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"The water's fine."


The sketch for this picture has been sitting around my folders for a while, randomly decided to finish it today to hopefully spark some more inspiration to draw. Another really messy speed draw and color, maybe two hours or so of work.

Bit of RP behind this picture, but it basically consists of a character fantasizing about traveling with Inkbrand to a hot springs and getting invited to share his tub and/or bathing area. I've always actually wondered about how ponies treat bathing with the opposite gender - they go around naked all the time anyways, so it's not like there's anything to be embarrassed about, I guess?

From the album:

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Inkbrand sure has an ego

I'm not refuting this in the slightest, but I'm curious why this picture makes you say that?

It was kind of funny, considering that Inkbrand was fantasizing about picking up foreign babes right before this happened. I imagine they shared much the same drooling expression.

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Considering  what you do when you bathe, they probably do bathe in private. Cause there are places you gotta scrub you probably don't want to do in public...

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I'm not refuting this in the slightest, but I'm curious why this picture makes you say that?


I think its the grin...maybe...not really sure. But its a good picture. No negativity meant.

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The water is fine... so very fine o///o


That's a good point you bring up with the bathing. I never thought of that. But like you said, it probably wouldn't be a big deal I'd imagine.


I LOVE this! The way you drew the water is perfect! I love the sketchy details in the background coupled with the steam and flowers. It practically feels like I'm there. I also love the mane on the shoulder and Inkbrand's pose/ expression really ties everything together. This is one of my favorites <3

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No negativity taken. I guess it just shows exactly how egotistical Inkbrand is, that he appears with a broad ego in somepony else's imagination!

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