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All the OCs!


It's customary of me to draw a piece of art for the logs of my characters (which you can view here if you'd like), but I've never really posted them in my gallery. I decided to go ahead and condense all the art into one upload, rather than upload them separately.

Five characters may not be a lot to some people, but two of them have yet to be used, and aside from Inkbrand, only one other has gotten any sort of development, minuscule though it may be. Five is plenty for me, though a child/foal OC may be coming. 'Cause I don't have one. And everyone needs a child on their roster, m'kay.

From the album:

OC Art

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Eeee I love these guys! <3 I really make too many characters. Sometimes they work and sometimes they're destined to be retired, so my methods are a little on the haphazard side. Either way, I'll probably end up making 100 characters at some point. I can't staph! DX


I really love Yuri's swirly pose. She's such an adorable dragon. Come to think of it, Nocturne Wisp is adorable too. In an unintentional kind of way. I'm really exited for future RPs with these awesome characters! :D

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lol... I might make a character as inspired by both your bat pony OC and Inkbrand's personality... I am deciding wether or not I should make him an... excitable fellow or just a plain perv...

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