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  1. "Right, thanks. Any form to let me know, but really, I notice better than you probably think." Sometimes she didn't like to admit that she had blind spots at all, but soccer was a bigger sport with a lot more player variables than buckball, there was only so much she could remember. It wouldn't really be that big of a problem if she had eyes on the back of her head, but If she really did, than things might get a bit scary. It seemed her foresight worked this time. They were actually going to be doing juggling in this session. Hoof juggling was bit different from wing juggling, but that shouldn't be much of a problem for her, besides, they didn't really expect her to do true juggling right? That would be too chaotic for their first day, implying this wasn't already chaotic. She was glad she didn't shoot earlier because than she would have to retrieve that ball, in a manner that could never be considered discreet. The rules were simple and had not changed within the last couple of years, although if they had she would have known. No grabs were obvious, soccer balls were spherical and literally meant to roll and not be held. She thought about starting off with a quick juggle, but than another idea came up. Without much warning she grinned towards Wind Walker and kicked the ball. Not very cooperative, but she wanted to see her reaction. This was not a true test and there were no big faults to be had here. Except maybe some injuries. That would be kind of interesting though...
  2. That facial expression sums her up better than I could have imagined.
  3. Aw geez, maybe some Echo art will make me come back. Still going for lucky week seven so look out for a post on thursday or something. I blame D&D for taking all my imagination. Name: Echo Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Appearance: Cutie Mark: Swear I had a ref or something, but it's just a buckball with wings. Personality: Physically energetic, but socially insecure, a by product of her condition. Type of Request: Digital
  4. Week Six. 


    Here's hoping for lucky seven.

  5. I always wonder if that map is meant to be scale or not. For a 'Kid's show', I'd expect it not to be. Interestingly, I can't seem to find a marked extended map.
  6. Day 35 of doing nothing, but still existing. Do I get an achievement for this?

    1. szalhi


      I was literally thinking about posting than something else came up really briefly and there goes everything.

  7. One of us. One of us. One of us.
  8. It was EQG roleplay, so not real whomans. I'm not really sure.
  9. Ah man, it's been a four years since I've done Whomans.
  10. If anyone wants to do completely third finished roleplays that last two weeks, hit me up.


    I'm great at those.

  11. I'd like to think she still lives there and the palace is just a pure library now that has gotten restocked. I like to think owlowiscious runs it now. Or it's a fancy hotel.
  12. Since I've watched 9 seasons of this show over six years I thought it was about time to get my first (and probably only) piece of merchandise. 




    1. KaityKat


      Cool! I've thought about getting some of the Daring Do books, myself, but I never really had enough interest to actually go looking for them. *shrug*


      Tho, now that the series is over, I'm thinking about getting into the comics.

  13. Make things extra complicated. World of Future Equestria. Because this site is big enough for that.
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