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  1. Mine was drawn by me long ago. I don't have the original anymore due to some data loss two years ago.
  2. Can I upload a 3D render of the Earth and say that it's an earth pony?

    1. QuickLime


      Not if you didn't make the render ;)

    2. MR4Y


      Too bad the image is over 5 MB in size. I won't spend another hour rendering it again, XD

  3. MR4Y

    MR4Y's House of Random

    Here shall be posted the bad amusings that some call art.
  4. Open Toonz can only  be described as a tool for many YouTubers to post frustrating videos where they try to make it work properly without much success.

  5. Icy raised a brow and tilted her head slightly when Forge remarked about her not trusting his craft: "That we'll see when you're done, mister." - She said, then blinking a few times as he kept working on the armor and his reaction to her answer. She then stood up and stretched a bit, then letting a small yawning slip, which she quickly tried to disguise with a bit of groaning as she stretched more. Certainly the blacksmith didn't look like a threat or someone whose crafting skills were questionable, but she wasn't that certain about it. Once she was done stretching, she returned at the place she was sitting and resumed inspecting Forge's work: "Can't change the past really. As for where I'm heading...I'm not sure yet. There are armors anywhere just waiting to be claimed and added to the collection. In the meantime, I have no place to go, so...Maybe the old chariot will accumulate some vegetation around it."
  6. Interesting mane design.
  7. I'm not drawing pony art, so not much to post for now.

  8. Should I be worried that I feel better alone than in the 'company' of the friends I currently have?

  9. That 'great' feeling when a cockroach lands on your foot...

  10. Eventually, I'll create enough courage to enter the Discord server.

  11. As the old saying goes:

    "Is better to be in the company of yourself than in the loneliness of others."

  12. I understand. But that creates a problem: What if someone following your recipe doesn't know how to make mac and cheese to begin with? How will they learn if they'll have to eyeball all the ingredients? Or in a more broad concept: How will they know the difference if they don't know the difference?
  13. The recipe would be easier to follow if you quantified the ingredients (1 cup of this, 1 table spoon of that, etc.) instead of just listing them.
  14. Fake it til you make it? Isn't faking the same as lying? What makes you think you'll accomplish something by lying to yourself and others?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Noedig


      Those questions seem to imply things about yourself and not to others.

      If someone were to be very, very annoying, it would take some self-control or some complaints.

      Pretending isn't always bad, it's only bad if you are really harming someone else by doing so.

    3. MR4Y


      Yes, but pretending to have self control and controlling yourself are two different things.

    4. Noedig


      I never said anything about pretending to control yourself. Controlling yourself is a choice and a discipline.

      Pretending is a choice and must be handled responsibly.

      Not everyone feels the same way about "faking" not being necessary. Don't worry about it, though.

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