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Make a wish only to have it horribly corrupted

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This is a game that my brother found and it's absolutely hilarious. Its basically like somebody makes a wish and the next person to reply grants it. But your like a genie and you change it against them. Then that same replier makes a wish and the next person grants it and so forth. Who wants to go first?

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~You are now able to land and fly, but your legs are no longer usable and is now heavier. Because of this, flying is now extremely painful due to the massive weight added to your limbs~

I wish to have the ability of reading someones mind!

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-you become the smartest person in your class, but your brain becomes to big and your head explodes-

I wish pikachu was alive in real life and wouldn't harm anyone, but just be my friend and look adorable doing it. (without me being overwhelmed by its adorableness)

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Granted: but Russia also falls in love with him and take him to use as putin's pet.

i wish I had pie

You have pie, but it's five days moldy and if you eat it, you might die.

I wish for some sort of closure when I finish a project...you know, it's like you show your art to someone...and then it's like..."What now..."...cuz there's no closure...in life...or anything...just on and on...

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Granted: but by curing cancer you make a zombie virus and get infected, you soon cause all humanity to die becoming zombies.

How could you!?....whyyyyyy!

(ha fun game)

crap Ninja'd

granted: your a super hero but your only power is hyper farts that really hurt. XD

i wish I could fly

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-you get closure but its behind a door-

I wish cancer didn't exist

Cancer doesn't exist, but we are all born adults and die at an early age because our cell receptors have been modified to prevent cancer growth.

I wish I could understand what you meant by closure being behind a door.

i wanna be a superhero

you turn into a superhero but you only have lame powers and the villian always kidnaps your girlfriend over and over.

I wish I could understand what CanvasMahogany meant by closure being behind a door.

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-granted but thats information that your human brain cannot comprehend-

I wish for crazy socks

You get crazy socks but not the crazy you wanted. They are dirty, and full of holes, and mismatched cuz they were worn by a crazy person.

I wish for satisfaction, because whatever I do, you name it, laying down, reading a book, game winning celebration, showing off art projects...anything "pleasurable"...its never satisfying, just a bunch of random chemicals, and hormones, doesnt feel complete, it never feels finished

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