "Well, that kind of brings up want I've been wanting to say for a while now sister. You know, true business isn't booming as much as we thought. It seems ponies don't have many problems that require us in this town," Placidity pointed out. "Well, this town is pretty calm, in that sense. It's not going to be as hectic as other cities, if you discount the exaggerated panics sometimes. We're doing alright, nothing wrong there, I don't see what you're trying to say. Do you want to leave this place?" Tranquility asked, mentally raising an eyebrow. "No, not at all, we're staying here. I mean, we're not going into poverty or anything anytime soon, it just seems redundant for us both to be working the same job, even if there are some, side projects that could be beneficial." "You brought this up now, are you suggesting..." "Yes, precisely. I'm going to run for mayor," she announced before dramatically pausing for effect. "There's no real harm in doing so, more benefits I would see. I've always been more charismatic than you. I can do the same basic stuff, just a bit differently." "But, like, I mean, I've always done things with you. Like..." "Yes and no. We do the same basic stuff, but delve deeper and we do different stuff. Truth be told, I don't like sitting inside writing a book the same way you do." "Hey, if it's what you want to do. I can take over for myself. My book shouldn't take that much longer anyway, and there will be downtime before I can even start the next. Plus, I guess this way you might be able to actually solve the panic epidemics." "Maybe, yeah. Put matters into my own hooves. Seems a bit intimidating sometimes, but I've always got you to back me up." "I don't know how much authority I have, but who's going to know?" The two of them would smile at each other as Placidity walked up to the signup sheet. As much as sometimes they like mundane, change can be fun in life. Placidity would probably give a speech sometimes, but not now. She wanted it to be good, and as much as there is to being open about yourself, sometimes ponies don't need to hear what you're really thinking about. But hey, if anypony wanted to ask her some questions now, well normally she asks the questions, but why not?
  4. I kind of want No Vella at a book 'signing' but I don't know if you can do that.
  5. Ah, I don't know if I deserve this. I mean art is art, but I already have enough.
  6. Vote Tranquility and you will see that all negative emotions are purged forever.

  7. Nice thread you've got there, would be a shame if I inadvertently killed it.

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      keep an eye open. I'll come up with another thread sooner or later. :)

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      Ah well, Loose's skills would be cheating.

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      unless s/he is a reality warper I'm sure there are plenty of puzzles and monsters I could throw at you that would at least challenge her/him ;) 

  8. szalhi

    Pony Life

    Kind of late news, but yeah. A nice interlude for G5.
  9. I feel like I'm forgetting something.

  10. Oh boy, 2020, I can see clearly now.

  11. She laughed in response to Cloudy's quirk and patted him once. "C'mon Cloudy, it's not like you're the one who is blind. Unless something changed recently?" When Iggy, who Cloudy mentioned earlier was a Kirin, made their plunge, Loose was a bit surprised that the energy transfer speed didn't seem to have much of a lasting effect besides what seemed like a steam cloud, but maybe the limits were higher than she thought. Or magic. Yeah that was probably the answer. It was supposedly the answer of how this was possible in the first place, so it would be the answer to that as well. "Hey, nice job, Iggy was it? You were in there for a bit. But not long enough right?" Hopefully that didn't intimidate the Kirin too much because no one should redo this challenge anytime soon. "Well, I'll have to do better than you." She wasted no time hopping right into the water. It was cold. Like, cold, but colder. The cold was coldier. But it was cold as she expected, just except that it was colder. Cold. But nah, she played it off normal. "I don't see what's so bad about this water. Perfectly normal." Hypothermia is a worthy sacrifice for victory. Supposedly there were two ways to do this, completely focus all on the task, or completely ignore it entirely. Ignoring seemed more nonchalant. "So, uh. Nice weather we're having today?" Alright, that was about it. She got out of the water as smoothly as possible, standing out in the open for maximum plausibility. "That was disappointing. You know, I think the pool is messed up, it's actually warmer in there. You guys should come here and try it."
  12. The Plunge sounded simultaneously like the best and worst event ever. From one perspective, it seemed really unsafe and like ponies could get really hurt, but then again, apparently Pinkie Pie was in charge and she was sure it was physically impossible for one to get actually hurt around her. Even though Loose was born in Appleloosa, she spent the majority of her life here and as such she could be considered biologically neutral on the temperature scale. But such an event wasn't just about physical endurance, it was also about mental endurance for one could probably stay in longer than their nervous system wanted to. And how could such a pony of her figure not even attempt this at all? She found out about the event through one of Pinkie's totally not discreet announcements; one of the types where it seemed she hadn't even prepared it yet but was certain it was going to happen. Because of this she felt like she was surprisingly early to the event, normally being late due to lack of communication (no, posters are not a valid form of communication, thank you government.) She was actually lucky when she arrived at the table because she wasn't the only one there. While she was taught how to write her name in print, that only really works if you know where to write it in the first place. "Hey, Cloudy, sorry to run off on you the other day. Had to get the food home before... stuff happened to it you know." That was probably the greatest excuse she could come up with now. "Are those your friends over there. Are they participating too? Which reminds me, can you put me down as well? Kind of hard to do it myself." It was about then that she started getting second thoughts. But she ignored them. "The recovery might be more intense than the actual event. Assuming one of us doesn't go through cold shock." She kind of hoped that wouldn't deter him.
  13. Oh boy, holiday season. Time to spend even less time roleplaying because that's how it has always worked for me.

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