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[ Pony Related Character ]

Name: Mesmeric (Legerdemain and Athame)

Nicknames: Mes, Eric, Hydra(Teasingly)

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion (29)

Species: Unicorn

Pelt Color: Electric Crimson (#FF003F)

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Psychedelic Purple (#DF00FF)

Mesmeric: Slick and long parted in the middle

Legerdemain: Combed back and wavy

Athame: Frizzy and unkempt

Eye Color: Mesmeric: Goldenrod (#DAA520),

Legerdemain Glamour: Deep Periwinkle (#724AE3),

Athame Glamour: Tyrian Purple (#66023C)

Cutie Mark: A Swinging Hypnotist's Pendulum

Physique: Thin and Tall

Residence: Fillydelphia

Occupation: Retired Hypnotist

Motivation: Mesmeric: To find a way to fix the broken pieces of his shattered mind.

Legerdemain: To help Mesmeric, at the very least, rid himself of Athame's bad influence.

Athame: To preserve his own existence inside the mind of Mesmeric.

Likes: Mesmeric: A good book, apple cider tea, hypnosis, meditation, moonlight

Legerdemain: Moonlight, justice, apple cider tea, seeing his friends and Mesmeric smile

Athame: Moonlight, loud music, causing trouble, pranking with hypnosis

Dislikes: Mesmeric: Misuse of magic, ponies being afraid of him, causing trouble

Levi: Causing trouble, cruel pranks, unneeded fighting

Athian: Apple cider tea, reading, listening to Mes or Legie

Character Summary: "Listen friends and I will tell you, the story of a hypnotist who broke his mind with a STUPID trick."

The story of Mesmeric begins as near any other, he was a happy go lucky unicorn foal who loved nothing more than to play with his toys, his favourite, however, was his yo-yo; for hours on end Mes would play with his yo-yo, practicing new trick and such; when one day, while practicing one particular trick for his friends, he noticed one of them slipped into a deep trance, the friend followed the swinging yo-yo to and fro, never once taking his eyes off of it; while at first it worried Mesmeric, he thought back to a show his parents took him to one year, where a pony in a tuxedo and a top hat swung a coin on a string to make a volunteer fall into a slumber and then gave them orders, to which they followed to a T. Smirking playfully, he commanded his friend to do silly things like, act like a dog, or hop on one leg, before letting him go. It was at that moment the young Mesmeric gained his cutie mark and cemented his future as a grand hypnotist.

Many years down the line, 10 to be precise, our young Mesmeric, bright eyed and full of confidence, took stage for the very first time. It was a wondrous evening for the lad, his friends and family were all there for support. As any hypnotist does, he began his routine with several other magic tricks before calling up his first volunteer, a young and pretty filly, near his age, with whom he was instantly smitten; she was as brilliant as the lights that headlined his act and as charming as anypony could ever hope to be.

Long after the show had ended, he came to the lass, and asked if perchance she'd be interested in meeting again sometime, over dinner, as fate would have it; with a smile as soothing as the morning dew, she said yes...and so began many a happy year for the boy hypnotist.

BUT! As fate would ALSO have it! Not all good things last forever! Far far from it. For you see, 9 more years along, Mes here once more headlines a great show, the crowd was cheering and his fiancee was right there with him as his lovely assistant. The crowd was hushed, and the light were dimmed, Mesmeric was about to attempt a hypnotist's trick that had never before been attempted...He was going to swap the personalities of two of his volunteers and then swap them back. As his horn glowed with magic energy, something...was amiss....the others heads should be glowing....what was wrong? When suddenly, with the crash of a thousand lightning bolts...Mesmeric was out like a light.

A few weeks later, our Mes woke up in a hospital, his lovely fiancee once more at his side; she said the spell hadn't worked right and the magic struck him down violently; but little did she know at the time, it was at a great cost at which he survived...For having such wild magic flow through his mind, it caused a chasm, a rift if you will, setting loose what you would call, his conscience, into control of their own. At first it was just the voices in his head, but as time went on, he began doing things he had no control of, or waking up in places he hadn't been before....It wasn't long before his love...with whom he had thought he'd spend his entire life with...left....without so much as a goodbye, only a note saying 'I hope you three will work yourselves out.'...and it was at that moment Legerdemain and Athame first spoke directly to Mesmeric.

Now, this year, a pony with a shattered mind wanders his lonely home, wondering if there is even a way to return his mind to what it once was...while Legerdemain, his angel, thinks to help him and bring him good fortune...while Athame, his devil, thinks only for himself and aims to be the dominate one in this odd three's company mindset. Will he find friends to help him? Or will he be alone in his quest to bring back the shattered pieces of his mind? Only time will tell.

Poison Joke Reaction: Grows two more heads, allowing Legerdemain and Athame to speak without control of the body.

Font Colour: Mesmeric: (#DAA520),

Legerdemain: (#724AE3),

Athame: (#66023C)

The Three In Agreement: (#006B3C)


Art by Cheese Canan

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I take he has split personality disorder? fun fun! i was thinking of doing some thing like that (if that is what your going fore), if it go's i may have to take a shot some time in the future at it.

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Ahh, well, they're not really meant to be very ponyish, he named them himself after the legendary beast Leviathan, albeit a bit stylized of course (Athian instead of just Athan)

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