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  1. [Open] Be my Guide.

    Wait, hold on. She was just about to leave for a different location when a stallion came up to her expressing their desire to help. Somepony here was actually willing to help here? No way, couldn't be true. No wait, it could be true. They were speaking in a softer voice, one which a sophisticated Canterlot Pony would never use. She sent out a pulse tracking the pony's location and form. Not a Unicorn; a pegasus. Yes, it was true. "Yes, I am lost," She answered turning to face towards the pony, her eyes not sure if they want to stay open or closed. "I need to find the way to the train station as I have forgotten where it is myself. These locals are no help at all, spitting out the same basic automated replies like they're not paying attention." She paused for a moment. "They are definitely not paying attention. How do they expect me to use a map that's not embossed? How could you even get a map in sufficient embossed detail?" She realised she was ranting on and caught herself before she went any further. "But enough about that, you're willing to help me? You must not be like anypony here at all," She acknowledged. "Are you a local? Tourist? Nomad?"
  2. Her Blindness had stumped her again. It was never always an issue, her Echolocation was a good replacement that allowed her to do some things normally. Sometimes ponies wouldn't even know of her impairment. The only clear factor of her blindness is her eyes when they are open, and when they are closed one might wonder how she doesn't bump into things. Loose Cannon was in Canterlot temporarily for future business. She was planning on joining the guard so she needed to go to the recruitment center. Because of her condition, it would take a while for them to come to the decision as Canterlot hasn't ever had a blind guard before, but the recruiters expressed their interest. They sent her home saying they'd notify her later through mail, hopefully in Braille. This wasn't the first time she was in Canterlot ever, but it was in the last five years. She decided to spend some time looking around the city. It wasn't as exciting as ponies say. One of the various reasons ponies come to visit Canterlot is just to admire the architecture of the city. But to her, it didn't leave much to be desired. When she was done she decided that it would be better to just leave and go back home to Ponyville. Off to the train station, she would go. No wait, that's not the station. Not that either. This is back where she started. This was the problem. She didn't know where the train station was. Canterlot was a big city and the locals weren't always so kind. "I don't have time for this, They'd say or mostly "Just use a map." She would have liked to just use a map. Maps are distributed to all tourists who need them. She was kind of a tourist. But maps are colour based so she couldn't use a map. She tried to look out for a pony that may seem like they could help, but if there was one, they were diluted among the rest. She stood there on the side of the street with a look of concern.
  3. She was sure she wasn't supposed to have known that last bit of information but because of her lip reading, she understood it anyway. Kahoot does not physically match her. This was surely all one big act. Does Kahoot really think this is a game? Wars are not games. They're serious business. Unless they are war-games in which case they're kind of half games. Maybe this is a game. Yeah, this is just for fun. All right, let's just pretend it's not a game, even though it clearly isn't. "If I must be mistaken, then this war will clearly have no victor as the legendary Echo is never defeated either," She pointed out while finishing off the last of the ammunition set. "But I assure that you must be the one who is mistaken instead. Which means the war continues until I have defeated you or you accept the un-con-dish-uh-nel surrender. Which I believe will not take long." She would have to prepare the advanced weaponry in case the advanced tactics of Shock and Awe are to be utilised. This meant creating the siege cannons and the mortars. This was no longer just a test of physical strength and accuracy. In the event that advanced tactics aren't enough, Operation Endgame would be activated.
  4. The opponent was a fool to think that they could get past her impenetrable defenses. Nopony has ever successfully done so. That's part of the reason she was kind of alone today, most of the foals know better than to attack the impenetrable fort. Maybe she should just tone... no. Never. The most she would do is let others join her army but no toning it down. If somepony does manage to take down the fort than they shall be rewarded with... something. Then the fort will be rebuilt better as if nothing had happened. She started her barrage. She used all her current energy to fling all the remaining ammunition at the target. The accuracy was lower but spray and pray was a legitimate tactic that could work out especially if you don't know the exact location of your target. Now that her energy was lower she would have to recover it to optimal levels. She would do so while manufacturing more of the ammunition and reinforcing the safe havens. Before starting she peeked up over the top of the fort. "Kahoot you fool! This was over before it started!" She shouted over at the opposing base seeing the splotches of snow where the balls landed, some having landed outside, but the majority having landed within or on the opposing base. "I will now consider your un-con-dish-uh-nel surrender!"
  5. ((I love the exaggeration. )) Echo didn't really get the last message from Kahoot but it didn't matter because the war was on. She looked over her arsenal. She almost forgot to build equipment. She wouldn't really need it now but siege cannons would be useful. Snow Mortars would also be useful, but as an excellent ball user, she wouldn't need the equipment now. Unless the opponent also had ball skills, she should have a clear advantage. One of the novice mistakes she witnesses in most snowball fights is the lack of understanding of physics. Most ponies seem to focus on destroying the enemy fort or waiting for the enemy to expose themselves before throwing the snowballs directly at them as straight as possible. She calculated the minimum arc she would need to avoid the opponent's wall. Then made adjustments to leave room for miscalculations and varying velocities. Once she had the supposed angle calculated, she made sure her supply of snowballs were nearby as she wasn't going to be manufacturing for a while. It may have seemed a bit unfair to start with such an obscure strategy, but all's fair in love and war right? She picked up the first snowball and threw it, watching to see if it hit the designated area. Close enough. She stretched her forehooves. Now it was time to start the barrage.
  6. She watched as the challenger set up their defenses opposing her own fortress. It was nowhere near as good as hers. 'Must be a novice,' she thought to herself. Who would dare challenge such the likes as herself? Not that she didn't want anypony challenging her, there's no point in having a fort if there's nothing to defend from. The almighty Kahoot of Manehatten. What would city folk know about the art of snow wars? "You dare challenge the fortress of tri-amph?" she replied in a more sophisticated voice revealing herself from behind the walls. Situations like these would probably be the only time you would hear her like this. "I assure you you're making a mistake." 'Actually please don't leave.' "I guess you haven't heard the legends of Echo." They weren't legends. "I won't hesitate to pound you with the ammunition." True fact. "It seems you have set up your fortifi-kay-shons. The battle will begin when the signal is given." What signal? "Also, I'm deaf so yeah, won't be able to understand you half the time." She had never seen the mare before so she probably didn't know. She ducked behind the wall and pulled out a larger ball than average. The snow-bomb. That was the signal. When the bomb hits the ground between the fortifications the battle should begin. The bomb had been specifically designed to cover as much area as possible while sacrificing any real damage. Why? Because it looks cool. She flew up and tossed the ball into the air before rushing back into her fort. The moment it started she would arc the ammunition at Kahoot's wall.
  7. Ah yes, it is complete. The thread that will hopefully keep me from going insane. Totally not inspired from that one Spongebob Episode.

  8. (( Regular snowball fights are boring. Semi-unrealistic snowball fights? Let's do it. )) It was offseason. No official games were to be held during the winter. To some, it may seem like an opportunity to try other things or rest your body. But when your cutie mark is based on balls it can be hard to go long without doing anything ball related. However, if there's one thing special about winter is that there's snow. And with the snow came the invention of Snowballs. With snowballs came the invention of the best winter exclusive sport. Snowball fights. No matter the intensity of the battle whether high or low everypony can enjoy a simple snowball fight right? Well, Echo wasn't satisfied with the puny regular spontaneous snowball fights. No, this one had to be more serious. And with more intensity. She needed to prepare. On such a snowy day like this, a simple wall wouldn't do. She needed a full fortress. The first part of building a base is usually collecting the resources. But sometimes it can be easier to remove materials to create a bunker. With the creation of a bunker to start out with, the dugout resources can be used to create walls on the surface. Little peek holes were created reinforced with her pegasus magic. She wouldn't be able to hear the action outside the fort so she would need visibility. Structural support would be needed occasionally too, she was a pegasus and as such didn't require much floor structure, not that the fort was tall enough to require additional floor structure, but the walls would require some. As much as she would have liked to expand her fort, doing so would take too much time and resources. She needs the time to make the ammunition. After an hour or so of hard work, it was finished- for now. The fortress of solitude triumph. Built on the ground to fulfill the rules of universal snowball fights. She was ready. But was anypony else ready? With two snowballs, one in each forehoof she patiently waited for her first challenger.
  9. I feel like I don't do much stuff around here.

  10. Is this year even new?

  11. (( I'm a bit out of the loop with what's happening, feels like so much. )) Having gotten bored of looking at the scenery, she looked at the book of phrases she received like everypony else. A bunch of phrases she definitely weren't going to use, at least seriously. It was safer for her not to use them, she could barely speak Equestrian fluently, why would she even try to speak a totally different language? She jumped slightly as she felt a hoof tap her side. She turned and saw the stallion chaperone, Big Mac and she understood what was happening. It was promised earlier that the tour would be interesting and she would be holding that promise against them. She looked around and saw that the group was bigger a bit. There was a Gryphon there. She had never seen a Gryphon personally before. This one looked different from the pictures, but you could still it was a Gryphon. She had one slight issue with this: Gryphons have beaks. They're like pony muzzles, but not exactly. If Gryphons can speak the same language than it means that there's not that drastic of a difference, but what if the difference is big enough? Can she read beak? Does it matter? She'd have to find out. The Gryphon seemed shy, kind of like herself when she was younger, now she's just selective. She slowly walked over to such Gryphon who was standing next to Big Mac, unsure of how to start a conversation. "Hi, I have never seen a Gree-phen before, you're the first one," She said settling on a simple introductory conversation. "I am Echo and I am hearing impaired, but I use lip-reading to counter it, although I am not sure how that works with Gree-phen beaks."
  12. I've been out of the loop for a while, but I should be able to get a post out soon. I would get one out now, but I've got IRL things to prepare for.

  13. My Writer's block has evolved to include Roleplaying as well. It sucks so much.

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  14. I think it's pretty cool how my school doesn't block this site so I can browse.

  15. In Blind Magic, luck helps a lot!(Open)

    (( Oh wow, I'm late to this roleplay, I hope you don't mind I have been away from This site for the weekend and I would like a simple roleplay. )) Dodge Junction. A place not of apples but instead of cherries. Loose's Mother worked as a G.M.O scientist mosly stationed in Appleloosa but she would get samples from farms all around Equestria. One set of samples were the cherries from Dodge junction. Unfortunately the postal services in AppleLoosa were having issues so she would not be able to ship back the samples. Fortunately though Loose Cannon was visiting in AppleLoosa as apart of her gap year travels. Her next stop wasn't planned to be Dodge Junction, but some arrangements could be done. After delivering the samples to Cherry Hill Ranch and trying some cherries, Loose Cannon decided to look around in the sister town of Appleloosa. She was wandering around when she overheard the conversation of a stallion and a filly. She did not mean to eavesdrop but her hearing made it very easy to do so. From listening on it was clear that the two had very little past relationship. It could be deciphered from the Filly's speech choice that the filly had vision problems, or navigational problems in general; probably the former. This was the first other blind pony she had ever noticed in her life. The Stallion was surprised at the living arrangement of the filly but Loose wasn't really as surprised. The Filly was a unicorn and with the right spells she guessed that magic could be a supplement for navigation. "I'm sorry for intruding but I can help reassure that living alone without sight isn't so bad because I've been doing it completely for the past three years." Her eyes were wide open as she walked towards them and the subtle click could be heard as she took in her surroundings.