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  1. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    A giant slide. With Jello. That was definitely not something you saw everyday. While Echo was not participating in the scavenger hunt due to certain overlooked health hazards (Certain conditions she did not agree with), she did want to participate in at least some kind of event. This looked relatively harmless, within her control of course. While diving into a pool of Jello and inevitably eating such didn't sound healthy at all, if Discord had anything to do with it then it wouldn't be just any sort of jello. When she walked over to the end of the slide, she could see the tokens in the Jello occasionally glimmering as if they were trying to attract her, or they were just reflecting light, both equally as valid given the situation. When she looked over, she saw three other foals there alongside Spike. This must have been fairly recent if there was only the Five of them there. She slowly walked over to them occasionally glancing over her shoulder to look back at the jello. Quite mesmerising it was. "Hey Spike, what is the deal with this? A pool of Jello at the end of a slide with tokens in it? It does not sound heel-thee at all," She asked managing to only mess up one word.
  2. Ask Scootaloo!

    What's 2+2?
  3. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    (( I should theoretically be doing stuff too, but School is going through a light week when it comes to work. ))
  4. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    She stood there momentarily to verify whether or not Clarence was gone. She felt that she would never truly understand why the Griffon spends so much time away from her family. Was there something wrong about Clarence's family? Maybe Clarence had a similar family situation as her own. If that was true then she definitely felt bad about the way she treated the Griffon. She just wanted to discourage the teenager from such a life as her own, but maybe she would actually benefit from being with her. The Griffon had skills she could admit that. She'd have to ask the next moment she could. After verifying that Clarence was most likely gone, Haste turned back to see the Earth pony being confronted by a griffon. A rather familiar Griffon she thought. What was her name again? She overheard the Earth pony mention the name of such Griffon and it became more clear about what was happening here. From what she remembered, Gilda was a top ranking thug in this town. Having lived on the outskirts, she never actually met Gilda directly since the lower ranking thugs like the ones she took care of normally took care of business there. She saw Gilda distantly a couple of times when she ventured central, but Gilda never gave her any attention. Or at least, as far as she knew. She was hoping that Gilda had nothing to do with the drug trades otherwise the situation that was happening would be a lot worse. But it seemed that Gilda was only after the pony. When the earth pony mentioned the cops, she looked around to see if there were any there. None. Not that she was surprised at all. They were all probably bribed away from the area, or distracted by something completely irrelevant. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do in this situation. Back inside the bar, she was not hesitant to stop the unicorn, but that was only because she was protecting someone she knew was only just trying to do their regular old job. It was in her morals 'Don't **** with the innocent.' But the earth pony there, she wasn't sure if he qualified. The stallion supposedly had images that Gilda wanted and that probably meant there was nothing innocent about them. In the end, she decided it wasn't worth fighting Gilda in this situation. If the images were important, then the pony with the images was important too. Gilda wasn't going to kill him anytime soon. She decided to go back into the bar and finish her drink. Along with a couple more to forget about what just happened. Not that she truly wanted to forget, but more like remember later. Having finished the remains of her original drink, she looked over and noticed that the first unicorn was still there. 'Right, he never answered my question.' She thought before walking over to him. "Hey, never got an answer back there. Crazy shits happening today. So what do you say? Wanna work together? Or are you just going to pull it off lone wolf style? I say we should at least get our own organisation and what not. Maybe we can do better than the ****ing cops." She pulled out the magazine of her Beretta. She fired three shots in that engagement so her magazine had three shots left with another round in the chamber of the weapon. She loaded four more rounds into the magazine before placing it back in the weapon.
  5. Oh boy, reverse talents? Well there goes Loose's navigational skills.

  6. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    Right before things were going to get messier, the stallion who just left ran right back inside seemingly to aid them in the fact. Or, well, not exactly like the way that she thought. Instead, it seemed that the Earth pony had some relevance to whatever the hell the Unicorn wanted. She wanted to laugh at the joke that he had just made, but in the situation they were in, she couldn't bring herself to do so. The Unicorn stallion didn't look like he could be any more peaceful than he was, but he was surprised when he just grabbed what he needed and just left. Without even verifying what was inside. Without really doing anything else here. But... Seriously? she thought to herself over the fact that she didn't get to really deal with the stallion herself. She was hoping that the exchange was a total scam because she didn't want anything good to happen to the unicorn. She watched as he left the building and saw two more ponies coming out of the crowd to join him. Wait, you mean I totally could have beaten up two more of them? Right as the group converged, she heard the concerns of the earth pony. There would be no way that he would bring up the stallion's mistakes unless he was planning something. Why would you offer advice to those ****tards unles... oh shit yeah. She realised the pony was totally planning something and that the thugs probably wouldn't be around for much longer. She watched them open the envelope and gasped as it detonated in their face. After the cloud of a certain colour settled, she knew what had happened. She had seen it before, mostly her brother's mistakes with mislabelled drugs and stuff. "Where the **** did you get poison joke? Oh man, that was worth it," She exclaimed turning to the earth pony. "You can totally have the 'kills' that was totally better. Holy ****, those guys are dumb." Right at that moment, she heard a familiar voice, one that she did not want to hear right now. "Oh man, that was totally awesome, they were like, 'oh yeah, I'm total elite thug,' and then he's like 'Bro you retarded and stuff,'" The griffon exclaimed appearing on the scene like the total ninja she was. Haste facehoofed as she saw her acquaintance where she wasn't supposed to be. "What the hell Clarence? I thought I told you to leave. What are you doing here?" "Oh right, right, leaving. Yeah yeah, I mean, well, this is quite a public area so, I mean, there's totally nothing wrong with me being here, but y'know, totally leaving am I right?" Clarence stuttered backing away from Haste ever so slowly. "Did you follow me here? It seems like you did." "What? No." The Griffon gasped. "How could you ever think that? I could have totally come here coincidentally. As I said before, this is quite a public area." "You're just lucky you didn't get attacked." "Me? Attacked?" Clarence gave off a laugh. "No one could hit me. Like, you can't hit me if I'm not there." At that moment, the Griffon seemed to have disappeared. If there was one thing Haste could give her credit for was that she could be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Although Haste mostly preferred nowhere in situations like this. "Just don't follow me anymore."
  7. Damn it. School's starting back up again. That will mess up schedules.

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      Cherish school, young one.

  8. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    (( Just realised this is the first time I've ever actually done combat in rp. )) As she sat consuming her drink, she felt unsatisfied with the effects of the alcohol. Maybe they had a delayed effect. Maybe the alcohol content wasn't as high. Or maybe she was more tolerant of alcohol than she thought. It wouldn't have surprised her if this was the case considering her family and genetics and all, but at this time, she wished that wasn't the answer. She looked into her satchel, making sure everything was there. Sure, she didn't appear to be combat ready, but if she needed too, she could literally just change into her other gear. Her wings rustled under her sweater and she thought to herself that she probably should have tended to them a while ago. She noticed a group of three, supposedly hired mercs, go into the back room. Well, that takes this place off the list, she thought to herself. A pony who seemed to be acquainted with the tender left the building so she paid little attention to him. Around the same time, she noticed a Unicorn enter the bar who sat a bit away from her. Seemed he was in the same situation she was. Maybe they could group up together. The three mercs appeared to be one group to her and the ambush from two hours prior told her that forming a group would be better. "Hey man, hear you're in the same situation as I'm in. We should totally tag..." Her sentence stopped when another unicorn, one who was totally way more buff than anyone else here, entered the bar. She adjusted her goggles to make sure they weren't messing with what little natural vision she had. The Stallion was most likely drugged up and stuff, although there was the chance that it was natural training. Luckily her drugs weren't the type to do so, so she didn't have to worry about being the one who influenced this. It would have been bad news anyway as the Griffons would be all buffed up too. The Unicorn also had a metallic construction on their horn. An amplifier, a pretty makeshift one at that, but she wasn't an engineer so she wouldn't know the effectiveness. It was pretty clear that the tender had no good relationship with such unicorn. The Unicorn looked angry as hell. It was mostly directed to the tende- "What the ****?" The unicorn just eradicated that stool like it didn't deserve to exist. Who was this ****er? That was when all hell broke loose. The Unicorn performed several actions at once, which Haste wasn't able to focus on all of them at once. The door to the back room slammed shut and she swore she saw a spark from the Unicorn's horn. The Mercs who she assumed were supposed to be ready here were totally not doing their job right now so Haste decided to intervene before the Unicorn killed the innocent (By her knowledge) tender. She lifted up her sweater exposing her wings and grabbed two objects from her bags. One of the knives used by her ambushers, and her Beretta, loaded with eight rounds of justice. Seven rounds more than she would probably need. Using her wings for extra momentum, she launched herself at the pair using her knife to cut the tenders tie and hopefully graze the unicorn bastard somewhere along the way. She could totally go to jail for this if there was a big misunderstanding, but she didn't really care because she had nothing to lose. After landing on the other side, she fired three shots out of her weapon, one missed, the other one grazed a front hoof while the last one landed right on target of the other hoof. Probably would have been easier if she had a shotgun, but she had to make do. "I suggest you should leave. I don't appreciate druggos ****ing with people living real lives."
  9. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    After refilling herself with some of her food, she looked at the amount of food she had left. Not much at all. She wasn't expecting to have to bring much anyway so it didn't matter. Some of the remaining food was expired anyway and basically useless. She'll just leave it here for someone to scavenge should they be desperate. She loaded her satchel with everything else she had and trotted outside. "If I'm going to get a real job, then staying in fake house would be a bad choice." "A fake house you say? Looks pretty real to me." Haste sighed and turned to the figure sitting on a ledge above from her. That was Clarence. Heart of Gold, or well, compared to most Griffons Haste's been dealing with. Guess that's what happens when you weren't from a low-end family and actually got raised properly. Clarence was just a Griffon who liked to venture out into this region and she never told anyone else about what she did. "In a fake town. I can call it a place of residence, but I wouldn't ever call it my house. Especially since I'm leaving," Haste replied half-ignoring the Griffon. Clarence frowned and jumped down in front of her. "You're leaving? For what reason?" "I'm out of supply and it was a shitty job dealing anyway. I might be able to make myself more useful if I move somewhere else. Ah well, it was better than joining the military, blindly following orders and the shit, not that they'd let me join anyway. But you know what I never considered until now? Why not become a merc?" "A merc? You barely have any weapons though. And I don't have any weapons at all." "Yeah well, I'm only just starting out and you don't need any weapons because you're not coming with me." She turned to look at the Griffon. "Unless you have a job for me?" The Griffon remained silent. "Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, I will be going through a rougher part of town so you probably don't want to stick around. We might meet up again someday." She held up her hoof to the Griffon and pulled it back after receiving the bump. "I guess you're right." Walking through the streets, she could see the various people sitting around outside. Griffons, Earth, Unicorns. There might be pegasus wings under the clothing, otherwise, she couldn't see any other pegasi. She checked her funds. Not much expendable at all. She wouldn't be able to acquire a firearm much different from her own without risking her funds, especially considering ammo types. But she could stock up on 9mm ammunition. She'd probably have enough afterwards for a drink, just to ease her off. Weird times it is when you have too much and too little at the same time. "Give me two boxes of 380. ACP," She said to the owner of the gun store as she walked in. It wouldn't have mattered if gun control was a thing because no one would really be able to enforce it in this place. "380 ACP alrighty. What's a gal like you needing much ammunition for?" The old' stallion behind the counter asked. "Stuff, and other stuff. Really, do people think I'm a prostitute or something?" Haste replied sighing. "Sorry, just, shitty things happening." "Really, if it wasn't for the goggles and the clothing then I guess you could be confused for one, especially for the worst of the worst people out there. I guess you should be using this much ammunition. Although, my eyes aren't what they used to be," The stallion explained while the exchange was being made. "I guess I'll just have to fix that. Maybe get some more scars or something. You know of any mercenary jobs open?" "With the supplies, I assume you have, no. The only jobs I know of I would never have done even when I was younger." "I'll just have to keep looking," She said before leaving the shop and making her way over to the nearest bar. She walked into the bar and plopped herself down looking at the tender. "Grab me some of your second cheapest drink. Whatever will make me feel good now, but probably more shit later," She asked before remembering. "And do you know of any open jobs here? Preferably one that is dangerous."
  10. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    "Do you have the shit?" "I have the shit right here if it's this shit you're referring to. I mean, it's pretty shit, why would you want it?" "Listen, it's none of your business what I want to do with it. Now follow me, I'm not doing this business out here." "Dude, **** off, I'm not going with you. What's wrong with here?" "I know things you probably didn't want me to know. Like how your family is with the military." "My family did a small sample of good things to me, but besides that, I left as soon as I could. There's no family in me. There's nothing you have to worry about." "You're still coming with me. It's what boss said. We could always find another seller." "Okay fine, I'm coming with you." It was the early morning. The lights of the sun were just piercing onto the town below. But in the dank urban alley, it didn't really matter what time it was because activity here was basically restricted to the worst of the worst. The only thing that stopped total chaos here in this part of the town was the mutual love for their home. Despite this being her place of residence, Haste couldn't give any more ****s about the town. The Griffon led her further into the valley and through a couple of abandoned buildings. "Is it easy to see with those goggles on? I'd imagine it isn't," The Griffon inquired. "Let's just say it's my thing and we'll leave it at that." The Griffon ahead of her stopped in the middle of a dark room an turned to face her. "What's a gal like you dealing for anyway?" "I didn't take any of my family's wealth. But I took some of their other valuables. They could always make some more." At that moment two more figures came out of the shadows. They wielded knives and began to surround her. Not exactly what she had in mind, but it wasn't that much of an upscale from other situations. "You shouldn't have mentioned that little pony. You're family's going to be in a lot of trouble," The one on the right said as he approached her. "My brother makes it for himself. But you're not going to find him anyway." "And why's that?" The one on the left asked twirling his knife around. At that moment, she kicked the buyer that was standing beside her before pulling out her Beretta and firing at the two backups. By the time the buyer managed to recover, they already had a gun against their head. "I can't let you go with that information." She returned to her house on the outskirts of the urban region. Making sure she wasn't followed after the loud gunshots she pulled off, she made her way inside before throwing her loot on the ground, the amounts of cash indicating that the buyer could have somewhat purchased the drugs off of her, and the item of interest. She looked over at the wall where the drugs were stacked up, or where they would have been two years ago. That trade was the last one and she only now just realised it. Maybe the drugs weren't as bad as she thought they were and the last pack would be useful to her later. She looked at the few possessions she had and then over to the food she had stocked up in the kitchen. "Well, ****, guess that's it then. No more lying around in this shithole. Got to find something else to do."
  11. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    (( Just to clarify, when you say that magic isn't a thing anymore, are you referring to unicorn magic specifically or all types of magic at all? Because most don't seem to realise that Pegasi and Earth have magic too (and pegasi magic is what enables flight.). Just need to make sure.))
  12. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    (( I cant describe for shit. The colours can be whatever you want, because she cant see them anyway.)) Haste's gear Universal: Boots Casual Attire: Striped Sweater Culottes/Jeans. Battle Attire: Combat Helmet Dark Cargo pants. Button up shirt Trench coat under belt. Balaclava Battle Gear: Berretta 1934 Father's combat knife. Satchel
  13. Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    (( I'll just use one of my OC's that I never implemented on this site before. Also assuming that if there's no more magic then there's no more pegasus flight too. )) Name: Haste Sex: Female Race: Pegasus Description: Light build, light Blue coat, Dark Red mane (short at front, but stretches down to base of neck), Faint Brown eyes, imprints from her goggles, loose feathers from lack of maintenance traits: Legally blind without lenses (however, few know this). Monochromacy. Role: CQC Scout. Cutie mark: Basic Items: Thick prescription goggles, Lucky casing.