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  1. [colour=#daa520]Lyn[/colour] [colour=#daa520]"An interesting sight you say."[/colour] He mused over the thought for a moment. Before remembering that most pony towns weren't on the fringe like like some griffon settlements so dragons were probably rare in Equestria.[colour=#daa520] "That's quite the speech pattern you have there, I may not be the best reader, but the art of of rhyme is still beautiful to me."[/colour] He was about to flash the zebra a grin, but then he remembered that his maw was full of razor sharp gem crushing teeth and flashing them probably wasn't the best idea. [colour=#daa520]"The name's Lyn."[/colour] As they introduced themselves the other members of the little trip started to show up. First a unicorn. He introduced himself as Pocket Change. Heh, pony names never cease to amuse. Waiting until their introductions were over, he walked up to the pony and extended a claw in friendship. [colour=#daa520]"Hello Pocket Change, my names Lyn. Nice to meet you." [/colour]Before now he never really noticed how he towered over the ponies, but after talking to Zecora and turning to Pocket, he felt a bit to large. He decided to lower himself to all fours when addressing the ponies. His falcon friend chose that particular moment to come and land on his shoulder. She gave the dragon an extremely flat look before making an annoyed squawk. [colour=#daa520]"Urgh, you're the one who didn't want to sit still for a moment. Anyway, this is my friend and scout Inanna." [/colour]she said as he presented the orange-breasted falcon. Another unicorn came up to the group. Apparently he knew Pocket Change to some degree by the way he bounded over to the group and hugged the other stallion. [colour=#daa520]"Oh, well that was touching."[/colour] Hugging wasn't something he saw much between male griffons and seeing two guys hugging brought a chuckle up from his throat. [colour=#daa520]"By the broodmother, I've never seen a creature of your sort!"[/colour] He said as he stared at the approaching Peryton. They were pretty much non existent where he came from and he'd seen or heard of them. [colour=#daa520]"Oh, I am so sorry... "[/colour] The day was starting to get interesting because another dragon joined the party. He let him and Zecora have their introduction before looking The new dragon up and down. It was a bad habit that was born into him from his upbringing, it never really came into play since he didn't spend much time around other dragons. After sizing the newcomer up he simply nodded at him. The next member of their party appeared. A mare with a silver fox as a pet. As the mare introduced herself to Zecora another fox leapt out of the zebra's mane.[colour=#daa520] "Wait.. What?"[/colour] He said as the two foxes started to play with each other. She apologized about going off, but that didn't matter much to him. [colour=#daa520]"Eh, don't worry about it. I've got eyes above, as long as me and my Falcon can see ya it's all good."[/colour] Another dragon appear. and three makes a crowd. he said jokingly in his mind. This one was a female though. For a split second he was forced to put his face in his palms. He'd worked hard over the past year to put his draconic tendencies behind him. He hadn't been in society long, but he had adapted well. But just like that with the appearance of one other male and a female everything he had worked hard to suppress threatened to collapse in on itself. Nothing had even happened, yet he already felt the pangs of competition tugging at the back of his mind. [colour=#daa520]NO! Bad Lyn! You are civil.[/colour] He took a deep breath and listened to the dragoness introduce herself.[colour=#ffd700] [/colour][colour=#daa520]"Ah, seem as like are skills will complement each other nicely than. My names Lyn. I'm a explorer, survivalist, and artifact procurer. Nice to have you with us."[/colour] [colour=#daa520]"My word, a sea serpent. Now that's not something you see every phase."[/colour] He commented.
  2. [colour=#ffa07a]Gear Shift[/colour] Gear was starting to feel a little better these ponies with each passing moment. As a group, they didn't seem too bad. Everypony around her seemed to bring their our energy and talents to the table making for a diverse group that she could no doubt learn from and she'd reciprocate with everything she had. The salmon coloured mare nodded acknowledging Licorice's praise. She wasn't use to receiving praise, seeing as ponies were too busy calling her crazy for her wild inventions and unorthodox inventions. Apparently she was a travelling potion brewer. Gear had never really had the time to get into bio chemistry proper so perhaps the mare could teach her a thing or two. "I'm quite mobile myself. I travel around the country gathering inspiration and knowledge to help with my inventions." [colour=#ffa07a]"Thank you Razor."[/colour] She said as she gave him a short nod. Another pony with knowledge of the body. [colour=#ffa07a]I've really got to stop putting learning this stuff off.[/colour] She said to herself. "Skill in the mechanical and the biological, a rare breed, I can already sense that we will be of great help to each other." Gear Shift wore a soft smile. Razor could perhaps fill in all the gaps in her research and help bring some of her other ideas into fruition.[colour=#ffa07a] "That sounds like quite the story, I await the day we can sit down over a work bench and chat about it."[/colour] The stallion seemed to have started a new trend. "Why did you join?" Being the flavour of the new conversation. She listened to Razor give his reasons with open ears. [colour=#ffa07a]"Manehattan? That's where my shop is, shame I'm rarely there."[/colour] She continued listening to what everypony was saying. Hearing their reasons, she suddenly started to feel low, their purposes were all selfless. Hers were self absorbed, but seeing as she wasn't a pony to every back down, she was still going to say her piece and stand by it. [colour=#ffa07a]"Well I feel like a terrible pony and I'd hate to be that mare, but here goes..."[/colour] She started. Her ears angled back as she looked at everypony.[colour=#ffa07a] "I joined for contacts, resources, and acclaim. Those are three things that I need to succeed. I have to know ponies to get my idea's circulating; I need read access to ponies who can assist me and materials to create with or study; I need my name associated with something with good strong credentials to be taken seriously. Yes, the end all purpse of my inventions is to help ponies, but I'm so far away from that goal... I must sound selfish right now."[/colour] She sighed, a little disappointed in herself. Everypony before her had come here with no other goal than help ponies, but she wanted more. [colour=#ffa07a]"Of course, I would give back to the group, i'm no leech. Feel free to come to me for any reason."[/colour] ((I like how everyone just assumes that ponies don't mind being called by just one part of their name if it's a two parter. Because of this I'm tempted to create a character name "A Pegasus Called Sky Fisher" who insists on everyone using his entire name.))
  3. I have no strong opinion. I love the idea, but I'm scared to death of the possible flop in execution.
  4. Just to lighten up the conversation. I'm halfway sure that Fluttershy isn't as shy as she claims to be. Playing coy is powerful. Look at that face, she was in control of that entire conversation with Spike.
  5. It's here, after 16 months its done... The Immortal Game's Epilogue has been written. I'm in tears.
  6. Well at first I was gonna let you and whoever slug it out, then yer crew came into the town...I need the town to not be pillaged and i need the populace to not be dead or terrified. Actually...I need to edit my post.
  7. I tossed interactions out there. Just waiting for u guys to talk to me.
  8. I don't like seeing Spike and Pinkie Pie interact. My view on that has been forever tarnished by a fanfic.
  9. It seems that gems, despite being as common as sea shells, still have ridiculous value.
  10. Airships, though mine can fly or be used as a conventional boat or a submarine. Dusty's ride is truly a monster of engineering. But my ship has a giant laser... Been wondering, is that the same town where Starbuster is?
  11. Shoot I don't see why not. But do be warned it is an 18+ RP so stuff will happen. If Starstorm says you're good then I might pester you into joining my crew. Also dat rarity picture!!!!
  12. Added her creed to the personality section. Added spaces in her name. Change coat colour to [colour=#ffa07a]salmon [/colour][colour=#000000]because that's how I picture it. [/colour]
  13. Only in a big city with competition to your left and right. carousel boutique really wasn't at the beginning (it's still relatively small shop successful). Remember all the high names coming to her probably through word of mouth? before those encounters she had no notable contacts we just knew that she was good. It's pretty analogous to a small town dress maker's product being seen by a big wig when a member of her community goes out somewhere with a lot of people. Also depending on the local success is relatively manageable. Before she had any contacts its fair to say that she supported herself by making things for the denizens of ponyville with maybe a few out of area orders. Doesn't sound to different from my sisters pastry shop. She's 23 and has had it since she was 19. Rarity is on the verge of being a break out. But 'success' with a local business in a small town/ tight knit community is definitely possible relatively quickly. The Kirin or Qilin (as for the mythos thing, the type of sea serpent Steven Magnet is is definitely based on chinese dragons so eastern material isn't out of the question) is an eastern thing. What you said is a catch all, but every kirin doesnt have all of those traitss, depending on what era the depictions are from. Jin Dynasty is dragon and any equine. While Qing has the kirin with all the things you mention. In Korea the kirin has went from deer/ horse/ ox/ but have shifted to be almost completely dragon horses. And japan does it all. Where as some Kirin are Draco-felines. But any creature born as a hybrid of two animals would traditionally be a false qilin since qilin are their own species and are one of the 4 heavenly beasts.
  14. [colour=#ffa07a]Gear Shift[/colour] [colour=#ffa07a]"I hope so."[/colour] The salmon coloured mare said in response to Moondancer question of if it was going to be awesome. Gear was a little surprised when Moondancer up and disappeared. Gear's mind instantly recognized a teleport spell and after the mare peaked her head out from the door of the building he assessment checked out. She walked into the structure behind everypony else. The unicorn thought of congratulating Moondancer of an excellent teleport, but everypony else seemed to do that. So she scraped the Idea. Following the crowd she into the larger area she noticed that the place was extremely spartan for what was suppose to be a guild meeting. Nothing but hay seats and tables. It seemed grossly ill prepared for a pre-planned meeting, she didn't really care though. Gear would simply roll with any punches that came her way. Soon enough everypony around her was introducing themselves and it ended with a young mare by the name of Spirit Flames. With only one more pony who hadn't introduced himself she figured that now was as good a time as any. She looked around at the crowd, her analytic gaze stopping for a brief moment on each pony. [colour=#ffa07a]"It's nice to meet you all, name's Gear Shift. I'm a Techno-Magic engineer, meaning that I combine magic and machine to make something more. I live my life by a creed: 'Anything is possible with a proper understanding.'"[/colour] Her expression never really shifted, and her eyes remained half lidded the entire time. [colour=#ffa07a]"I hope that together, we can really do something amazing in the field of magic." [/colour]
  15. You're using the absence of evidence as evidence of absence and that just doesn't work. You're basically saying that if superman uses heat vision in episode 1 then doesn't use it in episode 2 he inexplicably just lost the power. Rather than understanding that the story just didn't call for it. ((all that NMM stuff is a tangent that's unrelated, but kind of relevant. Luna could control the weather without touching anything...Meaning the moment the mane six stepped out of town hall they couldve been struck dead by lightning. There'd be no story if that happened though. Also who said hiding? As said before Luna's powers point toward NMM being able to smite anypony she wants to.)) Discord going on a chaos rampage wasn't the story. If the villains in MLP got genre savvy the mane six would never win.(when sombra turned solid he could've stopped his advance and retreated. Discord and NMM could have both teleported away from the beam.) You're turning your brain off if you believe they actually should have WON those confrontations with villains. But we are suppose to suspend disbelief for that stuff. PIS
  16. Also I highly doubt Discord's powers changed come one thats ridiculous and pretty much just assumes a more complicated solution before the simple one. Discord didn't just teleport away, not because he couldn't, but because there would be no story if he did. Same way Nightmare Moon confronted the Mane Six when she didn't have to I mean really even if they had the elements looking through NMM's powers could you honestly say that she couldn't just avoid them? Or strike them down with lighting from anywhere? PIS Plot Induced Stupidity. That's what happened here.
  17. [colour=#282828]Name: Grim Stride[/colour] [colour=#282828]Age group: Late teens [/colour] [colour=#282828]Gender: Male[/colour] [colour=#282828]Race: Unicorn Pony[/colour] [colour=#282828]Mane colour and style: Long aurburn coloured mane that he keeps tied up in a neat ponytail.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Coat colour: White[/colour] [colour=#282828]Eye colour: Amber[/colour] [colour=#282828]Any permanent accessories: A golden pendant with an amethyst on it.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Cutie mark: A claymore surrounded by a red magical aura[/colour] [colour=#282828]Talent: Telekinetic Swordplay [/colour] [colour=#282828]Class: Warrior[/colour] [colour=#282828]Specialization: Reaver[/colour] [colour=#282828]Fighting Style: [/colour][colour=#282828]The young unicorn is a vicious monster in combat and loves the pain and fear he causes his foes on the battlefield. He uses surprising speed and powerful strikes to keep foes off balance. He abuses the fact that being around him is pain and strikes down any enemy who buckles from pain. He's always on the front-line. [/colour] [colour=#282828]History:[/colour] [colour=#282828]Both of Grim Stride's parent's were earth ponies. In a cruel twist of genetic's the prestigious Grim bloodline gave birth to a unicorn foal. Knowing the the templars and the circle would come for the child Grim Stride's father Gen. Grimlocke took him and went on the run. As the years went by and Grim Stride got older he started to experiment with his magic, but his father forced him to stop. Sensing his son would simply defy him and continue, he decided to tell him why free mages were dangerous, he offered a way for his son to practice his magic but warned that it would not be fun.[/colour] [colour=#282828]One morning, Grimlocke dressed his son in a small suit of chain armor and dropped a sword that crafted in front of the young unicorn. The weapon was large and heavy and impractical for an earth pony or pegasi, but Grim Stride was a unicorn, he was not limited to what his hooves could do. His first task...Lift the blade.[/colour] [colour=#282828]It took him a week, but he finally lifted it with his magic. Once he could lift his weapon, his father could train him in the bladed combat properly. The training helped sharpen his mind to strengthen, when he wasnt running drills for his father he was practicing his magic. His advancement in martial skills was rapid, but his magic seemed to go nowhere, he was just about give up on his Maker given right as a unicorn, but his pride would not allow him to soil his family name anymore. That's when the voices started.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Being rather lackluster at magic, the voices in Grim Stride's mind were easily ignored. Now a young stallion, Grim Stride had finished his formal training with his father and was allowed to accompany him into towns. Since rumors of the new blight had started spreading around countryside, the less time they spent apart the better. During a routine grocery trip to a small town that they were familiar with the town was overrun by a horde of darkspawn. The beasts slaughtered everyone in the town, the father son duo fought back to back as they attempted to escape the madness. Despite their skills Grimlocke fell in battle at his son's side. Grim Stride knew that this was the end for him, his birth had shamed his family, but perhaps he could die with honor. The voice screaming in the back of his mind louder than ever now, but this time it didn't go ignored. Accepting the presence into himself Grim Stride felt something change, his fear was replaced fervor and his fatigue was replaced by vigor. Each felled Darkspawn seemed to give him strength. But it wasn't enough, there were just too many and his strength was fading faster than it could be restored. Backed up into a wall he planted his blade into the ground, he prepared for death.[/colour] [colour=#282828]It never came, instead he looked up to see the hoard had ignored him in favour of a new threat, Grey Wardens, only the wardens would willingly enter this insanity. After the attack was repelled, the Wardens approached the lone survivor and extended a hoof of brotherhood to the young unicorn. He accepted their offer managed to survive the initiation ritual. Grim Stride is now proud of the fact that he is the first Grey Warden in the Grim bloodline.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Since his initiation Grim has continued to master his new abilities. While similar to blood magic they require no magic energy to be used. He relishes the fear he imparts on his foes and feeds on death. [/colour] [colour=#282828]Starting Location: Ostegar[/colour]
  18. Well let us stay in the lounge for a little bit longer if possible since Arik was talking with Snowshoe. Arik was also making antivenom and healing poultices. He was going to make a bullet resistant jacket for Brute since she didnt buy any clothes and he could tell she was cold. Black Raven was also going to come in and try to talk to Gridpoint.
  19. We does it feel like this is all building towards Twilight and Discord being put into the Royal Equestrian ranks? Honestly I can't think of another reason to Reform discord other than, Celestia, in her infinite wisdom realizes that harmony is pointless without disharmony, etc...you know world balance stuff, and realizes that Discord doesn't have to be evil. Perhaps she foresees a threat so large that Discord is needed
  20. Wow...I just can't even...this episode... what did I just watch? I don't even... I can't even judge this episode the same way as the others. I'm so confused... All I have to say is that Fluttershy is best counter troll.
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