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  1. "Well i try i guess" Heart Shield responded to Sombra's remark. He wasn't sure if he should take that as a compliment or not, especially when it was coming from Sombra, He decided he wouldn't ask. "Oh don't worry, I won't leave you behind." He said in calm tone as he glanced over to Sombra as he got up from his seat. Once again Sombra was standing over him, He could only but glance up at Sombra reminding himself just how averaged height he was. "that is quite a lot of time to catch up on." Heart Shield added as he wore a little bit of a smile, He was hoping that Sombra wouldn't take that long to get back to him. He was a bit disappointed that Sombra had told him to stick around the castle tho. He was hoping he could have went home and got some stuff he wanted to take along on the trip. "Well there was some things i was hoping to grab before i went, but as you wish" Heart Shield said shyly trying not to annoy Sombra. "Well i'll be around here awhile until my shift is over." He glanced down at the golden armor he wore, Being on duty in the guard really didn't give him much of a choice right now tho, whether he wanted to grab some things from home or not.
  2. "Oh Its not a issue, I can see to myself" Heart Shield said in a casual manner. He knew he could figure his way out of just about any issue, But he didn't want to brag himself way over his head, and then get into something he truly couldn't get out of. He definitely would have to come prepared for everything on this trip, Knowing anything about Sombra He would have think as if he was doing this trip alone. "Actually if you don't mind me suggesting, I think there may be a easy way into that castle. If we follow the woods line south of Ponyville, there should a place near where the Bucephalus brook flows through the hills. We could use it to slip into the forest without too much of a fuss, and If memory serves me right looking at the map, It should put us just south of the castle.... Unless you insist other wise" He said as he thought about seeing the map before. Sombra was most likely to want to do it the harder way, But he figured he would at least suggest it. "I guess that is how it goes." Heart Shield said with a amused tone to his voice. Being in Sombra's company would definitely be annoying, But entertaining in a way he guessed. "I guess i wouldn't want to leave you behind, Wouldn't want ya gettin' lost now would we?" Heart Shield giggled to himself at the thought. "Of course i will, It sounds like a barrel of fun!" He obliged to Sombra's request. "Busy stallion eh?" Amusement was in his face as he let out a huff trying to contain his laughter at the thought of Sombra being "Busy".
  3. "Well...I guess you're right.... You are definitely one of a kind...." Heart Shield let out a low chuckle to himself. He grinned just a little bit when he noticed his voice of suspicion seem to get Sombra all riled up. "Sorry I jumped to conclusions, I just can never be to sure Sombra.... I mean a dark ruin of a castle that is probably dangerous enough on its own to its crumbling construction, and dark labyrinths of deteriorating and crumbling corridors and rooms. Not to mention being in the midst of dark forest that many ponies won't dare step a hoof in, It just would all seem to be too perfect of a set up to me." Heart Shield explained his suspicion to Sombra as his mind wandered as he thought about how easy it would be to "lose" somepony in such a secluded place, Surely no pony would step a hoof in the Everfree unless they had to. Heart Shield dragged his hoof in boredom for a moment as he glanced around the room, He gave a bit of a surprised look when Sombra mentioned it being a Half hour. "A half hour?.... I guess time flies when your having fun" The winged guard chuckled softly for a moment as he realized how slowly time was moving, It felt like it had been forever. He glanced down again in boredom as a thought spurred to his mind "You know i just remembered, If i wanted to see the two sisters old castle I Could skip the entire Everfree forest by flying over it all..... But i guess that wouldn't be nearly as fun." He rustled his feathers a moment, It would definitely get him there safe, Tho it indeed wouldn't be half as fun. Flying was probably the only thing Heart Shield had that Sombra didn't, Tho he wouldn't doubt Sombra had some kind of trick being a magic pony as he is. "Well I'm so glad that you care Sombra." Heart Shield put on a sentimental voice chuckling to himself, He knew Sombra wouldn't give two bits about him. He wasn't sure if trying to be humorous around Sombra would save him, or doom him. "Any time" Heart Shield added without thought. He couldn't think of having to see Sombra on a regular basis "Oh, No, I never expected to be" He tried to keep himself from laughing, Thinking about being friends with Sombra.
  4. Heart Shield took a deep breath as he sighed out. Glancing down at the floor with eyes that looked somewhere in between annoyed and slightly sad. He stood as he listened to Sombra's remarks, As much as wished he could just leave He couldn't, It would bring him into a lot of trouble if he where to leave his post for anything that wasn't important. He let out a single little amused huff as he imagined putting tape over Sombra's mouth to keep him quiet, or at least something over his ears to muffle the noise. He knew neither would work, but it at least was a amusing thought to him. "Well I'm not going to deny there might be better jobs out there, But i do quite like this job at times.... Tho this just doesn't seem like one those times" He added with a little bit of a pause as he looked straight ahead again, as he thought about other places that sounded good right now, as long as he had some peace and quiet to himself he smiled to himself. "Becoming a peasant?" Heart Shield asked in a bit of a huffy voice, looking over with a annoyed look. "Well what ever you call it, It still pays," He added as he glanced down in thought "Besides, If every pony was just like you. Then how would any work get done around here?" Heart Shield chuckled to himself. "I would gladly go exploring around the old castle, But tell me this, How do i know i can trust you not to try something funny and pull a fast one on me while we are there? He asked Sombra, Somewhat expecting not to get a straight answer, knowing how Sombra was.
  5. Heart Shield stood around the middle of the room as he listened to Sombra as he sat on the table to the side of him. He had hoped today would have been a peaceful day being mostly away from other ponies, But it seemed Sombra had other ideas. Heart Shield cocked his head in curiosity at Sombra's pause as he pointed a hoof at him. "If not then what?" He asked as if he didn't know the answer to that one. Heart Shield had a few ideas as to what Sombra was implying to, but he figured he would see how Sombra would word it. A small grin grew on His face as he saw Sombra roll his eyes at his little joke. He figured at this point if Sombra wasn't going to tolerate him, He would at least make sure he deserved it. "I do things to my own free will all the time" Heart Shield insisted to Sombra "I do lots of things on my free time to my own accord. Yes i do get told what to do here, But it is my own decision to be here, and the job can actually be quite enjoyable at times. Besides my home isn't going to pay for itself, so i have to do something for bits" He explained trying to convince Sombra otherwise, but he somehow knew that wouldn't be enough of an explanation. "Well I have never explored The forest myself much either" He added to Sombra's remark. "Accompany you into the Everfree?" Heart Shield said with a little bit of surprise in his voice. He had a itching suspicion Sombra would try to lure him into some kind of trap or another, But that only made it seem that much more exciting. "I have never been to the old castle before, It would be exciting to see what may still be still hidden with in" Heart Shield said some what showing a enthusiastic tone in his voice. He put a hoof to his chin for a moment as he thought about what was still at the old castle, and the risks it would take getting there, Especially with having Sombra around.
  6. "Well to tell the truth, I have heard lots about what you are like, and what you have done, But I am afraid i know little about what you actually are besides a Umbrum, Am i correct?" Heart Shield said trying to explain himself. He decided he would later try to read and find out more about Sombra's origins later, unless Sombra himself gave him some insight. All tho He wasn't sure he could bear Sombra for much longer than he had to, and decided not to ask unless Sombra mentioned of it. " It's a privilege to get along with you?" Heart shield asked curiously, with a amused look on his face as he thought about making a wisecrack at that comment, he just couldn't help himself. "Sounds more like torture to me, but how ever you want to word it" Heart Shield couldn't help grin as he chuckled to himself for a moment. "I'm glad you at least consider it tho" He added, the same grin still on his face. With the annoyance Sombra brought, Heart Shield had to at least amuse himself in some way to keep a light mood. "No, none of the such. Now adventures? I do like wandering about finding new places, and new things on my free time. Oh the trouble with the Everfree? I merely just bumped into a bunch of Timberwolves with a friend of mine. Isn't much of a story to tell. I went there when i was little, when i was told not to, But i was curious and went there any way. We ran into a bunch of Timberwolves, and We hurriedly found our way out of the forest soon after." Heart said as thought to himself. There wasn't much interesting about him. Sombra was most likely to find that boring, but that was all he had to tell.
  7. "Well I'm glad to hear that at least." Heart Shield said with soft tone, unsure if that could be said about all the ponies. Sombra had brought up him being able to walk on clouds, and control the weather, which reminded him that he had forgotten about that. "Oh yeh, I guess that is magic in its own way." He said thinking to himself for a minute as he noticed Sombra's sour expression to him mentioning a cutie mark. "Oh, sorry about that. I do remember hearing a mention about what you are a while back, but i wasn't sure if you could gain a cutie mark or not." Heart Shield said in a bit of soft tone, He found it rather awkward that he had forgotten about that, as he shifted on his hooves. "Oh well sorry then.." He quickly remarked at Sombra's refusal of the apology. "Oh i have no issues with you Sombra, as long as you don't give me a reason to" The gold armored pony said in a remark, Realizing that he may be digging himself deeper in the hole instead of out with Sombra, After all he was rather hard to please. "You're quite hard to get along with aren't you?... I think i'd rather have to listen to Discord." Heart Shield said in a low tone chuckling softly to himself, almost hoping he didn't hear any of that. "Yes, Like what to do you enjoy doing......" Heart Shield paused to see Sombra wide grin on his face "Actually... Never mind i asked" Heart Shield nervously chuckled to himself "Oh really, There isn't much to me" He insisted as he thought to himself "I was born in ponyville, and lived there to i was old enough to move here to Canterlot on my own and join the guard. There really isn't really anything of the likes to say about me, other then maybe i did foolishly get myself into trouble in the Everfree when i was little once, But other than that I have got nothing interesting to say about myself" Heart Shield said realizing that maybe he was really that boring.
  8. Heart Shield breathed a sigh of relief as Sombra seemed to wander off on some less antagonistic discussion. "Well i can't say i know a lot about history, just mostly the basics. So you placed a curse on the crystal empire causing a whole city of ponies to disappear with you? What happened to them? Sorry i seem ignorant.... seeing as I'm not a pony that can do magic or anything.." He said sort of bashfully fluttering the feathers on his wing for a instant. Heart Shield looked with a curious look on his face when Sombra mentioned he didn't have a cutie mark. He seemed to hid very quickly that he said that."You don't have a cutie mark?" He asked in a bit of a surprised face "I guess it never to late tho." Heart Shield added trying to keep a light mood. "I'm sorry to hear that you have been treated that way" Heart shield said trying not to seem rude to what he said "You mentioned of the mare that ran the orphanage? Perhaps not all of them where so bad? I can see what you mean tho, Bad news seems to get around much faster than good." Heart said as he glanced around the room again, before glancing back at Sombra, as he observed His face seem to twist though emotions, as he tried to hid them "Maybe being here in the castle around the princesses could help put the past behind you? Maybe perhaps you could look forward to a much calmer future? Heart shield said as he tried to act encouraging in some way, or at least not hateful to Sombra "So, Is there anything you enjoy doing on your free time besides... well you know? I have always heard ponies say to do what ever makes you happy in life." upon finishing the sentence Sombra asked him if he had anything to say. Heart shield was taken off guard by the question as Sombra was so much into talking about himself. "Well, no i can't really say anything.... I have had a pretty uneventful life so far" He answered back in a soft tone.
  9. "Yeh I guess i would...I don't think i could listen to you for days on end." Heart Shield chuckled to himself as he pondered for a moment at Sombra's inquiry. He couldn't imagine having to listen to Sombra for the rest of his career, This few minutes Sombra has been around him had felt like a eternity it's self, He thought to himself. Heart Shield eased up a little, It seemed Sombra was backing off again all tho that was probably far from the last of it. Heart Shield has loosened up a little, and had a bit calmer look on him now, but he still had a trace of annoyance in his face. "Princesses failure? How so?" He asked rather curiously. Heart Shield had to be careful to discern the things Sombra would say, He had no idea if Sombra was telling the truth or trying to spread some kind of "self propaganda" about how he is the better one somehow. He arched a brow curiously as he said something about the crystal ponies being just as terrible as he was. "You say the crystal ponies where as terrible as you? Do tell?" Heart Shield asked curiously at such a claim. Heart went on to listen to Sombra speak about how he had put the issue between him and the princess behind them now, and at least hoped he was doing this for good reasons, and not for some deceiving reason. He just never could tell with Sombra. "Well, I certainly hope you have good intentions now?" Heart Shield asked, Causally looking over to Sombra again, Just to see how he would respond.
  10. "Yes, I can very much enjoy this job at times........ However this doesn't seem to be one of those times." Heart Shield said in a annoyed tone. He stood looking away from Sombra now. His eyes where narrowed in a aggressive manner, His ears where folded back. It seemed like there was no end to Sombra's constant remarks. He raised one of his front hooves up slightly, stomping it down in annoyance, His mouth formed a aggressive gesture. He felt Overwhelmed and tense on the inside, Like he could snap at any time. Heart Tried to keep his cool, but Sombra was rapidly bringing it to a boil. "Others should be serving you!?" Heart Shield couldn't believe such a bold remark. "Well good luck with that, I for one would probably have to leave if i had to serve someone such as you." Heart Shield said in a snappy mood. Sombra was getting what he wanted, and that only made Heart Shield more aggravated. "Yes, I have had the unfortunate mistake of hearing of you before.." Heart Shield Huffed, He was Shocked that Sombra had pushed him this far. Normally it took a lot for him to get this aggravated. "Ah, I have heard all sorts about you. You turned Princess Amore into black crystal, Before enslaving the kind citizens of the crystal empire to dig in search of what? Couldn't you do the digging, Some pony as strong as yourself? And if i have my information right, You where cast into a void of ice for a quite a long time, By the princesses never the less?" Heart Shield remarked with a huff. It seemed Sombra was really bringing out the worst in Heart Shield
  11. Heart Shield folded a ear at Sombra's constant remarks, as he heard him chuckling to himself. Heart stood standing still upright Staring off into the room, His grey coat and the golden armor only seemed to highlight the annoyed look in his eyes. "Yes it can be a pretty enjoyable job at times....." He remarked with a pause as he could see Sombra's wide grin from the corner of his eye to his annoyance. Heart sighed as Sombra seemed to carry on forever "You could call me a servant if you want i guess, But i can still think for myself." Heart Shield replied in a huffy voice. "What i was trying to imply is that whether you would submit yourself to a job such as mine or not is your own decision, and is not of a concern to me." He said in a bit of a sharp response. He was trying so hard to not let Sombra bother him. Heart Shield wasn't one to easily get angered or agitated, and it usually took a lot to get him there, But it seemed Sombra was getting him there. Heart Shield relaxed a little when he heard him ask him what his name was. Perhaps a momentary reprieve to have a actual conversation. "My names Heart Shield, and I already heard lots about you Sombra." He replied in a calmer voice as he stared straight ahead, still standing in his place
  12. Heart Shield stood listening to Sombra's remarks as he increasingly grew more and more agitated. Heart looked down with narrow eyes, a annoyed expression on his face, as he stood still, Looking at Sombra out of the corner of his eye as He sat relaxed on a cushion near a table. Heart Shield wanted so much to make a sarcastic remark in response to Sombra's prods, He knew this would only add fuel to the fire tho, He had to remain calm about this, even if he was deeply annoyed. Heart Shield took a deep breath in and sighed out Imagining himself in literally any other place he would rather be right now, and taking a moment to collect his thoughts and calm himself. "Yes indeed the Princesses are powerful enough to protect themselves, but it's more of a formality for use to go along when ever she takes her carriage anywhere." Heart said glancing back up again in a calmer voice. "I can be a good job, and whether you submit yourself to somepony else or not is merely one's personal preference" He remarked with a little bit of a regret knowing that Sombra would probably use that against him in some way or fashion. Heart Shield dreaded at the thought of having to listen to Sombra, but he tried not to show it outwardly. "If the princess orders me to listen to you, Then so be it, But as of now I don't have such a command" He remarked back, Maybe He was letting Sombra get the better of him.
  13. Heart stood as still as he could as he watched Sombra give him a little snort before walking over and seating himself on a chair in the room, just off to his side Before asking him more antagonistic questions. He stood where he was listening to him. "We do all sorts of others things too like guarding other parts of the castle, Patrolling the streets of Canterlot assisting citizens, Personally guarding the princess when she is doing duties outside of the castle, or getting sent to assist in other towns." Heart Shield explained to Sombra, his face of embarrassment fading now to a slightly annoyed look. "I can assure you this armor serves me well" Heart Shield remarked with a calm tone. He could tell Sombra was enjoying this, He tried so ever hard to not let him get the satisfaction of it, even if he did seem a little annoyed. "Yes, We do training exercises on a regular basis to keep our skills sharp. Me i am trained on the sword, and i do enjoy fencing from time to time." He said trying to answer His every question in a serious manner as he could. Sombra went on to remark that the princess would never give them any commands, and if only to throw a troublemaker out. Heart Shield snorted quietly to himself when he remarked troublemakers. "The princess's orders are indeed few between sometimes, but it is my duty to follow them when she does" He said as a bit of smile grew on his face as he glanced down chuckling to himself. " Trouble maker eh? We do get ordered to escort some ponies out of the castle on rare occasions." Heart Shield remarked with a smirk trying to subtly poke back at Sombra.
  14. Heart Shield never realized just how tall Sombra was, as he stood looking up at him. His mind quickly raced trying to think of what to say. Heart Shield had heard all about Sombra, but to this point had never meet him before, and here he was standing over him staring at him with a most serious face. Sombra for a moment broke his steely gaze on Heart Shield as he surveyed the room, before returning back to him. "Yes indeed, It is my duty to guard any important documents or knowledge, and to serve any commands that the princess might give." Heart Shield tried to respond in a serious manner as Sombra shadowed over him, The feathers on his wings fluttering a little before settling back against his side, A nervous little smile on his face. Heart Shield remained standing straight up, as much as he wanted to shrink down and disappear from the embarrassment, and the nervousness of having Sombra staring him down. Heart Shield had a little bit of a surprised and a bit nerved look on him when Sombra had said that the castle didn't need guards like him, But he tried to not let it him bother him. "No... Not all the time.... We do get to do other things from time to time." He quickly blurted out trying to defend himself, as he thought about what Sombra had said. "...Well...It does get a little boring sometimes..." Heart Shield had replied in a soft voice as he tried to break Sombra's glare, glancing downwards a moment before looking back up.
  15. Heart Shield had stood in the large meeting room for a few minutes, His smile disappearing into a straight face as he glanced around the room with his eyes. It had been awfully quiet in the room, but he wasn't allowed to go anywhere until his shift was up or another guard relieved him. Heart Shield took the opportunity of the peace and quiet to think to himself. His blue eyes glanced downward slightly as his mind wandered. He had perhaps gotten a little too much into self thought, as he didn't notice sombra wander in from the hallway on the far side of the room to his left. Suddenly there was a voice near him, Taking him by surprise. His eyes narrowed as they snapped back up to see where this voice was coming from, His body tensed for a moment as his wings flinched a little. His cheeks filling quickly to a rose red as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn't. It didn't really help the matter much as he glanced over to see that it was Sombra himself! Heart Shield took a moment to think, What was he guarding anyway? "Oh, I'm here to make sure that no ponies come up to these parts of the castle that shouldn't be." He said with a little bit of a smile trying to regain his composure again. It was rather intimidating to him tho, Not only did he have the embarrassment in the guard of not noticing some pony approaching him, But that some pony just happened to be Sombra!
  16. Heart Shield began his day at his little home along the streets in Canterlot. It was his first day back to the guard after some time off. The days had gone to fast he thought to himself as he got ready for the day and headed out the door, Making his way up to the castle. Greeting the guards out front he made his way in. Making his way down a hallway, He entered a room where there was lockers for all the guards to keep their armor. Walking down the line of lockers along the wall he glanced at all the numbers looking for his. Finally finding his, He stopped to pull the door open, and took his armor out. Putting each piece on, He adjusted them to his liking. Heart shield wasn't really enthusiastic about starting this week, Things had been mostly quiet and it was rather quite boring. Having put his armor on, Heart shield closed the door to his locker and trotted out the room. His post today was upstairs in the castle, In a place where not many ponies besides the princesses went. Climbing the stairs he glanced around and tried to smile a little. It was going to be a boring day, but at least he would have some peace and quiet for the day, Or at least he hoped. Finding his place in the room he was to be at, He adjusted his ponytail sticking out the side of his helmet before straightening up his legs and stood looking like he should. Heart Shield gave out a little sigh, He seemed to be the only one in the room, and it mostly seemed quiet upstairs. It was going to be a long day, but he had hoped There would be at least something to keep him busy for awhile....
  17. Sliding off the booth and standing back up on his hooves Heart Shield adjusted the scarf around his neck as the mare slid the bits into her bag. "You're welcome Ms Yuna, its yours to enjoy" He said softly as he stretched his legs after have been sitting for awhile. He had planned on spending the rest of his day wandering around Canterlot on his day off. Hearing her speak how Canterlot can not be so friendly he had to agree with her on that. "Yeh i can see what you mean about some ponies around, some are not so talkative are they?" He said with a smile. Glancing out the window he looked at the street outside. What else could he get in to today? "Forgive me for running off on you, I have just been aimlessly wandering about today. Today's my last day off before i go back to guarding. I figured i would take my time off to explore around Canterlot at my leisure." He said as he picked his empty cup off the table.
  18. After pushing over the bits to Yuna, Heart Shield observed the sort of bashful response she had given to taking the bits. "Oh its alright, Take it i insist, you have earned it" He said with a soft smile as he looked down to see there wasn't much of his Hot Chocolate left in the bottom of the cup. Drinking the rest of it down in one last swallow. He wasn't sure if he wanted to get something else or finally let this pony have some time to herself "Not sure if i should get myself another drink, or let you be. Sorry if i had been any bit of a bother to you. Its certainly been nice chatting to you Ms Yuna, and thank you for letting me sit here for awhile." He said as he prepared to get up from the booth, Reaching down and pickup his scarf to wrap it back around his neck. "I'll make sure to remember what you told me, And please if you have any trouble with anypony here in Canterlot just let me know, I'm always around somewhere". Heart Shield said in a soft tone of voice as he slid himself to the end of the booth to go get rid of the cup.
  19. Heart Shield sat and listened to Yuna's predictions about him as he lightly held on to his cup. He was relieved that she said he would do well, but a threat? at the castle!? The thought of that made him a little anxious. Having finished her fortune telling he reached down for his bag of bits. "Thanks so much, I do believe I promised some bits for you" He said as he dug out some bits and slid them across the table. "Here, how does 20 bits sound to you?" He asked as he returned to sipping on his hot chocolate. Sitting there in silence for a moment he thought about the things that she had said some more. "Well I'm certainly happy that you said i will do well. You also said that I will come face to face with a threat?" He asked in curiosity as he thought about it. "Well what ever it is, I will do my best to be prepared for it, and i will do what i must." He added as he remembered her saying it would take place at the castle. "This Threat will be at the castle? That will certainly make me a little jumpy until it happens." He chuckled a little bit to himself. "I should let you get back to your coffee now." He said relaxing back in his seat to sip at his drink again.
  20. Heart Shield sat as he listened to Yuna talk about the ponies she has met, sipping at his hot chocolate. When he first approached this pony she seemed a bit shy. She seemed nice enough now, He thought to himself as he sat in a relaxed position on the booth, slightly glancing across the booth out the window while also paying attention to her. He heard how most ponies view fortunetelling as a joke or entertainment, and how some might actually do that. "It's a shame that some ponies view your work as a joke, without knowing your true intentions." He said trying to word it without it sounding like he was trying to be unkind or anything. "Actually out of interest if you don't mind, perhaps maybe you could tell my fortune sometime? I never seen a fortune teller before. I would be willing to throw some bits your way." He asked out of curiosity realizing he has never been to a fortune teller before. Shortly after asking the question, The mare asked him if you was with the Royal Guard. "Ahh yes, I'm with the Royal Guard. I joined a few years back. As a foal I always kind of had a fascination with them. When i got old enough to join i moved from my parents home in ponyville to join up, and now here i am." Heart Shield replied as he thought about it only being a few years back. He was still a rather young stallion. "I don't blame you for not trying the big cities, They seem like such a rush all the time. I prefer more quite towns myself, Canterlot is probably as big of a town as i would want to live in, But i wouldn't mind visiting a larger city for a day." He thought to himself as he glanced back down at his drink again.
  21. (I'm sure this one has been done before, but here it goes) You awake from a strange dream to find yourself in a random place in equestria. You seem to be a pony version of yourself. You look around to see that you have nothing at all on you. Picking yourself up off the ground. Looking around it seems you are stuck in the world of Equestria. You realize your going to be here for quite awhile, and need to get your self established to living in this world. What do you do and where do you go? How are you going to live your life on Equestria?
  22. Ugh, Spent most of my weekend being sick :(. Wish i could have posted more, but i just can't think of anything. 

  23. Having sat down, Heart Shield felt a little easier knowing this pony didn't mind him being here. Relaxing back in his seat holding his drink, he glanced out the window, then back to the pony on the other side as she introduced herself. "Well, Its nice to you Yuna." He replied. The pony had also remarked that she was fortuneteller, "Fortuneteller eh? I bet you see all kinds of ponies" Heart Shield replied as he sipped on his drink "Never met one before until now" He added as the pony went on to explain where she was from. "Ah your from Baltimare, Its a big old city isn't it? One of these days i might get out to visit it." He said as he sat and thought about what it might be like there. "Oh, yeh I live just up the street a little ways. I'm from Ponyville originally, But i moved here when i joined the guard" Despite living in Canterlot for awhile now, Heart Shield was still a little new to Canterlot himself, There was always something new to see. There was a bit of a silence as He sat kind of blankly staring out the window at the street outside as he thought of something else to say. "You must have seen quite a bit of Equestria in your travels!" He said as wondered what it must be like to be constantly traveling around.
  24. Asking permission to sit in the booth the mare gestured to the seat across from her, "Why thank you". He said Sliding in across from her, and sitting just on the end of the booth. Sorry if bother you ms, I figured i would sit here since all the seats are taken. I'd gladly move if I'm bother you tho." Heart Shield said trying to explain himself. He thought it would be rude to get to close to her and invade her personal space. Setting his cup down he glanced out the window than back down at his cup taking a sip from it. The pony still seemed to be lost in thought, before she broke her silence once again to comment on the weather. "It sure is a little cold out there indeed' He replied in sort of a shy response, not knowing what to say himself. It was rather warm inside from the fireplace over on the other side of the shop, Looking down at his scarf around his neck, He slid it off and placed on the seat next to him. "Sorry for not introducing myself earlier, my names Heart Shield." He said realizing he hadn't introduced himself to this pony, What was her name anyway? "I think I have seen you in Canterlot before, You from around here?" He asked trying to strike up conversation as he sat sipping at his hot chocolate.
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