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  6. Oh yay, threads not dead. Must have been in a rift for a week.
  7. I need some art for Echo so I'm looking for commissions. 

  8. She doesn't use sign. She is capable of reading lips to an extent that in normal situations it doesn't matter.
  9. (( Guess I'm first )) Echo's close friends wouldn't be coming with her. That was a bit disappointing but at least she knew some fillies that were attending too. Well, kind of. There was AppleBloom... and the rest. That was about it. She didn't really pay attention in class to others with her introversion. The trip took a while, but she was sure it would be worth it. Her wings remained fixed to her side as she took in the scenery. Statues everywhere, of the heroes and rulers that she would eventually find out about. She took a moment to stop focusing on the scenery and instead focus on the group. In front of her, she saw the first native. A Longma, or Ryuma, that's what they were right? The ones with the wings? Not Qilin. Words are confusing. Is Dragon pony acceptable? Although that would be like calling pegasi bird ponies. The Longma was a filly and there was a mini plant with her. It wasn't in a pot it was like a golem. Maybe it was a golem. Why? Due to her lack of hearing, she wasn't really paying attention to the rest of the group and turned back to look at the scenery.
  10. yay for OP. I was tempted to be first reply, but decided against it.
  11. man, I would join, but I'm not sure If my skills are good enough. Actually, that's every reason for me to join. Throw Echo in there.
  12. Muddy in the Streets! [Open RP]

    She sounded great? That was a bit reassuring, but she wasn't sure if it was a genuine compliment. She read what the colt had said. "I don't think your idea of 'Hang out' is the same as our idea. Are you sure you want to do it? I mean, trains and stuff aren't really my thing," She pointed out. She noticed Fast track was turning pink. Was it hot? was he having a fever? Was he... no way.. Couldn't be that... right? "I mean, you can if you want I guess..." She turned to face MudBug "You already have a job? I wonder if I should get a job, but I don't think I really need to... yet. I've been thinking of joining a league team, soon, but I will need a job just incase... what type of job." She pointed to her cutie mark. "I'm not sure if you noticed, but I play in the Pegasus position of Buckball. " She wished she had her ball here, but it would be inappropiate in the streets of Canterlot.

    oh man free art? That's too cheap for me. I say you charge a 100% tax. I need to get back into roleplaying and an image of Echo would help.
  14. Pc's still broken but I found a temporary replacement. Will try to pump out some posts.

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