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  1. Noir AU

    Perhaps, you've got my attention.
  2. My production goes down whenever I'm on break. Hopefully I'm not missing much on this site.

  3. One year on this site and I can certainly say:


    I’m still young. 

  4. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    "I'm kind of glad there's no royal power attached to this, even if it's all temporary, I don't want to mess up the system," Echo commented on the social standard that was attached to her magic. She could use unicorn magic now, but she didn't seem to have gained any skill. Oh well, that would probably be a good thing, she didn't want to get addicted. Since she was an Alicorn now then she would be stronger too wouldn't she? "Hey, can somepony bring me something heavy to lift? I need to test my Earth Magic." Zipporwhill looked at the slide. "Oh, nothing bad could come out of this right? I mean, I can't change too drastically otherwise some of the animals wouldn't recognise me," she commented before she turned to Ripley. "Are you coming too?" Ripley barked a sign of negativity towards the idea of his participation. "Alright then," She replied as she placed her glasses on Ripley's head. Ripley blinked as he saw his vision distort but didn't react much aside. She climbed up to the top of the slide watching the slide distort itself giving some clear example to what might be going on, but no insight to the interior. She probably guessed that she was going to come out the other side with at least one magical animal trailing behind her. When she came out the bottom of the slide, she misjudged the slide. It was better than she thought it was going to be. She didn't comment much on the experience of the slide itself as she knew the others wouldn't be able to experience it. Ripley was glad to see that she was alright and walked over with the glasses still on his head, stumbling off course once or twice. "Ok, how does this work?" She asked as she returned the glasses to her face.
  5. Introduction!

    Make sure to actually stick around. You made it to the introduction page so that's more than most new users.
  6. She wasn't really paying attention to much anyone else, she thought that if she was going to learn about others, she should do it in a more personal way, not like an info dump. Compared to others, it seemed that she was the youngest and as such, had the least interesting tale to tell, but this wasn't really about her, it was about Equestria as a whole, and every little bit counts. "If anyone of us really was meaningless... than they wouldn't be here right now. The fact that any of us made it here means we have a purpose and we want to fulfil that purpose. I can say that our current purpose, is to fight so that the ones who can't don't have to, but maybe, it will become more than that in the future. Fighting is more than just combat, like my proficiency, it is doing what you can to oppose what's wrong to bring what's right," She said before turning to Tongue Twister. "I'm not from a noble house either, but that doesn't matter to me at all. If anything it gives me more hope. There are no absurd expectations placed on me at all, so really I have free reigns in my abilities to help, even with the restrictions I already have, but really, what would I be if I didn't have those restrictions?" She noticed her short ramble and chuckled. "I bet you only understood half of that, guess I'm not much of a speaker, am I? Whatever..." she said lounging back waiting for the next of Black Ice's Speeches, speaking of which... "Hey, you're not actually Black are you? Sounds like a code name or something. I don't know why. Not that it'd really matter."
  7. New Here. .

    Here's a tip. 27
  8. Can't wait for like Six weeks without pone.

  9. Chibi Loose Cannon (alternate version in description)

    Looks like the day Loose rekt those bullies
  10. Bug eyed [Open]

    Ripley stared at the creature for a moment having witnessed its transformations. What kind of creature has the ability to change form so easily, It must be dangerous right? He heard the creature let off two barks, which he could not understand through its terrible pronunciation. If it wasn't for the fact that his mistress wasn't freaking out then he would have probably marked the creature as dangerous. Seeing Ripley's confusion, Zipporwhill let off a giggle. "I don't think your barks were very convincing there," She informed the dog changeling. "I've seen you around a couple of times before but I've never met you before. I'm Zipporwhill and this is Ripley. Don't worry, he's nice. Although I think you already knew that." Ripley turned his head towards Zipporwhill as if he was asking for more directions. "Go ahead Ripley, changelings are nice now," Zipporwhill persuaded her companion. "Well, you are nice right? I mean, you'd have to, otherwise, you wouldn't be allowed here."
  11. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows

    Loose will fill if it's necessary, but I'll be leaving open to anyone else.
  12. First Harvest (Open)

    The stallion's accent was very heavy, it amused her. Perhaps she would use her own accent to make the situation more interesting. Maybe not this time. "They would have to be healthy otherwise they're not really valid as a produce. I'm not really concerned at all about chemicals," She explained to the farmer. "My mother's an Agricultural scientist, does work for a lot of different farms. Really I don't believe any of the negative rumours at all, but honestly if you can produce such quality with just the magic of your hard work than maybe I should really consider your produce." "I'm not really much of a cook myeslf, so I may have to pass on the sauce but I'm sure you can distribute it to some others here," She said after tasting the sauce. "I think some ponies would love to have this in their meals. Have you considered distributing to Canterlot?" The stallion offered her the sample of his juice and she tried it out for herself. It was quite a weird feeling trying something not necessarily new, but... returning. "I'll take your word for it being one of your best, but the sample size is pretty small if you're saying it's your first harvest. Just want to point out that not all ponies are accepting as myself." "I don't have any bits on me right now to purchase anything at the moment, but maybe you could set some products aside for me?"
  13. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows

    Blueprints? Loose might sit this one out.