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Star Pony


Another random OC design, this time a Pegasus. Kind of used the standard "nighttime pony" color scheme…BUT HEY. IT'S PRETTY M'KAY.

Also randomly used slimmer legs, rather than the way I usually draw legs - i.e., thinner up top and wider at the hoof. I think the slim hooves have a rather elegant and more feminine look, but at the same time I like the wider hoof because it's closer to show design.

Anyways, yup. Random OC, though one I don't think I'm going to app, too many characters already. Might put her design up for adoption later on.

From the album:

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The way you draw manes will forever kill me. She looks ridiculously pretty and that cutie mark is the best. The best. As a sucker for constellations, I'm in love. Your art is always incredible. :catbug:

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Oooooh this design is so pretty! Like Elder said, that is the best cutie mark! <3 The mane is so flowy and gorgeous! Putting designs for adoption is a good idea for the compulsive character creator. I'd do it if I wasn't such a character hoarder XD

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Thats why I have to wait before putting a design up for adoption, gotta make sure I actually don't want to keep the character. Otherwise I end up kicking myself when I get so many ideas for the character after Ive given them away, heh.

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Actually... I'd say keep this character. See if you can make something out of her. She looks pretty interesting. Tentative expression. Maybe she's professionally a philosopher. She kind of looks like she's asking existential questions.

"What color am I, and why?"

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It's a really really nice pic....Lovely all around...But her tail is really bothering me for some reason...Looks less like a tail....More like she's really really gassy. ;)

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