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  1. Recently got back into the fandom a couple days ago, lol. It's been ages since I've been on this site, even if I wasn't that active to begin with. 

  2. Name: Flower Power Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye colour: Dark green Coat: Pale yellow Mane/Tail: His mane is in the style of a pompadour while his tail is short and forms a sort of thick crescent. Both are a dark shade of brown. Physique: Average Residence: Equestria Occupation: Vagrant Cutie Mark: A daisy with purple pedals and a bright yellow center. Flower earned his cutie mark after he was able to grow a small garden on the roof of his residence. In order to keep his work flourishing, Flower put hour after hour of his time and spared no effort or (his parents') expense. After several long moths of excitedly tending to a patch of dirt, his cutie mark finally came to him when the first buds broke through the soil. Unique Traits: When it comes to possessions, Flower is a textbook example of a minimalist. The only article of clothing he ever wears is a tattered brown fringe vest that moreso serves as a something to hold all his other belongings. Aside from the vest, he travels with only his bare necessities and only ever has a pocketful of bits on him History: Born and raised in inner-city Fillydelphia, Flower’s family lived in a small apartment space that had always seemed either too cramped or too drab to him. He was a middle foal with two sisters who he more so put up with than bonded with. His parents, however, were a couple of hard working ponies whose dedicated way of life received great admiration from Flower. In fact, it was his parents who got Flower into gardening from how amazed he was by the window garden his family had. After all, there wasn’t for him to do at home besides ogle at the compact collection of potted flowers on the window sill. Eventually, Flower's wonderment in the window garden turned into an interest in horticulture that spurred him to make his own little garden on the roof of the apartment, a feat that earned him his cutie mark. It was during his teenage years that Flower started becoming the pony his is today. And it all started when one day while walking to school, he came across a group of ponies unlike any other he'd met before. They called themselves free spirited and seemed so blissful and care free to Flower that he almost admired them in a way. Now his family thought he was joking when he said he wanted to be a hippie, but they had realized too late how serious he was actually being. It then came that in the months following that Flower would skip school now and then, “liberating my mind” as he put it, and hang out with his new found friends around the streets of Fillydelphia. His parents were clearly concerned and his sisters would try dragging him away, but Flower would always go back to his friends and mellow out. Now an adult, Flower's constant exposure to the free spirited ponies he hung out with had very well turned him into one. His family disapproved it, but they knew Flower wouldn't listen to anything they'd say to him. So when he had gathered enough money, he joyfully waved his mom, dad, and sisters goodbye and boarded the first train out of Fillydelphia. Currently, Flower spends his time traveling from place to place in Equestria as to find an outlet for his horticulture passion as well as preventing himself from being tied down to one place. Character Personality: Sometimes Flower comes off as an uncommitted young drifter who's inexperience shows, while other times he comes off as an easy going gardener who's very passionate about his work. He often keeps his personal affairs and feelings to himself, preferring to know more about the pony he's talking to before he talks about himself. Not to imply that he's ever shy when it comes to talking about gardens and gardening. But despite his obvious passion for growing plants and horticulture in general, he has a sort of procrastination attitude towards other kinds of more difficult work. That being said, he is of course somewhat willing to work if it meant he got a sizable compensation for doing it. Regarding Flower's values, he sometimes sees his bleeding heart morality and pacifist beliefs as guidelines more than actual rules to live by. That is not to say that Flower doesn't have a sense of right or wrong, he just tends to unintentionally get the line between the two blurred a little. Character Summary: Flower is a pony who goes wherever the road takes him and tries living a care free life. His love of gardening and interest in horticulture keep him occupied when he isn't traveling from place to place.
  3. I know that Breezies have been mentioned in this thread before, and they aren't listed anywhere as a playable or non-playable species. Are they allowed? Like how would that even work?
  4. You guys could just make it a lion with wings, but instead of doing regular manes they could be stylized like Eygptian or Babylonian beards since those two styles are pretty prevelant in old Middle Eastern history.
  5. Then what about viking caribou? Isn't that just a race based on early Scandinavian culture?
  6. I don't mean a race comprised of barbarians, I mean a race based off of groups that were considered barbarians. You know? Like the Huns or Mongols.
  7. Stupid question, but could there be a possibility of adding an orky/barbarian race?
  8. Not to sound judgmental or anything, but wouldn't a sphinx with a cat face just be a regular cat with wings?
  9. Shrugging a bit, Caber got off of the chair he was sitting on, "Only one way to find out I suppose, go ahead and ring it. I'm getting pretty hungry too." Anxiously looking over Steam's shoulder, Caber watched to see if the door would still be locked. If the train still not moving was any sign than Caber's guess was that it would still be locked.
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