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  1. Damn graduation. 


    Now I have to get a job.

  2. (( Ah man, I suck with clothing and stuff. I'll update my app over time. ))
  3. Name: Loose Cannon Race: Earth Appearance: She has short mane and tail with a darker orange tone than her coat. Her eyes are basically white, but they can appear a bit red sometimes, remnants of her uveitis. She is above average in strength. Her cutie mark is a flaming horse shoe. Personality: She can seem intimidating sometimes, but other times she's kind of nice. She's not a leader, don't put her in charge, she doesn't know what to do. She tries not to care much about how ponies think of her, but it can be clear sometimes that it doesn't work. Winter Civilian gear: -Thick wool sweater. -Blindfold (Despite serving virtually no function, her eyes are still sensitive. She wears it sometimes to stop further inflammations. It also looks cool, maybe.)
  4. (( Now I'm torn between adapting Loose Cannon or Haste to the AU. ))
  5. (( Wondering whether I should create an entirely new character for this or not. ))
  6. In one week I'll be out of school.



    Wait what? That's too soon.

  7. szalhi

    Ya'll Got a Problem!

    But how can we be sure?
  8. szalhi

    Ya'll Got a Problem!

    Bot's back?
  9. No one came to my door.



    1. DreamWanderer


      Thankfully no one came to mine either :P Luckly i live on the edge of town where no one bothers to go =D 

    2. tacobob


      Yeah. The front door!


      We all snuck in the back! :kissy:

    3. PyroBlaze


      Me either, but that's pretty typical

  10. szalhi

    Celestia's Birthday Party

    Might consider dropping out of this thread if I can't reply soon. Don't want to slow down the thread..
  11. szalhi

    Ya'll Got a Problem!

    91 episodes to get to the world stuff.
  12. szalhi

    Ways to improve writing?

    Sometime you just have to take your time. I had a problem with that, I always felt Like I was on a deadline and if I couldn't meet it, then I should scrap it. But then I read how long it took for Metro 2033 to get written and I realised that I personally can't write something fast, especially with all the other things I have to do right now and I just had to accept that it's okay. Still sucks.
  13. szalhi

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    This place would get crowded soon. While not something that would be that big of a problem- she hoped, they were still more used to small groups as was the nature of their occupation. Was that King Sombra? Placidity had heard about him, the stuff he did, and she had also heard other things recently. It seemed that everything was alright though. "Is that Sombra? That Sombra? The Sombra? Of the Crystal Empire?" "It would appear so. Seems nothing's wrong. Nothing to be alarmed about, even if it is within your extra duties in the Twilight Auxilliary," Tranquility replied looking around herself. She was mostly focusing on Luna for the moment. "So it's your sister to blame for the mistake? I guess she gets a pass because it's her birthday. Really, it's only a single letter, one which is of similar form to it's successor. Is our telepathy really that clever? I would have thought more ponies would do it, albeit, not as often of course. I should study that. We always knew we got a boost from our natural connection, so I want to know if it applies to other twins too. Besides communication, it really helped us with our profession. It seems to be much easier for clients to understand us if we're speaking directly into their mind." Celestia offered them drinks. Of course, it wouldn't be a party without some. But what drinks would they ask for? Placidity was assuming Celestia was referring to alcohol right? But maybe it was a bit too early for that? She would have to ask. "We're not really big into drinking, so forgive us if we do not understand the terms. But what would you recommend? Alcohol or not, it shouldn't really matter in this circumstance. Living in Ponyville has given us a sort of preference for cider, but that would be a bit boring now wouldn't it?"