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  1. You mean Cri? Oh, well shes a ghost actually! I still have to work on her quite a bit though!
  2. FluffKinz

    Stuff I make

    Whenever I make something, accidental or by purpose.
  3. From the album: Stuff I make

    Well Hey! They are back! Better than ever! Changed up the designs a bit, and had to remove some ocs sadly. But a few new ones is here! Enjoy~

    © artwork is mine

  4. Man, she looks really awesome! I could never be able to draw anything in that kind of perspective! Also, please dont hurt me! *waves a stick around*
  5. From the album: Stuff I make

    Another new one! Hoooooray!! Theres a possibility I might make an app for her on CC... But I still have to think about some things before I do... Some comments are appreciated~

    © art and character by me

  6. From the album: Stuff I make

    I HAVE RETURNED Its been a while since I uploaded something on this site! And guess what? New OC!!! I wonder if I improved... Eh...App time!

    © Art and characters by me

  7. Guess who's baaack! I missed ya guys!

    1. franshpout


      Yaaaaaaay!! *snuggles* Missed you too! x3

    2. Sethore


      Where did you go to have made me so sad~?

    3. Hawkeye12
  9. You can now finish everything that you wanna finish, but now you cant stop finishing everything. And its most likely that you will move around so much that you'll become too exhausted and will live a life of pain!! Hmm...I wish can turn into a cute fluffy kitten, so that I can cuddle with people!! *wink* *wink* XD
  10. I finally made my first male OC! Yay! Anyone wanna RP with him? If ya know what I mean.. *wink* *wink* XD

    1. QuickLime


      No, what do you mean?

    2. PyroBlaze


      I've got a dressmaker mare that he could meet.

  11. FluffKinz


    From the album: Stuff I make

    Apparently I'm inlove with earth ponies... O_O Or...I could be too lazy to draw wings or a horn... T3T And hey! ITS A GUY! I noticed how my little OC family lacked an actual "male" so, I whipped up this little cutie! I hope ya like it~
  12. FluffKinz

    All in!

    Pretty soon I hope! I already have some kind of idea!
  13. FluffKinz

    All in!

    Thank you! It was actually pretty fun to make! And yes, I am still jelly of your art. I FOREVER WILL BE ... XD
  14. FluffKinz

    All in!

    From the album: Stuff I make

    WOW I GOT REALLY BORED ONCE Yeah, I finally decided to put all my lovies in one group to keep them in order. I'm pretty sure my little family wont have any new members anytime soon...but eh, we'll see! This took less time than I imagined... I actually thought this would take a while...but turned out, I only finished it on a few hours. Huh... Well...I had no idea what to do with it...so why not upload it on this awesome site? THEN OKAY LETS DO IT *bloop* Hope you guys like it~

    © Art by me

  15. Yeeeeaaaah...You gotta point there... XD
  16. Well shoot! It's more dangerous than I thought! *whispers* You know, you can use that power to your advantage... XD
  17. You make WAY too cute stuff... Its actually scary! XD Oh, so she isnt in trouble anymore?
  18. My old, laggy potato isnt trustworthy anymore...I need a new computer...SAVING TIME! :D

  19. ~Granted but your hair is now very long and and is never going to be cut short. And the worst part is that it tries to kill you.. XD~ I wish... to have a huge increase on my intellegence and skill on all things!
  20. ~You now have a wish, but it will never be granted~ I wish to see the future!
  21. ((Aww poo. Dont be a bad sport! That ls what this is about! :3)) ~Your wish will not be corrupted. You can play every game you want. Only, no one will hang out with you anymore for being a bad sport. Also, your gaming skills will be as awesome as a hadicapped ant. Which means it sucks. ~ I wish to turn into cute, adorable animals whenever I want to, and turn back into human after. (So that I can cuddle with *ACHOO!* what was I talking about? XD)
  22. ~You are able to play games again, but you now suck. Like, very. Also, you can only play on an Atari. With the game E.T.~ I wish to have the ability to turn into different kinds of animals! (Kinda like Beast Boy's! :3)
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