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  1. Finally managing to catch up with the group, Heart shield galloped as fast as he could. The burning of the pepper in his throat was starting to subside but there was still that little itch. At this point He focused on just keeping pace with the pack, he wasn't going to win but at least he might place well. He could the finish line ahead. all kind of ponies stood cheering. He wondered if his parents where there. The crowd was still a bit indistinguishable yet, He did kind of join the race on a whim tho so he didn't expect them to know. Heart Shield decided it was best to keep his focus on the path ahead. Among the pack was the red mare he had recognized as a guard he had seen in his early days of joining. "Thanks!" Heart shield responded realizing he didn't know her name. It seemed this guard knew him tho "Forgive me for not catching your name, It seems we may have met before" Heart shield said as galloped along, trying to keep pace as best as he could. He was a little uneasy knowing he was in the proximity of Discord tho. He has heard about him before.
  2. Moving faster now Heart Shield had managed to close in just behind the pack of ponies who where racing along. At no better of a time to, Opening his mouth to greet the fellow runners Heart Shield got a mouth full of pepper that sprayed from somewhere among the group. Coughing he tried to regain his composure, The pepper burned the inside of his throat, making his eyes water a little which in turn made it a little hard to see. Finally managing to regain himself he tried to make sense of the chaos which was going on. "A nice day for a run isn't it?" He called out approaching the group his voice a little scratchy from the pepper still. He could see a whole bunch of ponies in the group. He could see Applejack, as well as the bright red mare he recognized from the guard, and a bright pink pony which seemed to stick out from the bunch. One such pony he saw among the group, A gray unicorn with yellow and red, and black eyes. A feature which seemed awfully striking to him. It was discord in his pony form! He remembered hearing of Discord in the guard, but had never seen him before until now. "Discord its you isn't it!?" The guard pony said shocked, clearing his throat. Heart shield had a sneaking suspicion that he might have something to do with all of this pepper, but he decided to keep his mouth closed for now seeing as it still burned from inhaling a bunch of it.
  3. Heart shield Moved as fast as he could to at least be able to pass somepony along the final stretch, But his legs just couldn't carry him fast enough. He was gaining on the group of ponies, but by mere inches at a time. It wasn't fast enough for him tho "Push, Faster!" He said to himself trying to strain himself to go as fast as he could. The air flowed in swift breezes past him, Blowing his mane everywhere. This was no time to stop and smell the roses, Heart Shield lowered his head and kept his focus on the pack of ponies ahead pushing on. At this point he was no longer galloping along. He was leaping and bounding ahead, His legs working in unison to push him along in long strides, as almost like a wild cat after its prey. He couldn't give up now! It was to close to the end. The scenery whizzed by him as he pushed himself near his breaking limit. One miss step could send him tumbling into an unfortunate ending. He couldn't let that happen, not now! The group of ponies where nearing now, he was almost there. He just needed to push a little faster!
  4. Leaving the forest behind Heart Shield Galloped along at full pace nearing the end. He was nearing the group, but it seemed he just didn't have the speed to catch up. He was just thankful the tree sap was left behind. It was all open trail now, fields all around open beautiful sky. No more things to look out for. Ponyville was his hometown, He figured he would stick around awhile after the race was over and spend some time around Ponyville. He wasn't much of a competitive pony be he didn't want to end up dead last. Running along fast as he could he tried to find any way possible to make himself faster. Gaining little ground on the group, it seemed he had topped himself out on speed. His mane flowing in the air behind him, Heart shield pressed on. He was determined that next year he should try starting the race from the beginning. He wouldn't come close to winning this year, but he was having fun.
  5. Having turned the Corner Heart shield Returned to a gallop at full speed. Out of now where there was a loud boom up ahead. Shortly after Applejack excused herself and took off ahead toward the noise. Heart Shield was rather curious what all the commotion was about. Rearing his head into the wind He galloped in leaps and bounds. The narrow trail finally forked with the main trail. Thankfully it was less littered with puddles of sap. Rounding another corner He saw a group of ponies up ahead, This was as good as time as any to catch up. Using every last bit of energy he could muster he galloped ahead, churning the leaves behind him. Passing the Honey pop stand he keep his head low and focused on gaining as much ground as he could. He remembered seeing a Bright red colored pony a little ways back. That pony seemed familiar to him. Recalling his memory he recognized her as another Royal guard member, A higher ranking one if he remembered correctly. It had been just after he joined the Royal guard. He should have gave her a proper greeting, but he was focusing on not getting stuck at the time. "Man that would have been doubly embarrassing to get stuck then" He thought to himself as Ran along. Closing in on the group now, he could see Applejack, and a host of other ponies he hasn't meet yet. Eager to meet new ponies he hurried along as fast as he could to catch up to them.
  6. Applejack had seemed a little confused that he never heard of her. He recalled that he might have been to sweet apple acres when he was young, He thought for a moment searching his memory. Looking ahead there was a very large puddle of sap that made the path itself impassible. Heart shield looked left and right considering his options There was rock wall on the left, on the right the forest was a little too dense to go around. Weighing in his options, Applejack spoke up asking if he could follow her. He watched as the pony leapt onto the wall running along it for a second be bounding off the wall back onto the path on the other side. Looking at the wall Heart Shield saw a sturdy looking branch hanging just a little higher up on the wall. He decided to pull his own little stunt. Nearing the puddle he turned to the left and used his momentum to climb up the wall in a sideways shuffle. Wrapping his hoofs around the branch he threw his weight into swinging on the branch, pushing off when his legs where almost in front of him. He was in the air for what seem a second when his hind legs landed just Inches for the puddle. Making sure he didn't fall backwards into the mess Heart Shield tucked his front hooves behind him as he rolled forward over his shoulder and back before rolling back up onto his hooves. This move seemed a tad slower than her, and she had turned the corner already. Resuming in gallop Heart Shield turned the corner to catch up.
  7. Gosh you draw the cutest ponies i have ever seen! Great work
  8. It was a rather chilly morning outside. Heart Shield had woken up in his small townhouse along the narrow streets of Canterlot. He had one last day off of guard duty before he would have to go back, and he decided to make the most of it. Rising from bed he stretched his legs and arched his back to try to loosen his stiff muscles up a little. Glancing at his window which had a little early morning frost on it. It appeared it had gotten a little chilly over the night. Walking across the cold wooden floor he looked out of what parts of the window he could see. He could see ponies walking about on the street below clad in warmer clothing. Determined to not let the cold morning waste away his day, he grabbed his blue scarf from the rack, and wrapped it around his neck pulling his ponytail up to lay over top the scarf. Trodding down the stairs he opened the door to his house, and stepped out. Heart Shield was immediately meet with the crisp and chilly air, Shivering a little he turned and walked down the street. There wasn't tons of ponies out, most where staying in warm areas for as long as they could, but Heart shield decided to just enjoy the day. He didn't have an real destination in his aimless wandering of the streets, He just liked exploring and meeting new ponies. He walked the street many of times as a guard, but It was nice to do so at his own leisure. Walking down the street he took time to look at all the shops along the way, seeing what he could get into for the day. It was rather cold out this morning, Heart Shield could see the steam from his breath as he plodded along down the street. "Maybe a little warmth from the cold would be good." He thought to himself, as a small cafe on the corner of the street caught his eye. He decided this would be a great way to get to know some ponies, and possibly even make some friends. The cafe had a fancy sign hanging from above the cafes windows, He could see ponies inside sitting down at tables doing various things, Reading newspapers, chatting with each other, and enjoying warm drinks. Crossing the street he pushed the glass door open with his hoof, a small bell hung in front of the door rang as he entered. It seems this was a popular spot to be this cold morning. Walking over to the counter he glanced at the menu, "A nice warm drink would hit the spot." He said to himself as he looked through the list on the menu. It seemed the place was a little busy at the moment, so he had a little time to decide. The cafe was nice and warm inside, Over on the right a large stone Fireplace crackled away over the chatter of other ponies.
  9. DreamWanderer

    Hi! ♩

    Welcome to Canterlot! I hope you enjoy your stay. I'm new here as well!
  10. Heart Shield galloped along at a brisk pace, churning the leaves around him as he went. He loved the peacefulness of the woods from being in busy Canterlot for once. The trails had mostly been quiet, he could see ponies ahead, but no one behind him. All tho he had been focused on not getting stuck to really notice to much. The path he had chosen wasn't the best. The leaves covering the ground covered the sap puddles, and the leaves themselves where a little slippery, Almost causing Heart Shield to go for a tumble a few times. When out of nowhere he heard the sound of pony galloping behind him. glancing behind him he saw a orange colored earth pony closing in on him. "Seems I must be slowing down a bit" He thought to himself as this pony galloped up along side him. The pony asked him if had taken an illegal shortcut. "I hope not!" He said as he carefully avoided a puddle that was almost directly under him. The earth pony gave him a bit of advice and introduced herself. "Thanks for the tip M'lady!" He said glancing over, but trying to focus on not getting stuck at the same time. "Its nice to meet you Applejack!" He exclaimed. "My names Heart Shield, I used to live in ponyville before i moved to Canterlot a few years back" He said to Applejack returning the introduction. "I would have joined in the race earlier, but I was stuck at my post in Canterlot for awhile, but i finally got a few days off!". He said trying to explain himself from earlier when she had said she had never seen him before. "It sure is beautiful out here isn't it?" He added taking in the scenery. It was nice to have someone to talk to now.
  11. Having some what sort out his problem with his mane in his face. Heart Shield galloped on along the path, Seeing a path on the left He darted down it. The path he had chosen seemed to be a bit of bad choice. The path was narrow, and completely covered in leaves which hide the puddles of sap, Broken branches lie on the path. Huffing along Heart Shield continued in his gallop along the narrow path, Leaping and bounding over obstacles. "I never should have went this way!" He said to himself trying to avoid puddles of sap that he couldn't see. Eventually it lead back to the main trail. Sighing in relief Heart Shield looked behind him. No one was there, Ahead of him he could see some ponies. He focused in on the ponies he could see. There was a pink colored pony, and a griffon up ahead in the far distance. It appeared there was some sort of stand ahead. He wouldn't let that distract him, They where still quite a distance away. This was no time to be taking in the sights as much as he would like to, there was still the problem of sap puddles everywhere.
  12. Heart Shield Had entered the race a bit late, but his guard post in Canterlot had keep him from entering. He had finally had a day off and decided to join in even if he was a little late. He traveled to the Whitetail woods where he would join in with the race. Approaching the path at a slow trod, a pack of ponies galloped past him on the trail. Breaking out in a Gallop, Heart Shield attempted to catch up. It was nice to have that heavy armor off of him for once and enjoy the freedom. He galloped along a brisk pace getting warmed up and enjoying the view. The sound of the birds, the gentle breeze and soft falling of leaves. Not all was so nice tho, sticky sap was everywhere. "It would be embarrassing to get stuck in that" Heart Shield thought. Focusing on the path he broke in to full gallop churning the leaves on the path. He could see a pack of ponies in the distance, but he still had a lot of ground to gain. He was enjoying the view but right now he had to focus on winning, and not getting stuck. just partway into the run his ponytail come loose letting his lengthy mane flow everywhere. Including in his face. Blowing to try to keep the hair out of his eyes he pressed on as fast as he could.
  13. I know its a bit late. I would like to add My Heart Shield to the race.
  14. Hello I just recently go my Royal guard OC approved, and I am excited to get him into a roleplay. I'm not quite sure what to make the roleplay about, but if you have any ideas. Or you have a character you would like to interact with him I'm all ears and free to any ideas
  15. Thank you! I'm so excited I hope to get my character into roleplay as soon as i can.
  16. Roleplay Type: Main RPName: Heart Shield Sex: MaleAge: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Matching Blue color of main Coat: Dark Gray, with Electric blue color on bottom of hooves Mane/Tail: Medium in length mane tied into a ponytail with a medium length fluffy tail. Black, with Electric blue stripes running through out Physique: Somewhat tall with a slight muscular build Residence: Canterlot (formerly lived in ponyville) Occupation: Royal Guard Cutie Mark: A Shield and a heart overlapping. Heart shield got his cutie mark early in colt years. Early in life he always had a fascination with the royal guard, and dreamed of becoming one someday. All tho he wasn't physically the strongest pony, he always had kind and caring heart and would help out when ever he could. He was always a bit anxious about trying to protect those for whom he cared for. On occasions if a friend was late to see him or he hadn't seen them for awhile. He would go out looking for them out of fear that something might have happened to them. He got his cutie mark one day while him and one of his friends where out playing as foals, and wandered into the everfree. They got slightly separated in the forest when he heard the sound of Timber wolves nearing them. Panicking, Heart shield ran in search of his friend, finding him in a small clearing he quickly grabbed him and they both ran out of the forest to safety. Unique Traits: As a young stallion Heart shield found he was good at running, and parkour. He always was one to sit and think something through before doing it. If there was a problem, given some time he could always seem to figure it out. Upon joining the guard he found a talent in the "long sword", Combining that with his forward thinking he was able to make up for his physical strength in tactics. Tho he Sometimes becomes overwhelmed with situations, and can become quite anxious about things History: Heart Shield was born in Ponyville after his parents moved there from Cloudsdale. Life was peaceful growing up in Ponyville, he always seemed to get along with others and they always seem to like him. His parents Star glimmer, and Night Storm moved to ponyville when they bought a house together. His dad Night Star being a earth pony was not able to go to cloudsdale. He met Star glimmer in ponyville one day, and she often flew down to meet him everyday. They decided to move into a house in ponyville when they married since its where they met. Heart shields parents always loved him and made sure he had the best, even if they couldn't. They where so proud of him when he joined the guard, and will often travel to Canterlot to see him or invite him home. Heart Shield always was fascinated by the royal guard in their bright armor and dreamed of one day being one. Early in Stallion life he bought a train ticket to Canterlot to fulfill the dream in joining the guard. All tho they where a little skeptical at first of his physical strength, for what he lacked in that he made up for in his smarts. His life was hectic on joining the guard, he rented a room in Canterlot to he could save up enough money to own a small little town home. All tho his work can be stressful and times, and the days can drag long. He is always happy to be able to help anyone. Heart shield hopes to able to move up in the guard, and one day settle down and start his own family. Character Personality: In the guard He was always taught to be a leader and be the authoritative voice on matter in dealing with ponies, Tho he has always had a soft heart, and has a hard time raising his voice. He is generally a soft spoken pony, and cares for ponies needs. On his free time he like to explore and likes using his imagination. He dislikes doing dull tasks or being rushed but will always do as he is told. He is a very organized pony and likes to be Early for work or anywhere else he goes, and likes doing things to almost exact minute routine. He also dislikes when his routine is thrown off. Character Summary: In general, Heart Shield has always been easy going, and hard to provoke. He is kind and caring pony, and seeks to protect those he cares for no matter what. Often he will seek to Resolve an issue with reasoning instead of aggression. He likes having fun, and spending time with friends. No matter the circumstances you can almost always find him happy and smiling. Character Picture:
  17. Hello all. I am DreamWanderer, and I'm(sorta?) new around here. I was here a few years back, I never really got into roleplaying neither was i really good at it. I recently had an idea for an OC and thought i would return once more and give it another go. I came up with my name because i like to day dream a lot, and wander about in my imagination. I found Canterlot a couple years back when i stumbled upon it. I remember becoming a fan of MLP way back when i was seeing profile pictures of ponies on various sites like YouTube, and i thought they were so cute. As far as my favorite character goes ,It has to be Princess Luna all the way. I don't know why she is my favorite, but I am like a die hard Princess of the night fan :P. So yeh I hope to have a good time on here. Although my typing could use a little work. I just have hard time typing out a lengthy, or elaborate story. Maybe I could get some pointers on that? I can't wait to come up with my OC and put him into a roleplay! I'm kind of curious tho, Is there a place I could post to discuss, and brainstorm Ideas for OC's I feel like i could make my character a little better with some others input as well
  18. Just some pen and paper artwork of my oc's
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