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  1. I'm banning myself from ever participating in mega RPs.
  2. Oh boy, another art for the Loose Collection. If only she could see how great it is.
  3. If you ever want to do art for any of my characters you can, but I'm not going to ask for anything really because I don't know.
  4. Alright, after two months of thinking, I thought of something I really need. Angel Swearing in Bunny sign. Do any of us know Bunny sign? Of course not. But It's the thought that counts.
  5. After three years I finally got around to actually posting another fic chapter. Don't know why It took me so long.

  6. Would be great if Echo could go, but she ain't friendship student and I'd just slow everyone down.
  7. OC patterns say I need to make a Pegasus foal next. Maybe I'll break it.
  8. Make sure to look out for future OC that may or may not ever happen.
  9. Sounds cool, but I'm not really sure if I should do this.
  10. Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria Name: Angel Sex: Male Age: Teen Species: Equestrian Bunny Coat: White Tail: White Physique: It may not be obvious, but quite sleek for an Equestrian Bunny. Residence: Ponyville Outskirts Occupation: First mate of the Fluttershy Brigade. Pet. Unique Traits: Bunny Sign. Not entirely unique for the species, but it’s not like ponies know it. It's the main form of communication by the bunnies with vocals proceeding it. History: Angel was never like the others. He was more aggressive, adventurous, outgoing. It didn't fit the lifestyle of a normal rabbit. But what's a small rabbit going to do outside his kind? Luckily, he found an escape. A pony named Fluttershy, one who could understand basically all animals, including Bunny sign. Sure, it's not quite adventurous as he would like, but it sure is more exciting and interesting, and he would basically die for her. Character Personality: Rough and Tough. It can't entirely be sure whether or not he is holding back or not. No one messes around with his pony. Sometimes he can't entirely be sure when to let his guard down, this can cause negative socialisation among others. It doesn't help that most don't know sign and Bunny's can't really speak. Character Summary: He’s a Bunny. But he’s not that kind of bunny. Sometimes he doesn't wish he was a bunny at all. But at the same time, it's all he ever knew and really, could it possibly be worse?
  11. I'd like something, but as usual I'm never sure what.
  12. how about we all sell our souls for some art.
  13. Oh hey, thanks, worked out a bit better than I thought for base material. You're lucky Vella's blindness isn't congenital so it gives a bit of an excuse. Also I'm not sure what you used to input it, but the Braille spacing is technically not right but who would notice but me?
  14. Man, Now Loose Cannon might have something Non classified to do. Loose goes into the Everfree (outskirts) all the time. She actually enjoys it sometimes. No forest darkness can impede her when that's all she has. May or may not have disassembled a certain moving tree thing. Loose may or may not have met her before, but because of ages and stuff, the answer is probably no.
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