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  1. I'm pretty sure that's a male pony, hence his expression.
  2. Actually, and extremely unfortunately, us G1 fans are constantly ridiculed by FiM fans. Somehow G1 has less merit just because it's more "girly" in their eyes (even though if they actually watched the show they'd notice it had more villains than FiM does, ponies are kidnapped and turned into slaves, etc.) which is the epitome of hypocrisy, since FiM is awfully girly in its own right. So I believe that G1 fans announce their like of the old show as retaliation against "bronies". In fact, look what you said--"99.9% revolves around FiM"--no, it doesn't. G1 still has a very strong fanbase, if you look in the right places. It's a shame that FiM fans shun G1 fans and vice versa. (but I can understand where the G1 fans come from, I was ridiculed often on the previous pony forum I visited, just for mentioning G1)
  3. Derpy is my favorite. She is a great, oldschool cartoon character type. But I also like Featherweight, and those new pegasi that showed up in the hurricane ep. They had great designs, really makes them stand out from the earth ponies.
  4. It IS grimdark, and the R word is involved. Reader beware.
  5. Actually the stains will come out if you use the right tools. I got some strange staining out of a G1 Confetti with sunfading (putting the pony in sunlight) and a very precise "sanding" (with a nail file). I do think that some of the artists/storyboarders/etc are fans of oldpony as well, so this could have been a nod to Abra-ca-dabra. Wouldn't put it past them. I also miss the Halloween ponies, I was so psyched when they first released them. I never thought I'd see ponies related to Halloween in any sort of fashion, since Halloween is "scary".
  6. I THINK I got INTJ on the test before, which is Celestia. Either that or INTP, which is Twilight. But going by pony personality, I'm a lot like Applejack, some Rarity, and a bit of RD.
  7. No need to be jealous, I've been drawing for 11 years now. Admittedly I didn't get too serious with it until about three years ago, but still. Unfortunately no art update, but I'll link an old picture for the heck of it! Cheerilee in her 80s garb, done in MSPaint:
  8. The original Dragonball. They'd show it at 6am on some channel I don't recall, and I'd get up early to watch it. What a funny show. I like it better than Z.
  9. I've played the X series (except 7 and 8), classic (except 9 and 10), Network Transmission, and Legends. A shame the X series went to crap.
  10. Those furries are called "otherkin" and yes they're cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
  11. I'm new around here, so you guys probably don't know that I live and breathe art. At least, most of the time! A direct link to my DA pony gallery, and a direct link to my commissions sheet. My most recent, as of this posting: My "best pony works", at least, in my opinion. Discord and Applejack Princess Celestia in The Last Unicorn style Hearts N Hooves Day with the CMC Christmas 2011 MLP Hockey Beachball's Family My favorite commission: Currently I'm only drawing commissions for now because of drama with my previous pony forum. But I'll get back to drawing ponies eventually.
  12. Just Sparkly Pinkie. I wasn't exactly floored by any of the others from the first wave!
  13. I find spiders adorable. Oddly, I find all insects either interesting or cute, except moths. Oh god, moths...
  14. I draw. A lot. Just currently it's a lot of ponies that I'm drawing! I also paint, but I haven't in over two years because my painting supplies are all at home, and I'm not in a permanent residence yet. Walking. I love walking everywhere. If I wasn't currently in a concrete jungle, I'd be hiking! Listening to music. I have a severe attachment to my mp3 player. I like rock n roll, heavy metal, classical, bunch of stuff. I love cooking stuff for my partner, who loves food. I love to read and learn, I read anything non-fiction. I very rarely play videogames. I mainly play old ones, currently I'm playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with my best buds. (whoa that's a lot of B's)
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